ReAim Push – WordPress push notifications


ReAim Push is an easy way to increase user engagement. Use ReAim to send visitors targeted push notifications so they keep coming back. It takes just a few clicks to install.

After setup, your visitors who opted-in to receive push notifications will get notified once you publish new content. You will be able to reach your audience, even when they leave your website, which will in return create more traction and drive re-engagement with your brand.

With our free plan, you can get a glimpse of our services with up to 1,000 free subscribers with an unlimited number of messages, triggers, and A/B/N tests.

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  • Supports Chrome (Desktop & Android), Microsoft Edge (Desktop & Android), Opera (Desktop & Android) and Firefox (Desktop & Android) on HTTPS sites.

  • Retargeting Audience – You have the ability to collect users that clicked on your previous notifications so that you can run re-targeting campaigns in the future for a better conversion or click-through rate.

  • Abandoned Cart Triggers – Set up notification sequence flow when your users abandon checkout form so that you can send reminders.

  • Scheduled Notifications – Schedule notifications to be delivered on any date or time depending on user timezone or location.

  • Targeting Options – Send notifications to specific users based on browser, country, operating system, subscriber age, and device.

  • Prompt Customization – You can customize any part of your opt-in module, like text, colors, and buttons to make it blend into your brand.

  • Real-Time Analytics – Observe the statistics of your campaigns in real-time, and set up alerts when a certain event happens.

  • A/B/N Testing – To find out best-performing creatives you can set up to 10 of them for your campaigns and target specific users.

  • RSS Feed – You can set up automatic notifications for your users when new content is published on your RSS feed


  • Campaigns page
  • Dashboard overview
  • Campaign creation


  1. Install ReAim from the plugin directory or by uploading the ReAim plugin folder to your wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. Activate the ReAim plugin by clicking ReAim Settings in your WordPress dashboard sidebar.
  3. Follow the instructions in the Setup section.


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  • Initial plugin release


  • Fixed bug where in some cases notifications wouldn’t show


  • Fixed bug where page in dashboard was blank in specific cases


  • Fixed bug where configuration for push would be applied twice