Saturn Tables


Saturn Tables provides a construct for methodical and organized construction of WordPress List Tables, the native format WordPress uses to display tabular data in the administration area. These are the type of display tables used for Posts and Pages, and are commonly used in major plugins. Designed for coders, this plugin is usually for projects involving data outside the WordPress data structure.

With simple PHP and MySQL programming, this plugin will construct beautiful and seamless data tables for custom datasets in the administration area of WordPress. It is much easier than constructing custom data table displays, pagination and other functionality from scratch. Little HTML or styling is needed, the tables appear seamlessly into the administration area.

This plugin is new in 2021, feel free to reach out with questions.


  • The Cars example from the website built with the example code and data.
  • Another example, a table of links and banners for a calendar based home page.
  • The Cars HTML5 input form built with the Saturn Tables form functionality.


How does Saturn Tables work?

Saturn Tables works by using a hook and callback system built on top of the construct WordPress has for custom administration menus.

What level of WordPress knowledge is needed?

If you can set up a custom WordPress administration menu or build a simple plugin it would be helpful. There is an assumption you would know some MySQL, also $wpdb, since Saturn Tables is for displaying data in the administration area. WordPress style PHP; filters, hooks and callbacks would be helpful.

How do I get started?

It would probably be easiest to install the sample code and data provided on the website and then fork your project from there. Two sample code bases are provided for use and demonstration, you should be able to morph from there.

Is there documentation?

Yes. The Saturn Tables home page has complete documentation.

Is there anything else I should know?

Saturn Tables has no settings or administration pages , it works by putting code, PHP files, in a subdirectory called /saturn-tables/ of your theme or child theme. You could also put the code in functions.php, but it is easier to organize in a separate file.




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  • Input textarea bug fix.
  • Input notices array set.


  • Bug Fix involving input forms.


  • Small Bug Fix.


  • Initial Release.