Years Ago Today

Admin dashboard widget (and optional daily email) that …

Scott Reilly 啟用安裝數: 100+ 保證相容版本: 6.3.1 已於 4 週前更新

A Year Before

"A Year Before" shows a list of articles, whi…

Ralf Thees 啟用安裝數: 90+ 保證相容版本: 5.2.18 已於 4 年前更新

Flik Timeline

Flik Timeline is a responsive WordPress Plugin that all…

Rufat Askerov 啟用安裝數: 90+ 保證相容版本: 4.6.26 已於 7 年前更新

History timeline

Plugin for display an history timeline based on tags.

Mauro Rocco 啟用安裝數: 60+ 保證相容版本: 3.4.2 已於 11 年前更新

eHive Access

The base plugin for the eHive plugin suite.

Vernon Systems limited 啟用安裝數: 60+ 保證相容版本: 6.2.2 已於 5 個月前更新

eHive Object Details

A plugin to display a detail page for an eHive Object R…

Vernon Systems limited 啟用安裝數: 50+ 保證相容版本: 6.2.2 已於 4 個月前更新

eHive Search

A plugin that give you the power to search eHive Object…

Vernon Systems limited 啟用安裝數: 30+ 保證相容版本: 6.2.2 已於 6 天前更新


An elegant mapping solution for public historians, urba…

CSU Center for Public History + Digital Humanities 啟用安裝數: 30+ 保證相容版本: 6.3.1 已於 2 個月前更新

Permalink History

Saves the history of your WordPress site and provides a…

PALASTHOTEL (by Edward Bock) 啟用安裝數: 20+ 保證相容版本: 5.7.0 已於 3 年前更新

eHive Account Details

A plugin that allows you to display a public profile pa…

Vernon Systems limited 啟用安裝數: 20+ 保證相容版本: 6.2.2 已於 4 個月前更新

ChatBot Sessions

ChatBot Sessions plugin records and displays all the ch…

Quantumcloud 啟用安裝數: 20+ 保證相容版本: 6.3.1 已於 2 個月前更新

eHive Search widget

A widget plugin that provides access to eHive Search fr…

Vernon Systems Limited 啟用安裝數: 20+ 保證相容版本: 6.0.5 已於 1 年前更新