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2021 年 4 月 21 日 1 則留言
I really like this pop-up plugin. It's very lightweight and has a lot less bloat than what you'll find in many other pop-up tools. It has a full WYSIWYG text editor to specify just about any content you want. You can also set time delays, animations, and specify pages for the pop-up to appear. The cookie settings are a nice touch, allowing you to prevent the pop-up from showing to the same user based on some time delay (ex., 10 days). Room for improvement? The team at Brindle has a roadmap with some interesting upcoming features. Here are some things I'd like to see added to the roadmap: 1. A better way to segregate submissions based on the form. Maybe I have 2 pop-up forms going for different groups of people. It would be great to somehow identify who is who. At the moment, all the submissions look identical and I can't tell them apart. 2. A way to set an expiration for a pop-up. Maybe I have a 75% off code from a merchant that is only good for the next 3 days. It would be handy to have an expiration setting. As an added bonus, maybe on the pop-up page, it would show the expiration for each pop-up, and whether it's expired or not. 3. A better way to export the submissions. Right now, I have to open each one and copy the details. It can get time-consuming. How about a CSV export option? Anyway, that's my review. I'm excited to see this plugin grow and improve because I think it's on the right track!
2021 年 2 月 11 日 1 則留言
the best pop-up plugin I've used so far. it is very easy to setup and really powerful. has a great design with a lot of customization options and all the features you need including exit pop-ups, email pop-ups and video pop-ups (and much more). I love it and you will too!
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