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SYSSY is an online platform for managing and monitoring websites.
We provide some plugins for connecting different CMS (content management systems) with SYSSY, so we can receive data about your website and can inform you if there are some problems or if you need to do any security updates in your system or on your server.
You can connect your WordPress website and SYSSY with this WordPress plugin.
Just add your API key of your project on and connect your website with SYSSY.
SYSSY calls your WordPress website via REST API and fetches your WordPress versions, a list of your installed plugins and their versions, PHP and MySQL version.
On SYSSY platform you can see a list with all your projects if there is any need for a security update in your websites.

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Install plugin via plugin manager.
Then you find in your settings “SYSSY” settings.
Enter your API key and check if your website is connected to API on


Is the plugin and the data transfer to secure?

SYSSY uses JWT for encryption and decryption of your data and we allow the API calls only via HTTPS, so communication is encrypted too.

I have a feature request, what should i do?

All feature requests are welcome. Please send us an email to


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1.0.22 – 07 January 2024

  • Add Support for 6.4.2
  • Update tags

1.0.21 – 03 September 2023

  • Add Support for 6.3.1
  • Bugfix

1.0.20 – 26 June 2023

  • Add “hostname” for project information
  • Bugfix