Scheduled Post Trigger


When a visitor loads your site, this lightweight script checks to see if any scheduled posts have been missed. If so, it publishes them immediately.


  1. Go to Plugins, Add New, Upload Plugin.
  2. Upload the ZIP file.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress

NOTE: Make sure that your timezone is set correctly in Settings->General.


How often does it check missed posts?

Every time someone loads your your home page or a single post/article.

I’ve activated the plugin-and the posts are not publishing

Make sure your time zone is set correctly. Make sure there are no plugin conflicts by turning off your other plugins, one by one. Especially caching plugins.

If you’re still having trouble, contact Moss Web Works directly to troubleshoot.


十月 17, 2018
Have numerous scheduled posts on 50 wordpress websites that continue to say scheduled and nothing can be done to change their status. I've contacted technical support but but but.
一月 5, 2018
I've been having problems with a news site that has 30+ scheduled posts daily. I always had 1-5 missed scheduled posts every day and could not find a solution in more than a year, not even a real cron job could do the trick. I've been running this plugin for almost a month with success, zero missed scheduled posts. Thank you!
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Optimizes database call to use index. Will check post type=post, page, and any custom post types like portfolio, recipe, testimonial, etc.


Fixes bug in date/time algorithm.


Reduces database interaction by limiting the call to home page and blog post headers only.


Reverting code to match 1.8 until we can do further testing.


Makes significant change to plugin so it only checks once per visitor, per session instead of each page load. Less taxing on database.


Tightened up code. Will not go into the publish loop unless there is a missed post.


Small change to integrate with WP posting function.


  • Initial release