Send SMS with 46elks for Contact Form 7


Get notified via SMS when an a Contact form is filled out.
Don’t miss out on the important communication from your users.


  • Plugin installed part 1
  • Plugin installed part 2
  • Start screen - API credentials


Do I have to have a 46elks account in order for this plugin to work

Yes. Please register at and c/p your API credentials from
the 46elks dashboard into the welcome screen of the 46elks SMS plugin

Do I need Contact form 7 (CF7) plugin installed in order for this plugin to work?

Yes you have to install the CF7 plugin as instructed at the first sing-up screen.


2022 年 5 月 27 日
Having that extra channel of communication with SMS really helps when I do not want to miss a complaint or a question from a users via contact form 7.
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