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Skyboot Custom Icons for Elementor – Elementor Icons library – 14000+ Icons

Skyboot Custom Icons for Elementor – Elementor Icons library – 14000+ Icons


Skyboot custom icons for Elementor is a fantastic custom Elementor icons plugin for the Elementor page builder. If you’re looking to add custom icons to your site this is the perfect Elementor custom icons plugin for the website owners. Beautiful icons that can create a unique look for a website, the SkyBoot custom icons Elementor plugin is definitely worth the download. Increase Elementor icons library using the plugin. it’s a perfect Elementor custom icons plugin for Elementor based website owners.

This plugin offers a large number of icons ( more than 14055+ ) that will delightfully change the look of your website. Increase your Builtin Elementor icons library with the plugin. you can use icons anywhere on your website for fully free. We just extended the original Elementor icon library which is why it’s so easy to use. You can change the size, and color of the icon from the edit screen.

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Most of the popular brand icons are available in every icon package like Google icons, YouTube icons, Instagram icons, Whatsapp icons, Facebook icons, Twitter icons, Linkedin icons, tiktok icon, and much more. There are huge numbers of social media icons included in the plugin. All are free icons in the plugin like website icons, maps icons, camera icons, UI icons, and other icons in one place.

What’s icons pack are included in the custom Elementor icons plugin:

✅ Brands icons (934)
✅ Devicons Icons (191)
✅ Elegant Icon (360)
✅ Elusive Icons (303)
✅ Icofont (2095)
✅ Ico Moon / icomoon (491)
✅ Iconic Icons (172)
✅ Ion icons / ionicons (696)
✅ Line Awesome (2004)
✅ Line Icon (511)
✅ Linear icons (170)
✅ Material Design Icons / material icons (5346)
✅ Simple Line Icon (189)
✅ Themify Icon (351)
✅ Open Iconic (22)

Features of custom Elementor icons plugin:

✅ 14,055+ Custom Elementor Icons.
✅ Individual ON/OFF switch.
✅ 15 icon font packs included.
✅ Easy to use.
✅ Use icons anywhere on your website.
✅ Extend Elementor icon library.
✅ Fast loading.

How do I use custom icons with Elementor?

After installing the plugin you will get the option to manage individual icon packs separately so you will get the ON/OFF switch from the settings panel for each icon pack.
Just follow these 4 easy steps:
1. Download the plugin and install it.
2. Activate the plugin and go to the plugin settings.
3. Choose the icon packs you want to enable or disable from the settings panel.
4. Go to Elementor default Icon option.

How to install the Elementor custom icons plugin using FTP?

👉 First Download the plugin.
👉 Unzip the Downloaded zip file.
👉 Login FTP account using Filezilla or an alternative application.
👉 Browse the folder “/wp-content/plugins/”
👉 Upload the unzip plugin folder.
👉 Go go plugin menu from your dashboard and activate the plugin.
👉 Now you will see a new admin menu for the setting panel.
👉 You will get all icons in Elementor’s built-in icon library

How do i use custom icons with Elementor?

The benefit of using the Elementor icons list plugin?

The Skyboot custom icons for the Elementor plugin are easy to use with any Elementor supported theme and plugin in the market. Custom icons are a great way to make your site stand out. If you already use the Elementor page builder, you can use the Skyboot custom Elementor icon plugin to make your site stand out. It is an essential Elementor plugin for any Elementor site builder.

The Skyboot custom icon can help to give your site a unique look. The plugin development team is constantly making improvements, and these improvements are free for all Elementor users.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a WordPress visual page builder plugin. It allows users to build pages in a drag-and-drop interface. It’s one of the most popular WordPress page builder plugin on the market, with over 5 million active installs. One of the downsides to Elementor is the limited number of icons it comes with. Elementor comes with only font awesome icons. In order to grow your Elementor icons library, you can use this plugin to use a large numbers of icons to make your website more beautiful, it will improve your website’s visually attractively.

How to use custom icons in Elementor?

In order to increase your Elementor icons library, you can use this plugin called Skyboot custom icons for Elementor to add more than 14055+ icons to your Elementor based website. Before you use Skyboot, you’ll need to download the plugin and install it. The plugin is compatible with the latest version of Elementor. After you have downloaded and installed the plugin, you’ll be able to access the Elementor icon list.

The library is filled with thousands of icons that you can use to customize your website. This plugin can help you increase your Elementor icon library by adding many new icons to your website.
This gives you a bigger icon library for Elementor. Icon libraries are an essential part of any website design. There are many ways to go about building a library of icons, but one of the most popular is to use Elementor.

Are any social icons are available in this plugin?

Yes, Because social media icons for any website are a great way to drive traffic to your social media page from your website. that’s why you need to use beautiful social media icons on your website to attract your website visitors. If you are looking to quickly display social icons for your website, try this Elementor social icons plugin. This plugin has 14 different icons package, so you can use it to show social media icons in just a few seconds.

Skyboot is incredibly simple to use with the Elementor interface, and it’s compatible with any theme and plugin. We have added more than 14055+ custom icons for the Elementor website builder in one plugin, including Facebook icons, Instagram icon, Twitter icon, LinkedIn icon, Pinterest icon, YouTube icon, gallery icon,discord icons, email icons,custom icons, google map icons and many more. Every icone comes on many different veriation. All font icons free to use.

Why would I need to increase the Elementor Icons List?

Increasing the Elementor Icons List provides you with a wider range of design options, allows for specific icon requirements, and helps you stay current with evolving design trends and user preferences.

Can I customize the appearance of the icons in the Elementor Icon Set?

Yes, you can customize the appearance of the icons in the Elementor Icon Set. Elementor provides various customization options, allowing you to modify the size, color, style, and other visual aspects of the icons to align them with your website’s design and branding.

📢 If you are an Icon author feel free to contact us help.ukthemes [at] gmail.com. We will add your icon pack to this plugin.

☂️ Please note: This plugin requires any version of the Elementor Page Builder to be installed and active. Install Elementor Plugin

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  • Icons Control Panel
  • Elementor Icons Library
  • Some Icons Output


What can I do with this plugin?

You can use more than 14,055 icons in the single plugin.

is it possible to change color and size?

You can use unlimited color by color picker and you can manage icon size.

Is font awesome icons include in the plugin? 

No, Font Awesome icons are not included in this plugin. The Elementor plugin already has Font Awesome built-in, so there was no need to include the FontAwesome icons separately.

What types of icons are included in the plugin?

This plugin comes with a wide variety of icons to enhance your website. You’ll find icons for website elements such as settings icon, home icon, search icon, camera icon, phone icon, calendar icon, check icon, video icon, book icon, telephone icon, web icon, mobile icon, and messages icon. Additionally, it offer icons related to social media platforms, and 934 brand icons allowing you to easily use all icons into your website.

Does the plugin conflict with other Elementor Addons? 

No, we have checked more than 35+ popular Elementor Addons like ElementsKit Elementor addons, Essential Addons for Elementor, Royal Elementor Addons, Premium Addons, Happy Addons for Elementor, PowerPack Addons for Elementor, Unlimited Elements, Qi Addons For Elementor, Premium Addons for Elementor, Elementor Header & Footer Builder, Starter Templates, Elementor Addon Elements, Unlimited Elements For Elementor, OoohBoi Steroids for Elementor, Livemesh Addons for Elementor, Timeline Widget For Elementor,
Jeg Elementor Kit, Master Addons for Elementor, The Post Grid, The Plus Addons for Elementor, Element Pack Elementor Addons, AnyWhere Elementor, Portfolio for Elementor, WidgetKit, Exclusive Addons for Elementor, Templately, Rife Elementor Extensions, Primary Addon for Elementor, Post Grid Elementor Addon, JetWidgets For Elementor, Tutor LMS Elementor Addons, Booster Elementor Addons, WPZOOM Addons for Elementor, Magical Addons For Elementor, Piotnet Addons For Elementor, etc it does not conflict with these plugins.

How many icons are included in the Elementor Icon Set?

The Elementor Icon Set includes 14 icons pack. These icons cover a variety of categories, such as website elements, social media, communication, and more. With this selection, you have a range of options to choose from and enhance the visual aspects of your website.


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Thank you so much for making this easy on us. Some nice icons in here too. Much appreciated! x
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very good
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Atende muito bem as necessidades de ter que ficar correndo atrás de icon, converte e subir, com ele ficou muito mas fácil, poupando tempo na hora do designer.
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1.0.7 (Date: 25-08-2023)

  • Compatible with WordPress 6.3
  • Compatible with latest version of Elementor

1.0.6 (Date: 23-05-2023)

  • Compatible with WordPress 6.2.2
  • Compatible with latest version of Elementor
  • Improved dashboard css


  • Tested WordPress Version 6.0
  • latest Version of Elementor


  • Tested WordPress Version 5.9.2
  • latest Version of Elementor


  • Tested with 5.8


  • Tested with 5.7


  • Tested with 5.6.2


  • Initial release
  • Tested with 5.4.2