Online Appointment Scheduling Widget and Booking System


This plugin will solve the problem of online appointment scheduling on your website. If you need your clients to book online, SimplyBook will provide a perfect solution for time-efficient and easy management of your reservations. SimplyBook WordPress plugin allows adding your SimplyBook booking page to your WordPress website. After you create your own account in SimplyBook, you can easily connect it to WordPress site with the help of just adding your company name in plugin settings. SimplyBook can be used for free if you have no more than 50 appointments per month.

Why Simplybook? is an advanced online appointment service that creates customizable booking page for your clients along with advanced admin interface where you can manage your bookings and settings.Thousands of clients all over the world have selected our booking system to make their business easy and comfortable to use (see our testimonials). provides users with numerous features adjusted to the requirements of their business.


Our core features include:
Ability to create multiple services, providers, categories and locations
Creating booking page with real-time availability of services and staff
Sending email and sms notifications to clients and providers (staff)
Insights and statistics about your bookings
Adjusting time zone settings if you have clients in different time zones
Viewing statistics about your reservations, cancellations, workload and revenues
Creating individual schedules for staff
Creating multiple users related to providers
Creating events
Creating promotion campaigns

Benefits of Online booking system

Nowadays, more and more people benefit from online solutions that offer services booking. It is fast and convenient way to control booking process with minimum efforts and maximum result. While ordinary calendars require loads of manual work, SimplyBook is designed to automate booking process and introduce easy way to manage your booking from any desktop or mobile device you have. Having calendar with real-time availability can become a significant promotion of your business and may encourage clients to book services right from your website.


  • Booking process (Select location)
  • Booking process (Select service)
  • Booking process (Select date and time)
  • Booking process (Fill in the details)
  • Plugin config (in admin panel)


Detailed instructions with photos here

Installation instructions

  1. Search for Simplybook WordPress plugin in the list of plugins of WP catalogue and add it to your website .
  2. Register on Simplybook (you can register here , or visit our website and press big button “Get Free Account”).
  3. Insert your company login (the one in url of your admin page, e.g in the link, simplydemo is company name )
  4. Paste ‘[simplybook]’ tag in one of static page.


How to register on Simplybook?

In order to use WordPress Simplybook plugin, you need to register your account in our system here , or visit our website and press big button “Get Free Account”. Registration process is free and you are given first trial 14 days with 50 reservations and unlimited plugins. Then you can continue using free plan with 50 reservations per month and 1 plugin or upgrade to a larger subscription.

How to add booking page functionality to my WordPress website?

After you registered on SimplyBook and enabled the plugin, you need to create a separate page for booking functionality and add [simplybook] tag to that page.

Where do I get company login?

Company login is the word in the url of your admin page that comes before “secure”. For example in the link, company login is “demo”.

Information on website is not updating(old plugin version).

If you made any changes in your Simplybook account and they are not reflected on your website, in the settings of Simplybook WordpPress plugin press “clear cache”, because plugin cache stores data for 24 hours.

Translations appointment booking and online scheduling is fully translated to:

  • English
  • Russian
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

and many other languages.


2018 年 3 月 27 日
Installed this plugin only to find out accessing API key required for plugin use requires an upgrade to simplybook subscription. A lot of simplybook subscriptions custom features are things that really should be included at basic subscription level. Kind of annoying.
2018 年 3 月 19 日
It overall works, and it does help people who are not familiar with API connections simply get the booking form its server. However. According to the waterfall of developer tools, the requests sent from this plug-in are needed to be optimized better. But it doesn't seem that this plug-in is still being maintained.
2017 年 10 月 5 日
Simple and great Plugin! very Easy to Understand it! Good Job ! 🙂 Keep it Up ! 🙂
2017 年 5 月 15 日
There is a quiet pointless preloader that takes over the entire screen removing the functionality of the rest of the page below the main navigation. So far custom css hacks arnt working and its current form this widget really is redundant. Developer needs to look into removing this or limiting the preloader to the containing element.
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以下人員參與了開源軟體〈Online Appointment Scheduling Widget and Booking System〉的開發相關工作。




  • Fixed small bugs related with http hosts


  • Fixed small bugs


  • Fixed small bugs


  • The all-new plug-in created based on a widget.


  • Fixed small bugs


  • Fixed bug with “terms & conditions”
  • Fixed bug with phone input (when phone is not mandatory)
  • Fixed bug with notice in admin panel


  • Fixed bug with date on Safari/IE


  • Fixed bug with date format


  • The ability to change the preloader mode


  • Added “Client login” custom feature
  • Added “Membership” custom feature
  • Fixed many bugs
  • Fixed design


  • Small changes


  • Fixed small bugs


  • The bug, related to the wrong display of the days off on the calendar while using the service schedule was fixed.


  • The Bug related to reserved slots in flexible timeline when Google Sync plugin is activated was fixed


  • Fixed sorting items (events, providers, locations, categories)
  • Fixed russian language


  • Added “Cancellation Policy” plugin


  • Fixed bug with multiple bookings


  • Fixed bug with Stripe payments


  • Fixed bug with promo plugin


  • Fixed small bugs with jQuery


  • Fixed small bugs


  • Fixed bug with multicurl


  • Tested and fixed with WP 4.5.1


  • Fixed hide duration option


  • Fixed small bugs


  • Fixed bugs with payment systems


  • Added flexible timeline
  • Fixed bugs


  • Added custom CSS
  • Add reset css to plugin view
  • Fixed small bugs


  • Added delay payments
  • Added recurring services
  • Added 24/12 time format
  • Client timezone (identifies automatically)
  • Added “user license” plugin
  • Added PayPal payment system
  • Added Paymentwall payment system
  • Added Adyen payment system
  • Fixed Stripe payment system
  • Fixed “group booking” plugin
  • Changes in “modern” theme
  • Fixed “any employee” plugin
  • Fixed “additional fields” plugin
  • Fixed image position in list
  • Removed “default” theme


  • Fixed many bugs
  • Added Stripe payment system
  • ! Not work: group booking, pay delay and other (will fixed in new versions)


  • Fix bugs


  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.4
    There are no release notes for this version