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The ShareThis review plugin is an easy, yet customizable way to include reviews within your blog post or pages. The plugin provides a lightweight experience to create reviews using a rating system with either stars, numbers and even hearts. Experience the customizable options by including impressions, short codes, automatic Google rich snippets and more. Take control of the types of reviews received within the Review Management section.

Just install it, activate a few settings and you’ll be able to start receiving reviews on your blog in no time.

WordPress Features

  • Stars, points, and heart rating system
  • Supports Google rich snippet
  • All reviews can be moderated and accessed on the back end via Reviews Management tab
  • Shortcodes are available for inserting review forms on any page or widget
  • New blocks for Gutenberg users are available.
  • Impressions feature which allows you to gauge sentiment of your user


By using our plugin created by ShareThis you agree to our terms of use.
Included in those terms is our ability to keep track of user interactions with our buttons. You can read all about our privacy policy here:


  • Review plugin settings.
  • Review Management options.
  • Review page options.
  • Ratings page options.
  • Impressions page options.
  • Example of Review on post.
  • Example of Impressions on post.


這個外掛提供 3 個可供 Gutenberg/區塊編輯器使用的區塊。

  • Reviews
  • Impressions
  • Ratings


  1. Install ShareThis Reviews just like any other plugin. Simply download the file directly from this page or search for us in the WordPress directory and click “Install”. After you install and activate the plugin, simply configure the Reviews plugin to your liking.


I activated Reviews but I’m not seeing any ratings, what’s going on here?

With ShareThis reviews, we give you the option to have reviews with or without ratings. Just go to the “Ratings” tab, select the symbol of your preference, then select where you want reviews to be included.

Do you have shortcodes?

YES!! To show the reviews, ratings or impressions sections on any post or page even if not enabled use the following: [‘sharethis-reviews’] [‘sharethis-ratings’] [‘sharethis-impressions’]. You can also enable ratings on reviews using [‘sharethis-reviews’ ratings=”true”].


2019 年 7 月 13 日
This plugin is a must-have for anyone who wishes to have reviews by users and visitors on their content. And it is supported by a helpful Author.
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  • Tested with WordPress 5.8
  • Code improvements.


  • Fix review management.
  • Fix duplicate review display.


  • Addition of 3 new blocks.


  • Fix is_plugin_active error


  • Tested WordPress 5+ Compatibility.
  • Fixed display issues on posts.
  • Discouraged accidental duplicate reviews.
  • Fixed approval method to avoid non-approved reviews from showing.
  • Add cta button copy option.
  • Add cta button color option.


  • Brand new plugin submission.