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Responsive Blocks Library for Gutenberg

Unleash your creativity with the Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library plugin. Within minutes create professional content layouts for your website with free starter templates. Use the pattern importer to include the pages and sections layouts you like in your existing website.

Checkout the Gutenberg blocks demos to see it live in action

Quickly choose your favorite templates to launch your websites in no time. You can also pick any advanced blocks with completely customizable settings to make your creative templates.

With more than 40+ creative blocks for Gutenberg, you can design beautiful pages without writing a single line of code, and the settings are easy to customize to create your unique look.

Features of the Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library

No Coding Knowledge Required: Create fantastic landing pages without a line of code. These blocks are designed for non-coders and coders alike.
Pattern Importer: Using this feature, you can import beautifully designed Gutenberg sections and pages to your site.
Plain & Simple UI: The user interface of each block has been kept simple
Responsive Layout: These blocks are AMP optimized, considering AMP is one of the most important ranking factors for search engines.
Easy Customization: The blocks are extremely easy to customize as per your requirements. You can create complex layouts in a very short time.

Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Editor Addons Library
Have a look at our customizable and feature rich blocks from the Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Editor Addons Library:

Responsive Blocks

  • Advanced Columns : You can build beautiful column layouts with the Advanced Columns block. You can use the block options to define the number of columns or create beautiful column layouts for the row and columns. It comes with shape dividers, custom widths, background designs, colours and spacing options. You can also embed other blocks like testimonials inside the columns.
  • Advanced Heading : Get complete control on your headings. Style your typography (Fonts, sizes, spacing, line heights). Highlight your page headings with this block. You can change the width and the position of the separator in the heading.
  • Advanced Text: Display your business message in an eye-catching manner with this Advanced Text block.
  • Section Block: Section block acts as an outer wrapper and allows adding any Gutenberg block within it. Use the section block to create a page with different content areas, which helps you to manage layouts, backgrounds, spacing, and more.
  • Info-Block : Design creative and informative boxes with image, heading and subheading. You can now display information about features on your website in elegant info boxes. This is perfect for letting your visitors understand the features of your products and services.
  • Image Boxes : Build a beautiful gallery of images with the Gutenberg Image Boxes block to highlight your portfolio, photos, and more.
  • Table of Contents: This block allows access to large contents of the post/page through the heading of the contents. This makes it easier for visitors to directly go to the specific section on the page or the post.
  • Icon-List : Create impressive lists on your website. Design your own styled lists. Pick your favorite icons or images to highlight items. Use this to create checklists, feature lists, or any other items on your pages.
  • Shape-Divider: The Shape-Divider Block allows you to create a visually beautiful transition between your content with an optional divider. Add shapes like Wavy, Hills, Angled, Sloped, etc., with one click.

Animation Blocks

  • Flip Box: The Flip Box block allows you to create stunning animated content that flips on hover. Use icons and images with additional content on the front and back sides of flip boxes.
  • Image Slider: Create a fully responsive and smooth image slideshow of your products, services, or clients.
  • Image Hotspot: Highlight specific parts of the image with animated pointers to make images more interactive.
  • Accordion Block: This block allows you to answer the user’s common queries easily and attractively. This block can be used to display content such as FAQs or to show descriptive content.
  • Post Carousel: You can embed your popular posts or any category of posts in modern-looking carousels. It provides an option to select available post types – posts, pages, media, or any CPT you have.
  • Testimonial: Testimonials are customer reviews that can be displayed on the site to add credibility. Testimonial block allows you to display a single testimonial block on your site.
  • Multi Buttons: Easily add multiple buttons within a block. It can add attractive call-to-action buttons within a block with the Gutenberg Multi Buttons block. Using this multi buttons block, you can add many buttons to your content.
  • Call/Mail Button: This block allows you to add a button that will automatically make a call or send an email.
  • Inline Notice Block: It allows you to highlight important information on your page.
  • WP Search: This block allows you to add the WordPress search field on your page. This will help your users to search for the required information easily.
  • Team: Team Block allows displaying team members with a descriptive block. You can display a team with their name, pictures, designation, social links, etc.
  • Anchor Block: Anchor block allows you to create internal links to quickly jump from one part/block of your page to another.

Section Blocks

  • Spacer: This block allows you to add white space between blocks and customize its height.
  • Divider: Using the Gutenberg Divider Block, add a divider between your blocks to make them more distinguishable
  • Tabs: Tabs block allows you to display key information in an interactive manner that supports custom-made nested tabs designed to attract your users.
  • Blockquote: Easily embed and customize quotes in your posts. You can change quote styles, and various other customization options are provided to make your favorite quotes stand out on your blog post.
  • Call-to-Action : Make your marketing pages effective by using the stunning designs of the Call-To-Action button block for Gutenberg.This block allows you to add an eye-catching, full-width section with a big title, paragraph text, and a customizable button.
  • Card: Display details, images, and more with the Gutenberg Card block in a lightweight, easy-to-understand layout. This block allows you to add cards to describe your product or service.
  • Expand/Show More : Show your visitors small snippets of text before showing the entire information with the Gutenberg Expand More block.
  • Video Popup: Show a thumbnail that allows your users to view a video in a pop-up window using the Video Popup block.Embed a YouTube, Vimeo or a self-hosted video and display a thumbnail which will give your users the ability to view the video in a pop-up window.
  • Google Map: You can now integrate Google Maps into your Gutenberg editor or anywhere on the website. Customize the block and share your business location on your website.
  • Taxonomy List: The Taxonomy List block allows you to display content categorization anywhere on your page to help your readers to navigate to related content.
  • Progress Bar: Showcase progress of any activity by means of animated indicators with the Progress Bar block.
  • Post And Page Grid: This block provides options to showcase custom post types anywhere on the page. It provides category controls to choose categories or tags.
  • Feature Grid: Showcase several features in an impressive layout with this Feature Grid block.

WooCommerce Blocks

  • Pricing List: With the Gutenberg Pricing List block, design a beautiful and comprehensive pricing list of your goods, services, and memberships. You can add names, images, descriptions, and prices for particular menu items.
  • Pricing table: Create impressive pricing tables to provide a comparison of features and your various membership options. It allows adding item names, images, descriptions, and prices.

Social Blocks

  • Instagram Feed: This block allows you to stream Instagram content directly to your WordPress website, thus increasing your odds of getting new followers and clients.
  • Social Share: Social share block allows you to add modern social media icons for all popular networks and link them to your brand or personal accounts.

Timeline Blocks

  • Count up: Show animated statistics in a Count Up block. You can display facts and figures attractively with animated counters. The counter will count up to your designated number when the page is visited.
  • Count down: Countdown block allows you to add countdowns to your page with customizable styles in an attractive way.
  • Content Timeline: Use the Gutenberg Content Timeline Block to create visual flowcharts, vertical timelines, and event layouts.
  • Post-Timeline: The Post Timeline block helps you design beautiful and responsive timelines that will display your posts or events in an ordered list according to the dates they are published on. You can also customize the content for each blog post with a new option to select an icon for the connector.

More Gutenberg blocks coming soon!

Help Resources

To get started go through our help resources:


Starter website templates help you with a faster website launch. These have been designed considering the ideal layout for your niche – you can import, change content, and launch or modify the layouts after importing. Get beautifully designed ready-site templates that are built using Gutenberg, Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library, and the Responsive theme. These templates can be easily imported and customized to change the look and feel of your website instantly.

These website templates have the following features:

  • Pre-designed pages such as homepage, about, services, and contact.
  • Responsive designs that work on all devices.
  • Easy drag & drop editing.
  • Copyright-free stock images that you can use on your website.
  • Automatically installs all necessary plugins.

You can easily import and use over 30+ ready-to-use WordPress website templates.

Business Website Templates
Corporate WordPress Template
Business WordPress Template
Consulting WordPress Template
One Page Business WordPress Template
Transport Business WordPress Template
Learning Management System WordPress Template
Insurance WordPress Template
Travel Agency WordPress Template

Healthcare and Fitness Website Templates
Fitness Gym WordPress Template
Dental Clinic WordPress Template
Doctor WordPress Template
Health Coach WordPress Template
Yoga Instructor WordPress Template

Real Estate Website Templates
Construction Services WordPress Template
Home Decor WordPress Template
Construction Firm WordPress Template

Local Business Website Templates
Corporate Lawyer WordPress Template
Charity WordPress Template
Photography Studio WordPress Template
Spa Center WordPress Template
Restaurant WordPress Template

Blog Templates
Lifestyle Blog WordPress Template
Travel Blogger WordPress Template
Food Blog WordPress Template

WooCommerce Website Templates
Jewellery Shop WordPress Template
Fashion Shop WordPress Template
Pet Shop WordPress Template
Ecommerce Fashion WordPress Template
Furniture Shop

Check out all Gutenberg Website Demos


  • Advanced Columns
  • Info Box
  • Icon List Block
  • Testimonial Block
  • Shape Divider Block
  • Post-TimeLine Block


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

WordPress Admin Dashboard Installation

To install the Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library plugin manually from the WordPress admin dashboard:

  1. Download the latest Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library plugin from the WordPress Repository
  2. Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  3. Go to Plugins > Add New
  4. Search for Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library
  5. Install the Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library plugin
  6. Activate it

FTP Installation

To install the Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library plugin via FTP

  1. Download the latest Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library plugin zip from the WordPress repository
  2. Unzip the plugin zip file
  3. Open your WordPress site via FTP. We would recommend you to use FileZilla
  4. From FTP, visit the root of the WordPress install
  5. Now visit wp-content folder > plugins
  6. Upload the plugin unzipped file as shown in step 2

This is how you can easily install the Responsive Gutenberg Blocks plugin on your WordPress site.


1. What are Blocks?

Blocks are the basic elements that you can add into your content while building your pages. These blocks are customizable and make your website more attractive.

2. Do I need to know how to code to use Responsive Gutenberg Blocks?

No, you’re not required to learn any coding to use these blocks. They are easy to use and fully customizable.

3. Are Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Free?

Yes, Responsive Gutenberg Blocks are completely free to use.

4. Do you have a live website demo?

Yes, we have live demos of the blocks. Check out block demos here. The Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library gives you free access to over 40 blocks which you can add to your WordPress website and create any kind of pages you want.

5. What themes can I use with Responsive Gutenberg Blocks ?

You can use any theme that you want with this plugin.


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I'm enjoying the flexibility these blocks are giving me. Very nice plugin.
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以下人員參與了開源軟體〈Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library〉的開發相關工作。



1.5.2 – 29th November 2021

  • New – Revamped getting started page
  • Feature – Post and Page Grid Block – Added spacing option for image
  • Feature – Google Map Block – Added responsive options for height
  • Fix – Image Box Block – Block width should not depend on content length in mobile view
  • Fix – Post & Page Grid Block – Pagination spacing not working

1.5.1 – 11th November 2021

  • Fix – Advanced Text Block – Layout feature not working properly for single column

1.5.0 – 8th November 2021

  • New – Advanced Text Block
  • New – Feature Grid Block
  • Feature – Post and Page Grid Block – List View – Added options for image
  • Feature – Advanced Column Block – Added option to change background image on hover
  • Feature – Info Block – Added icon hover animation
  • Feature – Added example/demo images for some blocks
  • Fix – Call to Action Block – Issues with a button border

1.4.0 – 14th October 2021

  • New – Instagram Block
  • New – Image Hotspot Block
  • Feature – Pattern Importer – Added 3 new sections and 2 new pages
  • Feature – Team Block – Added social icon styles
  • Feature – Testimonial Slider Block – Added none option for arrow and dots
  • Feature – Call/Mail Button Block – Added option to align the block
  • Fix – Card Block – Issue with background type image
  • Fix – Accordion Block – Collapse other items not working
  • Fix – Google Map – Default extra space at bottom
  • Fix – Testimonial Slider Block – Arrow size is not working in the editor

1.3.4 – 29th September 2021

  • New – Anchor Block
  • New – Call/Mail Link Button Block
  • New – Inline Notice Block
  • New – Progress Bar Block
  • New – Social Share Block
  • New – Tabs Block
  • New – Taxonomy List Block
  • New – WP Search Block
  • Feature – Added responsive spacing options to multiple blocks
  • Feature – Revamped settings structure for all the blocks
  • Feature – Flipbox – Added typography options
  • Feature – Multibuttons – Changed default background color for a button
  • Fix – Image Boxes – Title & description spacing
  • Fix – Icon List – Icon is not centered to its background in Table and Mobile view
  • Fix – Table of Contents – Anchor doesn’t work when headings are inside section/cover block

1.3.3 – 2nd September 2021

  • New – Feature to import pre-designed Gutenberg sections and pages for the Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library.

1.3.2 – 17th August 2021

  • Feature – Table Of Contents – Added smooth scrolling and scroll offset options for frontend.
  • Fix – Table Of Contents – Added unique Anchor links for duplicated headings
  • Fix – Count Down – Container was not full width when stacked on mobile.

1.3.1 – 27th July 2021

  • New – Table of Contents Block
  • Feature – Info Block – More customizable options for icon background, Responsive options for image/icon margin, Typography options for Call to Action, option to add link for whole block.
  • Feature – Image Box – Added option for gutter, Toggle Button for content, border options.
  • Feature – Team Block – Added options for social icon size, stack on tablet/mobile.
  • Feature – Flipbox – Added options for gutter, stack, background image. Clicking on back side of the block flips it back in mobile view
  • Feature – Post Timeline – Added excerpt bottom spacing option
  • Feature – Post Carousel – Added responsive options for column. Removed carousel arrows in mobile view
  • Feature – Advanced Heading – Added underline decoration option for heading and subheading
  • Feature – Testimonial Slider – Added responsive alignment options
  • Feature – Call To Action – Added typography and responsive spacing options
  • Feature – Count Up – Added responsive Font Size options for number and description
  • Feature – Blockquote – Added responsive spacing options
  • Fix – Shape Divider – Shape and background height not working for tablet and mobile
  • Fix – Pricing List – Structure was breaking in tablet view when large images are taken
  • Fix – Image Slider – Full width is not working
  • Fix – Image Box – Default border removed, height not working properly.
  • Fix – Section – Inner width not working on tablet and mobile
  • Fix – Post Carousel – Spacing issues
  • Fix- Post Timeline – Horizontal Spacing not working

1.3.0 – 3rd June 2021

  • New – Count Down Block
  • Feature – Post grid – Option to change hover color for Read more
  • Feature – Info Block – Responsive options for Image/icon vertical alignment
  • Feature – Post Timeline – Option to select Icon for Connector
  • Feature – Advanced Heading – Option to choose separator width type
  • Feature – Advanced Heading – Option to choose separator position
  • Feature – Post Grid – Responsive options for Column Gap
  • Feature – Post Carousel – Default values for Image position and font weights are updated
  • Feature – Section Block – Removed content width option, width & inner width options now toggle with block alignment full width
  • Fix- Imported site displays styles on webpage instead of design for all blocks
  • Fix – Section Block – Width of inner section not working with full width outer section
  • Fix – Call to action block – Icon spacing option is not working correctly
  • Fix – Gallery Masonry – Settings of caption and url are not working simultaneously
  • Fix – Advanced Column – Updating Columns not updating in Editor
  • Fix – Testimonial slider – Not visible inside section or cover block
  • Fix – MultiButton – Inherit from theme doesn’t work correctly for colors
  • Fix – Fatal error with older php versions
  • Fix – Post Grid – Row gap is not working when list view is selected
  • Fix – Post grid & Post timeline – Issues in query results

1.2.6 – 2nd April 2021

  • Fix – Post and Page grid – top border radius is not working
  • Fix – Team Block – need toggle to enable and disable all fields
  • Fix – multi button – icon hover color works on icon area only and not on whole button
  • Fix – Info block – separator style “double” is not working properly
  • Fix – Minor bug fixes in several Gutenberg blocks

1.2.5 – 25th March 2021

  • New – Testimonial Slider Block
  • New – Spacer Block
  • Feature – Responsive padding option for Advanced column
  • Feature – Team block – Option to set box shadow
  • Feature – Info Block – Image Opacity
  • Feature – Icon List Block – line height for Label
  • Fix – Minor bugs in Post and Page grid Block

1.2.4 – 10th March 2021

  • Fix: Minor bug fixes in several Gutenberg blocks

1.2.3 – 10th February 2021

  • Fix: Minor bug fixes in several Gutenberg blocks

1.2.2 – 15th January 2021

  • Fix: Minor bug fixes in several Gutenberg blocks

1.2.1 – 30th December 2020

  • Feature – Advanced Column: separate padding and margin options for mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Icon List: Typography option to set font-size
  • Buttons: Separate margin options for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes in several Gutenberg blocks

1.2.0 – 17th November 2020

  • Fix – Mobile Responsiveness issue

1.1.0 – 19th October 2020

  • Gutenberg Blocks – Advanced Columns, Google Map, Post Carousel, Post Grid, Pricing List, Pricing Table, Shape Divider, Testimonial, Video Popup

1.0.2 – 28th July 2020

  • Gutenberg Blocks – Card Block, Call to Action, Advanced Heading Block, Accordion Block, Team Members Block, Expand / Show More Block , Blockquote Block, Image Slider, Content Timeline

1.0.1 – 20th July 2020

  • Gutenberg Blocks – Icon List, Post Timeline, Flipbox, Divider, Count Up Block, Gallery Masonry, Button Groups, Info Box, Section, Image Box

1.0.0 – 24th June 2020

  • Initial Plugin Release – Gutenberg Blocks – Advance Columns, Post Carousel, Post Grid, Testimonial