Product Brands Addon for WooCommerce


Showing well-known brands in your store offers several benefits for both you and your customers, particularly in an online shop where quality cannot be “felt,” and a product’s value can quickly be undervalued or overstated.

The Product Brands Addon for the WooCommerce plugin is a great way to organize your site, showcase your brands, and serve as a filter for your consumers while they’re doing UX research. It improves the description and display of the product on the e-commerce site.

Aside from the desire to keep prices high and other benefits that we can’t describe here, the Product Brands Addon for WooCommerce plugin now allows you to add this easy but powerful feature to your store.


*Very simple to use
*Assign brands to items and give each one a banner and a link.
*Fully responsive minimalist design
*Extremely light.
*Display all brands
*Display brands carousel
*Display products carousel
*Display brands for any product
*A-Z Listing
*Show brands as a dropdown menu
*Display brands as a list
*Filter items by brand
*Customizable brands slug
*Display the brands in the products loop.
*Brand tab for single product page
*Brand structured data, and many more.

List of all Shortcodes

*[pbw-brand-vertical-carousel style=”1″] – Brand vertical slider(with image,title & count) with 3 styles. Use 1,2 or 3 to get different layouts.
*[pbw-brand-horizontal-carousel-name-count style=”1″] – Brand slider with brand name,image and count with different styles. Use 1,2,3 (No auto play) & 4.
*[pbw-featured-brand-carousel style=”1″] – Featured brand image carousel with two styles use 1 or 2.
*[pbw-product-by-brand-image columns=”4″ price=”yes”] – To show product images with brands and price. Also, the number of columns in a row can be set to 2,3,4, or 6 and the price can also be removed by setting it to “no”.
*[pbw-product-by-brand-text] – List down all the products as per the combination selected in the filter.
*[pbw-a-to-z-brands title=”yes”] – Show brand names and images alphabetically. If only want to display images then set title=”no”.
*[pbw-products-by-brand-horizontal-carousel style=”1″] – There are 4 ways to show sliders so one can use any of the 4 styles by changing the style parameter to either 1,2,3 or 4
*[pbw-products-by-brand-vertical-carousel style=”1″] – There are 3 styles to show products in vertical slider by changing style parameter to either 1,2 or 3
*[pbw-brand-thumbnails style=”1″ title=”yes” count=”yes”] – Just to display all the brand thumbnails in 2 styles. Use 1 & featured (to show only featured brands) for style parameter and yes or no for title & count parameters as per requirement.


  • Single product page with brands
  • Brand taxonomy page
  • Brand edit page
  • Brand Horizontal Carousel with different styles
  • Brand Vertical Carousel with different styles
  • Brand Products Horizontal Carousel
  • Products grid with categories and brands filter


There are two methods by which you can install the plugin in your site.

Method 1 (Upload via admin panel):
1. Go to WordPress admin then go to Plugins => Add new => Upload
2. Then select the installable zip file.
3. Upload and activate the plugin. After that, a submenu named “Brands” will be added under “Products” menu. From there, you can add brands as many as you want.

Method 2 (Upload via FTP):
1. Upload the plugin folder to your server plugin directory. Do not upload the zip file. It should be directly the folder.
2. After this, go to WordPress admin and go to Plugins => Installed Plugins
3. If the plugin is successfully uploaded then you will find “Product Brands Addon for WooCommerce” here.
4. Activate the plugin, a submenu named “Brands” will be added under “Products” menu. From there, you can add brands as many as you want.


How to install the plugin?

Kindly view the installation tab for the installation process.

Where can I find the plugin support?

You can contact us at




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version 1.0.0

  • Initial release