ReSpek Nature


** ReSpek Nature Carbon Offset **

ReSpek Nature offers an opportunity for your customers to neutralize the carbon impact of their purchase.

Merchants that use our service have found that by showing an awareness to environmental issues and climate change, they experience better customer retention, increased sales.

The installation is automatic, with no technical skills required,
The customer opts-in and contributes with a single click
The contribution is added to their cart total
Billing is handled automatically
You’ll just need to authorize us to charge your credit card for your customers’ contributions that you collect for us.

The planting operations support underprivileged rural communities. Providing them with jobs and an opportunity to do meaningful work.

The spekboom is considered a miracle plant that is endemic to the Karoo region of South Africa. This tough and hardy shrub is considered one of the best plants in the world to absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

ReSpek Nature has access to hundreds of hectares of land that can be planted out with spekboom. The plant itself nurtures biodiversity, binds and locks nutrients into the soil, holds water in its stems and leaves, and restores the indigenous thicket. The plant has been known to live for up to 300 years.


  • Displays a desktop or mobile friendly popup.
  • Keep up with the times for better customer engagement.
  • Your customers have something to keep.


Add the plugin to your WordPress site and follow the instructions to complete activation at
The plugin only works together with WooCommerce.


What will my customers see or do differently?

Customers will have the option of adding a ‘ReSpek Nature Carbon Offset’ offset fee to their cart through a simple checkbox or via a popup on the cart and checkout pages.

Why do I need to authorize billing?

  • Customers pay you when they choose opt in! (Contributions are $1 or £1 or €1 or R10.)
    • Billing is automated, we charge your credit card once a month for all contributions made by your customers.
    • It really won’t cost you a cent!


2023 年 3 月 23 日
Easy to install and setup. Support is also very good and hands on.
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