ShiftNav – Responsive Mobile Menu


ShiftNav is an awesome mobile menu for WordPress. It looks and acts like native app off-canvas slide-out menus for popular apps like Facebook, Gmail, etc.

ShiftNav Demo – see how it works

Get started: ShiftNav Quick Setup Guide

Feature Overview

  • Native App-Style Menus
  • Automatic Integration
  • Light & Dark Skins
  • Works with the WordPress 3 Menu System
  • Touch-enabled
  • CSS3 Transitions produce smooth animations on mobile devices
  • Configurable


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Browser Compatibility

ShiftNav will open with a slide transition with browsers that support it. For browsers that don’t fully support CSS3 transforms, the menu will fall back to non-animated open/close functionality.


Install ShiftNav just like any other WordPress plugin.

Full Installation & Setup Instructions


Detailed documentation and FAQs can be found here: ShiftNav Knowledgebase

Installation Instructions

Install ShiftNav just like any other WordPress plugin.

Full Installation & Setup Instructions

How do I get started?

Please see the ShiftNav Quick Setup Guide


If you want a great mobile nav, look no further

Shiftnav is a phenomenal mobile nav plugin. I’m not too experienced with css and was able to design a highly customized mobile/tablet/small window size navigation that displays beautifully and functions perfectly.

For the css that I did need, support couldn’t have been any better. Very quick replies and css that did exactly what I wanted it to.

This plugin is worth 3x the current cost, and I’d give it 6 stars if possible.

Great support!

Author offers great support and this plugin is superb for anyone looking for a responsive and slick menu!

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“ShiftNav – Responsive Mobile Menu” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • Fix: For new toggle padding CSS insertion compatibility enhancement, make sure it can work even if an optimizer externalizes the ShiftNav head style tag


  • [Pro] Feature: Setting to choose the open and close icons for accordion menus
  • Enhancement: Add body padding-top via a CSS style tag rather than directly applying styling to the body node, to improve compatibility with other themes/plugins controlling the body tag


  • [Pro] Feature: Configure whether to automatically generate each secondary instance or not
  • [Pro] Feature: Improved license updater to allow for re-checking and re-registration when necessary, and show expiration date
  • Enhancement: Touch-off close setting now applies to search dropdown as well as menu panel
  • Security hardening: Rewrite fragment handling to remove potential DOM-based (client-side) XSS (thanks, Martin Hall!)


  • Enhancement: Reorganize code to better handle deferred and async javascript
  • Enhancement: Add disable_content attribute to shiftnav_toggle shortcode
  • Enhancement: Don’t throw error when there’s an invalid hash string

  • UX Enhancement: Main toggle now closes open secondary menu
  • jQuery 3 Compatibility Enhancement: Change .size() calls to .length
  • Fix: Remove extraneous closing tag when using UberMenu Menu Segments in ShiftNav

  • Fix: Properly handle UberMenu Menu Segments when they have been renamed by the user and using multiple segments


  • Update: Update Font Awesome icons to 4.7


  • Feature: Hamburger only toggle
  • Feature: Transparent/overlapping toggle background
  • Feature: RTL support
  • Feature: Handle UberMenu Menu Segments (optionally)
  • Enhancement: Configurable Back Button text
  • Enhancement: jQuery 3 compatibility
  • Enhancement: Make sure WP Admin Bar is layered on top when hovered
  • Enhancement: Update Font Awesome to latest version
  • Enhancement: Translations can be set in wp-content/languages folder
  • Enhancement: Enable or Disable Gap override
  • Enhancement: Stronger CSS resets to try to avoid styles from badly coded themes
  • Various minor enhancements: admin bar line height, remove divs inside spans, remove ShiftNav waiting to load message (use window.load fallback), better arrangement/order of settings,

  • [Pro] Feature: Disable Text on individual menu items (can use Icon only items now)

  • [Pro] Feature: Search shortcode post_type now configurable
  • [Pro] Feature: Custom Icon Class setting for using custom icon sets
  • [Pro] Feature: Login/logout shortcodes
  • [Pro] Enhancement: Add Display Panel Close Button setting to secondary instances
  • [Pro] Enhancement: Allow Back Button to appear at top of Shift submenus optionally
  • [Pro] Enhancement: Styled user profile for use in Toggle Bar


  • Feature: Control setting via Customizer to take advantage of live preview
  • Feature: Added optional Close button inside menu panel
  • Feature: Independent hamburger button size setting
  • Feature: Reset settings for each settings tab
  • Feature: Added option to switch back button tag to span rather than anchor (to avoid interference from themes like Avada)
  • Enhancement: Base submenu determination on child array rather than class to avoid being broken by themes that strip out core WordPress menu classes
  • Enhancement: Allow non-px to be used for the Toggle Breakpoint, if desired
  • Enhancement: Updated Font Awesome to v4.5
  • Enhancement: Added additional notices in setting descriptions for clarity.
  • Enhancement: Make loading more robust by falling back to window.load in case another script throws an error on document.ready
  • Enhancement: Allow shortcodes in Image Link settings
  • Enhancement: Handle child items of disabled items
  • Enhancement: Avoid gap when opening menu panel

  • Update to properly handle ignoring UberMenu advanced items and displaying their child items

  • Enhancement: Improved scrolling on Android with latest version of Chrome
  • Enhancement: Clear license data when deleted
  • Fix: ScrollTo JS quotes corner case

  • 1.3 deployment was missing /assets directory


  • Feature: Fixed Toggle Buttons
  • Feature: Default Toggle Styles
  • Feature: ShiftNav Wrapper setting to define pre-existing shift wrapper
  • Feature: Icon toggled class
  • Feature: Ignore UberMenu Advanced items in ShiftNav, but still display child items
  • Feature: Display ShiftNav only on mobile devices
  • Feature: Allow shortcodes in Navigation Labels
  • Feature: Ability to disable transforms
  • Feature: Automatically auto play videos after shiftnav-wrap is added
  • Feature: Fire shiftnav-loaded event
  • Feature: Scroll To Offset setting
  • Feature: Setting to make toggle entire bar vs just button
  • Feature: Touch-off close as configurable setting
  • Enhancement: Layer ShiftNav over admin bar
  • Enhancement: Multiple breakpoint pixel widths rather than percentages
  • Enhancement: Better UberMenu Conditionals compatibility
  • Enhancement: Load ShiftNav after UberMenu
  • Enhancement: When the main toggle bar is disabled, don’t push down the WP Admin bar
  • Enhancement: Padding tweaks
  • Enhancement: Whitelist Android browsers rather than blacklist
  • Enhancement: Avoid unintended opening with erroneous touchEnd events
  • Enhancement: Make sure centered toggled bar content doesn\’t overlap toggle icon
  • Enhancement: Prevent swipe-open above breakpoint


  • Feature: Disable item setting
  • Feature: Hide UberMenu setting
  • Feature: UberMenu 3 Conditionals support
  • Feature: Setting to kill filters from bad themes
  • Feature: Set main toggle absolute or fixed
  • Feature: Optional close button when menu is open
  • Enhancement: Hide menu on IE7-8
  • Enhancement: Improve ShiftNav toggle compatibility with admin bar
  • Enhancement: Remove line height from shiftnav-wrap class
  • Enhancement: Remove scrollbar when content is short


  • Improved mobile device detection to fallback on devices that don’t support CSS3 transforms


  • Added unsaved changes alert to menu item in Menus Panel
  • Updated admin styles to work better in Firefox.
  • Allow shortcodes, HTML in toggle content
  • Added spacing in Menu Panel when settings panel is active
  • Added non-transform option (disable “Shift Body”)
  • Fixed overflow scrolling and dragging on iOS
  • Moved menu bars icon depending on whether panel is left or right
  • Added Custom CSS Tweaks setting
  • Added active hover state setting
  • Removed disable menu option to avoid confusion (pro only)
  • Added Scroll Lock independently for horizontal and both


  • Added Menu Bar Font Size Setting
  • Automatically enlarge toggle font size below 960px
  • Added Indent Always Visible Submenus option (per menu)
  • Added Smooth Scrolling on iOS
  • Added ability to disable menu
  • Added menu item size adjustments (global)
  • Added Disable Link ability


Initial Beta Release