Split Order By Warehouse for Woocommerce


A store owner might like to see orders related to the warehouse only. This plugin helps split into multiple orders as per the number of warehouses in that particular order. This plugin works as per assigned warehouse products in the backend.

Note: This is a free variant of Split order by Warehouse for woocommerce.

Features of Plugin

Helps to manage the order as per warehouse in a quick and easy way
As this Plugin splits the order as per the warehouse it makes the management of the order for admin much quicker and easy.

Help managers to manage their order in a much better way
If the order placed by the customer has multiple warehouses it helps the warehouse managers to manage the products related to the warehouse.

Admin can assign the product to warehouses
Admin can go to the backend of product and assign those products to the warehouse after creating the warehouses

A brief Markdown Example

This product is designed for various industrial solutions such as Fashion, FMCG-retail, automotive, health & beauty, Gems, and jewelry, Engineering and capital goods, Consumer durables, Agriculture and allied industries, Manufacturing sector, Media and Entertainment Industry, and Textile industry.

This covers all SMBs’ (Small and medium business houses solution) to uncover the future face spaced growth with a seamless customer order journey experience.

Use Cases of Split order by Warehouse

  1. This plugin helps fashion stores to deliver the clothes as per the warehouse products, which help warehouse managers to deliver products on time.

  2. This plugin helps better customer experience and service.


  • Woocommerce setting tab to configure Split order by warehouse (Free Plugin)


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/’ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the /Plugins/ screen in WordPress Split order by warehouse
    2.1. Select Default setting –
    2.2. To create warehouses click on Product and choose the warehouse to create the new warehouses
    2.3. After creating the warehouse assign the products in the warehouse from the products


Is this plugin compatible with simple and variable products?

Yes, this plugin works with simple and variable products.

Does the user make a one-time payment or is it multiple payments for the different orders created?

There is only one payment taken for all the items in the cart, once the order is placed it splits into different IDs.

Is this Plugin compatible with the WordPress version 5.6?

Yes, our Plugin is compatible with WordPress Version 5.6.

How are the payments for the order created in the Plugin taken?

It does not affect any payment process, works similarly to the default configuration.

Is it compatible with a payment gateway? Like Paypal,?

Yes, Currently our plugin is only compatible with the PayPal payment gateway.

How is the payment handled when we connect with a Payment Service Provider.

The payment is being taken before the order is split so the complete order amount is taken from the pay.

Is this a free plugin for Split order by warehouse?

Yes, this product is a free variant of Split order by Warehouse. This plugin contains only default features. Default Features means When the condition is Default then the order is split irrespective of any attribute. Example- If a customer adds four products into the cart, then four orders will be created as per the default attribute.

What are the paid plugin features for Split order by warehouse for woocommerce?

The paid plugin will be available at Our store website Suncart store and this paid feature contains the Default attribute and Split order by Warehouse settings for customer use.

For more information, kindly visit our store website


2021 年 6 月 15 日 1 則留言
I’m not sure if it’s the free version that does this, or an incompatibility with the latest version of WooCommerce, but the orders are separated by product and not by Warehouse at all. I tested the Split by category version and it’s the same. Best regard
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