Recojo por otra persona


It will allow you the option of pick up by another person.

The plugin has the following features:

  1. Add the fields First name, Last name and DNI of pickup in the checkout page.

More information about the plugin in Recojo por otra persona

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  • checkout view


Automatic installation
1. Plugin admin panel and add new option.
2. Placed in the description of this plugin and select install.
3. Activate the plugin from the WordPress administration panel.

ZIP files Installation manual
1. Download the ZIP file from this screen.
2. Select the add plugin option from the admin panel.
3. Select the heavy load option and select the downloaded file.
4. Confirm Installation and activation plugin from the administration panel.

Manual FTP installation
1. Download the ZIP file from this screen and unzip.
2. Go to your FTP folder on your web server.
3. Copy the directory Type of Peruvian Document into the following address wp-content/plugins/
4. Activate the plugin from the WordPress administration panel.


where are the pick-up fields shown?

The information was obtained from the following urls:
1. the pick-up fields are displayed at checkout.




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0.0.5 (06/12/2022)

Fix: validando versión WC 7.1.0
Fix: validando versión WP 6.1.1

0.0.4 (16/05/2022)

Fix: validando versión WC 6.5.1
Fix: validando versión WP 6.0

0.0.3 (27/01/2022)

test: validación con WC 6.1.1
test: validación con WP 5.9


Deploy del plugin Recojo por otra persona.