3D FlipBook, PDF Viewer, PDF Embedder – Real 3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin


Real 3D Flipbook is PDF viewer / PDF embedder and realistic 3D flipbook plugin that displays your PDF-s inside your website. Real3D Flipbook uses only javascript, no iframes or third party services are used.

Easy to use, just upload PDF or images to your media library and put shortcode in a post or page. PDF-s are embedded within your existing WordPress pages and all files are on your server so you have full control.

Real 3D Flipbook offers multiple view modes to fit with all design styles. You can have realistic 3D page flip, horizontal swipe, CSS 3D page flip or no animation when browsing through pages.


  • PDF flipbook – Create flipbook by simply uploading PDF or entering PDF URL.
  • Image flipbook – Create flipbook from images.
  • Lightbox (popup) flipbook – Open flipbook in full overlay, by clicking on a book cover image or any element that has the flipbook lightbox CSS class.
  • View modesRealistic WebGL mode with page bending, lights and shadows, CSS 3D mode, CSS 2D mode, Swipe mode with horizontal swipe animation, Scroll mode – with vertical scroll, and Simple mode with instant page change.
  • Fullscreen flipbook – Flipbook covers entire page, below the page menu.
  • Flipbook post – Post with fullscreen flipbook is automatically created for every flipbook.
  • Single page view – Displays one page at a time instead of spread.
  • Auto detect page size – Supports double page with cover or single page PDF-s and images.
  • Easy navigation – Flip pages with navigation buttons, keyboard arrows, click and drag, touch and swipe
  • Target zoom – Double click zoom, mouse wheel zoom, pinch zoom.
  • Current page – Displays current page.
  • Go to page – Flip to any page by entering page number.
  • Unlimited pages – Create flipbooks with 1000+ pages, no limit in page number.
  • Unlimited books – Create any number of flipbooks, without limits.
  • Gutenberg support
  • Custom HTML on pages – Add any HTML content to flipbook page overlay.
  • Custom Logo – Add logo and style it with custom CSS.
  • Fully Responsive – Flipbook container will have 100% width of the parent, with optional height that can be relative to width or fit to parent.
  • Fullscreen – Toolbar button for expanding flipbook to browser fullscreen.
  • Print – Toolbar option for printing all pages or individual page.
  • Thumbnails – Toolbar button for viewing all pages, with option to navigate to page by clicking on a page thumbnail.
  • Sound – Toolbar button for enabling / disabling flip sound.

Upgrade to PRO to get more features such as PDF hyperlinks, PDF search, high resolution PDF, Share, Print, Download and more

PRO Features

  • Premium support
  • PDF hyperlinks
  • PDF text search
  • Customise UI layout
  • Customise UI colors
  • Dark skin
  • Predefined UI layouts
  • Table of Contents
  • Automatic Table of Contents from PDF (PDF outline)
  • Download PDF, Download pages
  • Share
  • Bookmark
  • Autoplay
  • Google Analytics integration with tracking custom events from flipbook.
  • Page Editor Addon support – Add videos, links, youtube, sound to flipbook pages with visual editor.
  • PDF Tools Addon support – Optimize PDF flipbooks with PDF Tools Addon.
  • WooCommerce Addon support – Integrate flipbook with WooCommerce product.



這個外掛提供 1 個可供 Gutenberg/區塊編輯器使用的區塊。

  • 3D FlipBook, PDF Viewer, PDF Embedder - Real 3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin


Automatic installation

  1. Click ‘Plugins > Add New’ and search for ‘Real3D Flipbook’.
  2. Find the plugin box of Real3D Flipbook and click on the ‘Install Now’ button.
  3. Activate the Real3D Flipbook plugin.
  4. Create a new flipbook: Click on the ‘Real3D Flipbook’ > ‘Add new’, add images or PDF as source, customize your flipbook with settings and publish.
  5. Copy the flipbook shortcode from the Publish box and paste it into a post or a page.

Manual installation

  1. Download real3d-flipbook.zip
  2. Upload the zip plugin through ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload’ interface or upload real3d-flipbook folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  3. Activate Real3D Flipbook plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Create a new flipbook: Click on the ‘Real3D Flipbook’ > ‘Add new’, add images or PDF as source, customize your flipbook with settings and publish.
  5. Copy the flipbook shortcode from the Publish box and paste it into a post or a page.

Getting Started Video


How to create a flipbook

Once you have plugin installed and activated, go to plugin admin and create new flip book by clicking “Add new”. Add pages to flipbook by uploading JPG pages or PDF and publish flipbook.

How to embed a flipbook in a post or page

Go to Flipbooks list by clicking Real3D Flipbook in the menu. Copy flipbook shortcode and paste it to a post or page.


2023 年 6 月 28 日 1 則留言
Everybody knows about Issuu. It's a way to publish PDFs and distribute them over the Internet with an astonishingly good look & feel. WordPress can directly embed the Issuu flipbook, and it's a breeze to use. We all know that. We also know that Issuu is a paid service. When you have a 150-page catalogue taking 160 MBytes to load... forget it, you cannot afford to host it on Issuu. You have to do it by yourself. Also, Issuu may not allow all content to be displayed. They have their own reasons for flagging content as inappropriate — in some cases, to view your content, you have to demand that your viewers sign up with Issuu, too (so they can be independently validated, of course). This makes everything much cumbersome. There are many, many PDF viewers out there. In fact, these days, most people don't even bother with PDF viewers, because most browsers already have the ability to directly view them — no plugin, no JavaScript, nothing else is required. "Ah," you'd say — since you're reading this review... "but that's not the same as the cute animations that Issuu allows. It's bare-bones PDF viewing — boring! Issuu, on the contrary, brings the user the experience of flipping through a book!" Indeed it does, but what if you have no option but to host the PDFs on your own website? Enter Real3D Flipbook! To be perfectly honest: I have the exact same PDF (aye, it's 150 pages and 160+ MBytes in size) side by side, on Issue and on Real3D Flipbook. I like Real3D Flipbook more. The flipping animation is nicer and more realistic (and you can even get it to play a flipping sound), using advanced WebGL features such as shading and light rendering. And it's not an embedded iFrame — rather, this plugin directly accesses the browser's canvas, so it gets access to more powerful tools (or so I guess). And if you're scared of serving 160 MBytes (or more!) from your own server, don't worry — Real3D Flipbook will only render pages on demand, as they get requested by the person viewing the PDF. They will not need to retrieve all pages in advance (of course, that also means that if you flip through a big. heavy PDF very quickly, there will be some pages temporarily rendered as blank pages, until Real3D Flipbook 'catches up' with the content being served). Oh, by the way, all the above goodies come as standard on the free version (the one you can get from here). There is a paid version, which you can get from the Envato marketplace. It's cheap, but it allows much more detailed configuration of all aspects of Real3D Flipbook, have different settings for different PDFs, and so forth. And there is an additional option to store your PDF on their CDN as well, if you're really concerned about the load on your server. In other words: if you're actually recommending to a customer a solution for showing PDFs on their website, and your customer is willing to pay for such a service, then, with Real3D Flipbook, you have basically the same service as Issuu, without their restrictions — and without Issuu's price. And you get a much cooler flipping animation! (Note that even the free version allows more basic rendering — just using CSS, for instance — which will make your pages much lighter. But that's your choice!) I'm aware that this plugin, while heavily recommended, is not faultless. For instance, it's clear that it doesn't get updated all that often. Sometimes, this is not necessarily bad — except for security issues, if the plugin already has all the functionality you need, 'frozen' in place, so to speak, why bother to update it, just for the sake of saying 'hey, a new version is out?' As an amateur plugin developer myself, that's the path I take as well. The settings page for the plugin, as well as the online documentation, also suffer from bad spelling mistakes and some confusing organisation overall. It's clear, from the Envato marketplace, that this plugin stated its life as merely a jQuery-based collection of scripts. Turning it into a plugin (supporting shortcodes and Gutenberg blocks!) required further development, and it's possible that the 'adaptation' of a jQuery-only plugin to work fully integrated into WordPress had its rough edges. Still, one might argue that it could have been done differently, and that both the plugin would benefit from a text revision made by a professional technical writer. It would also be nice if the developer just updated the information about the version of WordPress this works with. I get all those warnings saying that the plugin has never been tested with the most current version of WordPress. The truth is that it works flawlessly (it was well-designed from the start!), it's just that the developer didn't bother to update the version on the plugin configuration files. Last but not least, even though this is a standalone plugin, and the same applies to the paid version as well, there are extra goodies that you can install separately, buying them directly from Envato. Some of those goodies are extremely useful, while others might not be relevant. Instead of bundling them all together, you just get the features you wish to pay for. That's certainly a very appealing business model, and one that allows the developer to continue to add functionality to Real3D Flipbook, but with external modules, additional to the 'core'. In fact, this is the same concept that made WordPress (and, later, WooCommerce) the most-used CMS in the world: start with a bare-bones (but fully functional!) solution first, and let users pick whatever additional functionality they want — adding these in a modular way (some of which will be paid, but the bulk will be free). Real3D Flipbook adopts the same concept (at a much smaller scale, of course). No wonder it's so recommended on the popular reviewing sites out there. There might be quite good plugins here and there, many of which free (or at least having an entry-level free version), but none rivals Real3D Flipbook, and most don't even come close. Not even Issuu.
2020 年 5 月 14 日
It's a good plugin with few small issues that need polishing, one of them being the updates. Unlike all other plugins I purchased, this one requires manually downloading an archive and copying files into relevant folders on the server. I wish this process would be automatic.
2019 年 7 月 25 日
This plugin is very good, clever and fast! It has all or even more settings from those that may be needed and works great. It's probably one of the best of WordPress.org. Well done to the developer!
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以下人員參與了開源軟體〈3D FlipBook, PDF Viewer, PDF Embedder – Real 3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin〉的開發相關工作。




  • initial release


  • New: more options added under General
  • New: WebGL options
  • Improvement: better performance
  • Improvement: faster page loading time
  • Improvement: optimized script loading
  • Improvement: smaller script sizes
  • Fix : various bug fixes


  • Fix: updating from 1.0


  • New: view mode “scroll”
  • Fix: view mode “3d” performance


  • New: flipbook mode “lightbox” and “fullscreen” added
  • Fix: view mode “scroll” not loading first page if viewer is off screen
  • Improvement: disable flipbook when it is off screen


  • Fix: bug with OffscreenCanvas undefined on iOS
  • Fix: disable page scroll on mobile when lightbox is active
  • Fix: disable page flip if another flipbook is in fullscreen or lightbox
  • Improvement: faster page loading in mode “webgl”
  • Improvement: faster page loading for PDF flipbooks
  • Improvement: performance optimizations


  • Improvement: Added toolbar with Zoom in, Zoom out and Fullscreen options


  • New: Help section in Edit flipbook page, with Getting Started video
  • New: Open lightbox flipbook with a “lightbox CSS class” – any element with this CSS class will open the lightbox flipbook
  • New: Set lightbox CSS class via shortcode parameter “class”
  • New: Set PDF URL via shortcode parameter “pdf”
  • New: Set lightbox thumbnail URL via shortcode parameter “thumb”


  • Improvement: Updated Getting Started video
  • Improvement: Changed default flipbook container size to A4 double page


  • Fix: Creating flipbook from images
  • Fix: Flipping pages with arrows in mode “3d” and “2d”


  • New: Thumbnails option in toolbar
  • New: Print option in toolbar
  • Improvement: Page resolution for PDF flipbook


  • New: Help admin page


  • New: Toolbar button for enabling / disabling flip sound