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2021 年 3 月 24 日
I rarely review plugins but i have to admit this one is quite good to showcase anything in 360 rotation! I had issues at the beginning but found the solution: my images are 1920x108 then it's 1.7777 ratio. and i have 36 of them... make sure they are numbered 0001.jpg and its jpg not jpeg! and here is the code to put in a text widget: [spin360 canvas_name=s1 imgs_folder=my-full-path-to-the-images-incl-http imgs_nbr=36 aspect_ratio=1.77777 img_type=jpg speed=0.4 autostart=true loop=false button_color=#000000] Cheers! PS: use imgoptim to compress these 1mb images to 144kb each
2020 年 11 月 19 日 1 則留言
Does exactly what I was looking for, it works smooth and without to much fuzz. The only thing I have to do yet is find out how to change the icons: the background is grey on my website and doesn't look good.
2020 年 12 月 1 日 1 則留言
it was a very good plugin but even still works on older sites. where it was installed two years ago but more no installed support for more than six months does not answer questions I hope they are doing well upd. it works!
2019 年 6 月 25 日 1 則留言
I installed the Spin 360 deg and 3D Model Viewer plugin and had an issue with how the model was being displayed. I contacted the plugin author Maurice and he responded quickly with a solution. It turned out my mtl file was still referencing the file path from my PC so none of the textures were loading (if anyone else has an issue with texture files not showing, check your mtl file). The plugin is simple and straightforward yet powerful under the hood. You can customise functionality with shortcodes and it embeds well on a WordPress website. I give this app and it's author five stars and look forward to using it on my websites, thank you Maurice! 🙂
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