Product Delivery Date for WooCommerce – Lite


Delivery Dates play a vital role in any type of Ecommerce store for customer satisfaction & retention. That is why we built the WooCommerce Product Delivery Date plugin.

This WooCommerce delivery & pickup date and time plugin will allow the customer to choose a delivery date on the WooCommerce product page on your website. The customer can select any delivery date after the current date. The site administrator can enable or disable the delivery date capture on the frontend product page.

This plugin allows you to improve your customer service by delivering the product on the customer’s chosen date. It’s an essential WooCommerce product delivery by date plugin!


  1. Set the minimum required time for the WooCommerce product delivery in hours.
  2. Choose how long you wish to take WooCommerce product delivery in the future.
  3. Use inbuilt WordPress product datepicker.

簡易版 & 進階版的差異



WOOCOMMERCE Product Delivery Date plugin – The Pro version allows your customers to choose a WooCommerce delivery date and time from the product details page. Date Settings, Time Settings, Global Settings & Black-out dates allow the site owner to decide which dates should be made available for WooCommerce product delivery. Following features are available in PRO version:

  1. Ability to allow the customer to select WooCommerce Delivery Time along with Delivery Date.
  2. Ability to block dates after a number of WooCommerce deliveries made for a date/time slot.
  3. Different WooCommerce delivery charges can be added for different weekdays, specific dates or time slots.
  4. Specify Cut-off time for Same-day & Next-day WooCommerce deliveries
  5. Ability to View Deliveries in the admin in a list format as well as in a calendar.Admins can View WooCommerce Deliveries in a list or calendar format.
  6. 靈活的欄位標籤文字。
  7. 對日曆新增假日或日期限制
  8. 自訂日曆語系。
  9. 共有24種不同的日曆佈景主題。



  1. WooCommerce商品運送日期進階版

  2. WooCommerce訂單運送日期進階版

  3. WooCommerce被遺棄的購物車進階版

  4. WooCommerce預約 & 預定

  5. WooCommerce儲值

  6. WooCommerce基於付款方式的手續費與折扣

  7. WooCommerce自訂訂單狀態

  8. WooCommerce自訂訂單編號

  9. WooCommerce商品輸入欄位

  10. WooCommerce致電了解價格

  11. WooCommerce基於使用者角色的定價

  12. WooCommerce每項商品不同幣值


  1. WooCommerce訂單運送日期 – 簡易版

  2. WooCommerce被遺棄的購物車

  3. WooCommerce列印收據 & 運送備註

  4. WooCommerce基於付款方式的手續費與折扣

  5. WooCommerce自訂訂單狀態

  6. WooCommerce自訂訂單編號

  7. WooCommerce商品輸入欄位

  8. WooCommerce致電了解價格

  9. WooCommerce基於使用者角色的定價

  10. WooCommerce每項商品不同幣值




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WooCommerce Product Delivery Date Lite allows customers to select a WooCommerce delivery date when they view the WooCommerce product page. Customers can easily choose any WooCommerce product delivery date, which has a significant impact on the quality of your user experience. The site administrator can enable or disable the WooCommerce product delivery date capture on the frontend WooCommerce product page. This Woocommerce Product Date picker makes an Ultimate Woocommerce delivery and pickup date time plugin that will instantly improve your WooCommerce delivery process!


  • WooCommerce Product Delivery Date meta box on admin edit product page.

  • Front end WooCommerce product details page.

  • 結帳頁面。

  • 收到訂單頁面。

  • Email通知。

  • WooCommerce -> 訂單 – 編輯訂單。


選項 1:

  1. 前往 WordPress後台->外掛->新增
  2. 搜尋外掛 Product Delivery Date for WooCommerce
  3. 找到外掛並點選立即安裝
  4. 安裝完成後,點選外掛頁面中的啟用
  5. 從管理員後台商品 ->新增/編輯商品頁面開啟商品運送日期日曆。

選項 2:

  1. 下載外掛
  2. 解壓縮 product-delivery-date-for-woocommerce-lite.zip至 product-delivery-date-for-woocommerce-lite資料夾
  3. 上傳外掛資料夾至 /wp-content/plugins/ 目錄
  4. 前往 WordPress後台,點選外掛
  5. 找到 Product Delivery Date for WooCommerce商品運送日期外掛並點選啟用。
  6. 從管理員後台商品 ->新增/編輯商品頁面開啟商品運送日期日曆。

選項 3:

  1. 下載外掛
  2. 前往 WordPress後台->外掛->新增
  3. 點選外掛頁面上方的上傳
  4. 上傳 product-delivery-date-for-woocommerce-lite.zip並點選立即安裝
  5. 安裝完成後,點選外掛頁面中的啟用
  6. 從管理員後台商品 ->新增/編輯商品頁面開啟商品運送日期日曆。


What is the difference between the WooCommerce Product Delivery Date Lite plugin and Pro version?


Is it possible to add a WooCommerce delivery date calendar on the checkout page instead of for each product?

目前在商品運送日期外掛鐘,無法在結帳頁面新增運送日期日曆,不過我們有個外掛是 WooCommerce訂單運送日期進階版,可以讓你在 WooCommerce結帳頁面中新增運送日期日曆。





Can I change the language of the WooCommerce delivery date calendar?

目前在簡易版中尚不可用。在進階版,你可以在 WooCommerce商品頁面變更運送日期日曆的語系。共有 64種語系可以選擇。


Currently, in the free version there is no option for a user to specify weekdays or specific dates for additional delivery charges. However, this feature is available in the Product Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin.

Is it possible to edit the selected delivery date for the already placed WooCommerce product orders?

目前在簡易 & 進階版中都不支援編輯 WooCommerce訂單已選的運送日期。


2020 年 12 月 23 日
Works great and the support is really quick to reply. Recommend.
2020 年 3 月 31 日
I don’t even know why the the author bother himself by posting this plugin here while every little thing in the plugin requires PRO Version!. All you can do is set only 1 DAY! nothing more! no date no fees no anything! even the pics in the description are for the PRO version!.
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2.7.2 (2.04.2024)

  • Tweak :- Update compatibility with WordPress 6.5.
  • Tweak :- Update compatibility with WooCommerce 8.7.
  • Fix – Fixed Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerability.

2.7.1 (26.12.2022)

  • Fix :- Vulnerability to Broken Access Control.

2.7.0 (07.12.2022)

Enhancement :- Plugin has been made compatible with WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage.

2.6.0 (16.08.2022)

  • Enhancement :- Created a filter named prdd_lite_additional_holidays to add custom holidays.
  • Enhancement :- Added Settings link on the Plugins page.
  • Fix :- “Number of Dates to choose” was not being calculated properly with the “Minimum Delivery time” set. This has been fixed.
  • Fix :- The “Delivery Date” string was not getting translated to another language even if we had translated it. This has been fixed.

2.5.0 (14.12.2020)

  • Update compatibility with WordPress 5.6
  • Fix :- Delivery calendar Icon does not display correctly. This is fixed now.

2.4.0 (20.11.2020)

  • Dev :- Changes in the database are made so that when the plugin is updated from Lite to Pro version, then the settings & delivery dates from Lite version are automatically migrated to Pro version.

2.3.0 (27.08.2020)

  • Update compatibility with WordPress 5.5
  • Fixed – Product settings not saved on Imported products. This is fixed now.
  • Fixed – Global Delivery Settings tab was showned as an active tab when we are on FAQ & Support page in settings. This is fixed now.
  • Dev – Added class for Delivery Date label instead of inline CSS.

2.2.1 (19.03.2020)

  • Update compatibility with WooCommerce 4.0.0.

2.2 (12.02.2020)

  • Fix – Delivery data was not being deleted upon deletion of plugin
  • Tweak – Added ‘Remove Data on Uninstall?’ option to allow store admin to completely remove Product Delivery Date Lite data when plugin is deleted.
  • Updated WooCommerce Release tag.

2.1.1 (17.09.2019)

  • Fixed an error displayed on the View Deliveries page.

2.1 (17.09.2019)

  • Made the plugin compliant with WPCS standards.

2.0 (02.08.2019)

  • Now the delivery date field can be set as mandatory for each product. The customers will not be able to add the product to the cart without selecting a date if the Mandatory field option is enabled for the product.
  • Now the nonworking holidays or dates can be set for individual products as well as for all the products at the global level.
  • All the deliveries can now be viewed in one place under the Product Delivery Date -> View Deliveries menu. The deliveries can be filters using Deliveries From Today Onwards, Today’s Deliveries and Tomorrow’s Deliveries.
  • Date format for the delivery date selection on the product page can now be preferably set.
  • Delivery Date calendar language can now be set as per the language set for your website.
  • Delivery Date calendar can now be set into default color themes provided as per the colors of your website.
  • Prices in decimal values can now be set to the nearest integers using Enable Rounding of Prices option.

1.10 (03.04.2019)

  • Fixed an issue where if the current day is unavailable for delivery, the Minimum Delivery Time needed setting is ignored when displaying the first available date for delivery.
  • Calendar icon is not displayed in the date field on the product page. Fixed the same.
  • Removed the Welcome Page
  • Fixed some warnings being added in debug.log
  • Fixed an issue where orphan records were being left behind when the plugin is deleted.

1.8 (23.05.2018)

  • 此外掛相容於 GDPR。
  • 運送日期 & 時間現在可以透過工具 -> 匯出個人資料選單匯出。

1.7 (23.01.2018)

  • 在 Twenty Seventeen佈景主題中運送日期欄位顯示過小的問題,現在已經修復。
  • 此外掛與 Loco Translate相容。

1.6 (01.11.2017)

  • 針對可變商品選擇的運送日期沒有顯示在已收到訂單頁面和顧客的新訂單郵件通知中,這個問題已經獲得修復。

1.5 (17.08.2017)

  • 現在你可以在商品頁面停用不提供運送服務的工作日。

1.4 (04.04.2017)

  • 當同個商品在單一訂單中使用多個運送日期,所有送日期都顯示在已收到訂單頁面的第一個商品上的問題,已經獲得修復。

1.3 (28.06.2016)

  • 在管理員商品頁面新增「最短運送準備時間(小時)」,用以設定最短的運送準備時間。顧客只能選擇晚於設定時間的運送日期。

  • 在管理員商品頁面新增「選擇的日期數量」設定,限制可讓顧客選擇的運送日期。

1.2 (29.01.2016)

  • 在 WooCommerce v2.5.x中,於結帳頁面完成訂單,對商品選擇的運送日期沒有傳送至顧客和管理員的電子郵件中,此問題已經獲得修復。

1.1 (15.12.2015)

  • 我們加入了 .po, .pot 和 .mo檔案在外掛中,現在外掛字串可以透過這些檔案翻譯成任何語系。

1.0 (27.11.2015)

  • 首次釋出。