Restrict Media Library Access


This plugin restricts access for Authors and Contributors so they can only see their own Media Library uploads.

This has two main uses: Make it easier for Authors to locate their own uploads when Media Libraries grow very big and prevent Authors from using or downloading media that belongs to other users.

Admins and Editors will still be able to see everyone’s uploads.


  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for ‘Restrict Media Library Access’
  3. Activate Restrict Media Library Access from your Plugins page.
  4. That’s all!. After activating the plugin Authors and Contributors will only be able to see their own uploads.


2021 年 6 月 8 日
This plugin works fine in WP 5.7.1 It's just the example code from the official WP docs for the ajax_query_attachments_args filter, with a line added to check if the current user is an administrator. It's very simple. There's no reason this plugin shouldn't work in an up-to-date WP installation
2019 年 7 月 5 日
the plugin is working on wordprpress 5.2.2 and i am looking for the same plugin for posts thank you
2019 年 7 月 3 日
I have to thank you for making me save a lot of time This plugin is really good in many aspects, first it leaves literally no leftovers, this means that you can always unistall the plugin and your wordpress installation won't have any problem. Second it uses very little code, making it really optimized I can't congratule enought this plugin's autor, thanks
2018 年 12 月 21 日
Very useful plugin - install, activate and its working. Thanks for making my life easier 😉
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First release


Add filter to also restrict access on the list view.


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Fixes warnings due to the “screen” variable being undefined in some scenarios


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