Simple Universal Google Analytics


Simple Google Analytics 讓 Google Analytics 追蹤變的更簡單。如果網站管理員要為網站啟用通用追蹤功能,僅需在外掛設定頁輸入追蹤程式碼即可。

什麼是 Universal Google Analytics?

Universal Analytics is the new and upgraded operating standard for Google Analytics. It provides a better data collection and organization system in your Google analytics account to help you understand how users interact with your content. If you are already using Google Analytics, you can follow two steps in your account to upgrade from classic analytics to universal analytics.

Universal Google Analytics 的優點

  • Connect multiple devices and sessions to the same user
  • More accurate user count
  • Analyze the signed-in experience of a user
  • Access to cross device reports
  • Custom dimensions and metrics to collect data specific to your business
  • Automatically detect the most popular search engines and attributes organic search traffic to these sources
  • Control how long sessions and campaigns last by setting a timeout for it
  • Choose which domains will be left out from your referral traffic sources
  • Exclude certain search terms from being identified in your account when a user find your website using it
  • Get access to all the features of classic analytics and new features of universal analytics

如需參考線上說明文件,請造訪 Universal Google Analytics 外掛頁面。



  1. 前往 WordPress 控制台的 [安裝外掛] 頁面。
  2. 點擊 [上傳外掛] 按鈕。
  3. 在個人裝置上瀏覽外掛安裝套件檔案。
  4. 點擊 [立即安裝],然後點擊 [啟用] 按鈕。


這個外掛可以在 WordPress 中啟用 Google Analytics 追蹤嗎?



2021 年 2 月 9 日 2 則留言
Plugin doesn't work after 5.5. Hasn't been updated for over 6 months. Don't bother.
2020 年 4 月 23 日
This is Genius. I hate all the plugins that bloat up my site and offer no real advantage. I have loads of sites and I do not want to have to login to all of them, I want 1 central google analytics dashboard, plain and simple. Thanks!
2019 年 5 月 18 日
I appreciate the value other plugins try to bring, but I don't care about that. I just wanted to inject my tracking code, without an update removing my code from theme files.
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  • Tracking code is now added if the current user does not have the “manage_options” capability.



  • Added translation option so the plugin can take advantage of language packs
  • Simple Universal Google Analytics is now compatible with WordPress 4.4


  • Simple Universal Google Analytics is now compatible with WordPress 4.3


  • First commit