SCS YouTube Auto Poster


Using this plugin you can manually or automatically (using WPcron job) make WordPress YouTube embedded posts which automatically adds:
* YouTube video title as post title
* YouTube video tags as post tags
* YouTube video thumbnail as post featured image if theme supports it


  • Easy settings: You just need a free Google developer api key and the YouTube channel id
  • Choose the number of created posts at once. Get up to 50 videos at once, if you need more use the before and after date of the video
  • Choose post settings: post status, post author, post category, post publish date (when post is made or when it was published on YouTube)

Use shortcodes to customize post content
[scs_ytap_video-title] eg: Frontend Developer vs Backend Developer – What Should You Learn? (Funducational)
[scs_ytap_video-id] eg: yBA7lOu4W8Q
[scs_ytap_video-embed] eg: [embed][/embed]
[scs_ytap_video-description] eg: Frontend Developer vs Backend Developer – The most funducational video out there!…
[scs_ytap_video-captions] eg: hi I\m Mike Mind and welcome to Mike Mind Acodemy…
[scs_ytap_video-tags] eg: Frontend Developer vs Backend Developer,frontend web development,frontend,backend web development,backend,fullstack,javascript,html,css,node,node.js,…
[scs_ytap_video-thumbnail] eg:
TIP: You can use HTML tags here, for eg use
for line break,

for horizontal line etc
Example: [scs_ytap_video-embed] [scs_ytap_video-description]

Auto Generated Captions


Posting automation using cron:
Hourly, Twicedaily, Daily

Feel free to contact me for any request/feedback or other custom work 🙂
Note: Requires at least PHP 5.6


  • SCS YouTube Auto Poster Settings


Like any WordPress plugin 🙂


Q: How to get all YouTube Videos?
A: Use Published After and Before.


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