Post to Google My Business (Google Business Profile)


The posts feature in Google Business Profile (formerly: Google My Business) is a great way to improve the presence of your, or your clients’ business on Google. It can be a hassle however to have to log in to Google My Business every time you want to create a new post, likewise it can be an easy thing to forget.

Don’t miss out on the SEO benefit, and save time by creating posts on Google My Business directly from the WordPress Dashboard!

Use the Auto-post feature to instantly publish your latest WordPress post to your Google Business Profile, based on a preset template and the posts’ featured image.

The Post to Google My Business plugin utilizes the official Google My Business API with secure oAuth authentication to ensure your Google account is safe.


  • Create, edit or delete posts without having to visit your Google My Business dashboard
  • Automatically publish your latest WordPress posts to GMB using the Auto-post feature
  • Generates beautiful auto-posts from any content. HTML, shortcodes and clutter from visual editors such as Divi or Visual Composer are automatically stripped
  • Network- and site-level Multisite support
  • Supports publishing to GMB from external apps (such as Zapier, Integromat, IFTTT, ManageWP, InfiniteWP, MainWP and more)
  • Uses official Google My Business API
  • Developer friendly. Uses the latest built-in WordPress functions and has various actions/filters to hook into.
  • Translatable. Uses built-in WordPress functions for easy translation.
  • Compatible with Gutenberg/Block Editor

Time-saving features available in the Premium versions:

  • Product support, create “real” Products in GBP based on your WooCommerce Products or other content
  • Schedule Google My Business posts for automatic publishing in the future
  • Publish posts to multiple locations, across multiple Google accounts at once
  • 貼文回收後可自動重新發佈貼文,可使用預先設定的週期及回收次數自動回收 GMB 貼文。
  • Auto publish posts with specific tags or categories
  • Make posts unique using Spintax
  • Post Campaigns – Create posts on GMB that aren’t tied to any specific WordPress post or page.
  • Evergreen content – randomly publish items from a selection of your content
  • Multiple Auto-post templates
  • Manage GMB post campaigns for your agency clients
  • Much more!

Learn more about Post to Google My Business Premium

Great support!

We’re here to help in case you’re having trouble using Post to Google My Business. Just ask in the support forum and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Feedback and ideas to improve the plugin are always welcome.


  • Customizing and posting GMB post
  • Using the Auto-post feature
  • Creating a "What's new" post
  • Creating an event
  • Creating an offer post
  • Auto-post template settings


Installing and configuring Post to Google My Business is easy!

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/post-to-google-my-business directory, or install it through the plugins page within the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins page in WordPress
  3. Go to the Post to GMB > Settings page to configure the plugin
  4. To allow your website to post to Google My Business on your behalf, click Connect to Google My Business. Confirm the authorization using the Google account that holds your business location.
  5. You will be redirected back to the settings page. Select your business location and press Save Changes.
  6. All set! When creating a new WordPress Post there will a new metabox that allows you to create posts on Google My Business.


Can I use this plugin on a localhost installation?

Yes, but you may run into errors if you add a link or image to your post. Google will try to fetch your image/video, or resolve the link to your website, but if your localhost installation can’t be reached from the outside world, it won’t be able to do so.
The quick post feature will not work at all in that case, because it uses the URL and Featured Image of your post.

Why is/are my location(s) grayed out?

Not every Google My Business listing is allowed to create posts on Google My Business (localPostAPI is disabled). This means the plugin can’t create posts on those locations. First, make sure your location is fully verified & live. Business chains (10+ locations) are normally exempt from creating posts, but are temporarily allowed to create them to share updates about the corona virus.

Why are my scheduled posts being published too late/not at all?

Post to Google My Business relies on the WP Cron system to send out scheduled posts. By default, it is only triggered when someone visits your website. If your site doesn’t get a lot of visitors, your posts may be sent out too late. To make the WP Cron system more dependable, you can hook it into the system task scheduler

Why can’t I create posts with a video?

While GBP itself supports creating posts with video, it’s (currently) not possible to create them through the GBP API. So the plugin can not do it either.

Why can’t I create posts with multiple images?

While GBP itself lets you create posts with up to 10 images, the GBP API (currently) only allows a single image to be uploaded. That’s why you can only upload a single image in the plugin.

Why does the plugin require such extensive permissions on my GBP locations?

While ideally we’d ask for as little permissions as possible to make the plugin work, the Google Business Profile API
oddly enough only has a single permission level. It’s either all or nothing. The idea of giving the plugin permission to edit or delete
your GBP location(s) might sound scary, but rest assured, your access tokens are only stored (securely) within your own website. Nor
are the endpoints to make any bad stuff happen implemented in the plugin backend, or the plugin itself. So even if your site were
to be compromised, the access tokens would be useless.


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The response was fast, precise and effective. Thank you
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Outstanding plugin! The seamless integration and intuitive interface made it a breeze to set up.
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  • Fix: Delete event date of previous post not updated when editing auto-repost schedule
  • Added: Indication when previous auto-repost item will be deleted


  • Tested on WordPress 6.5
  • Fix: return original image if failing to create intermediate
  • Fix: Incorrect loading of admin styles
  • Improved: Authentication logic
  • Improved: (Developers) LocalPost object now has getters
  • Update: Freemius SDK 2.6.2


  • Fix: Potential issue with images smaller than 1200×900
  • Update: Freemius SDK 2.6.1


  • Add option to bypass WP-Cron for debugging purposes


  • Tested on WordPress 6.4
  • Update: Add additional 20 second lockout to prevent double posts when auto-posting
  • Update: Freemius SDK 2.5.12


  • Update: WP Background processing 1.1.1
  • Update: Freemius SDK 2.5.11


  • Fix: Change to GBP causing products to stop working


  • Fix: Add nonce to ajax endpoint to dismiss notifications


  • Update: Cleaned up Javascript dependencies


  • Fix: Google accounts being duplicated in the business selector when creating/editing multiple posts
  • Fix: Publish button saying “Publish Now” instead of “Update” when editing posts


  • Fix: Posts longer than 1500 characters containing emoji causing Google API error



  • Fix: Not selecting any location in the auto-post template location selector caused JS/PHP error


  • Fix: Freemius SDK updated to v2.5.5 to fix “Call to undefined method Freemius_Api_WordPress::RemoteRequest()” error
  • Update: Pt_BR translations by @valdermirmaran
  • Update: “Product” tab now aligned to the right to better separate it from regular posts


  • Update: Removed call-to-action for Products (in accordance with GMB itself)


  • Added extra check for mbstring when creating posts
  • Updated Freemius SDK


  • Products are now allowed to have no description


  • Added “Refresh Post Status” bulk option to post list


  • Added CSV export to post list


  • fix issue blocking site health screen


  • Make product price field no longer required
  • Add check for mbstring PHP module


  • Tested on 6.2
  • Added notification about new Product Sync for GBP plugin
  • Included new translations


  • Add extra content-type header check for WebP images


  • Fix “Refresh locations” button not actually refreshing locations from GMB API


  • Fix business selector not loading all locations


  • Fix issues with account/business selector


  • Convert Campaign tags/categories from built-in to custom taxonomy



  • Fix missing account controls


  • Prevent duplicate posts when using auto-post
  • Improve auto-posting logic
  • Add option to enable/disable specific request types (Editor, Internal, XML-RPC, REST)
  • Lowered event & offer title length from 80 to 58 characters
  • Prevent items in the trash from creating (scheduled) GPB posts
  • Improve the business selector to load large amounts of locations in chunks
  • Refactoring


  • Fix posting products (effective_id error)
  • Fix products showing incorrect summary in post list


  • Add fix for duplicate posts in same session


  • Add check for sites that have relative image URLs for some reason



  • Add better detection of product creation errors
  • Fix cookie check when submitting cookie details
  • Various small improvements to product API code



  • Improve product JSON decoding logic


  • Updated pt translation


  • Fix product custom category field not saving



  • Fix image upload error for products


  • Add clearer errors to dialog when clicking post in calendar
  • Change layout of store/shop code in created posts dialog


  • Fix option to disable date & time selector for auto-post templates


  • Add store code to business selector and created posts dialog
  • Add debounce to date & time selector to reduce Ajax calls
  • Add option to disable date & time selector on event/offer dates
  • Add delay to posts to avoid excessive API calls
  • Fix delete API call being triggered multiple times
  • Fix auto-post on scheduled WordPress posts


  • Added “loop” function to evergreen content
  • Evergreen content now only posts unique content
  • Auto-repost will delete the previous post


  • Fix image not updating when updating post
  • Fix image not being deleted from GMB when deleted from post
  • Fix CTA not being deleted from GMB when deleted from post
  • Allow placeholder variables in date fields


  • Fix product price range field not loading in auto-post template
  • Fix duplicate call when deleting multiple posts at once
  • Refresh location list after updating product cookies


  • Remove hasVoiceOfMerchant check


  • Fix cookies not saving


  • Move access token from URL to Auth header
  • Add check for IP address in call-to-action URL
  • Fix label for locations in business selector
  • Adjust max post length to 1499 characters to avoid length error


  • Change button selection checkboxes to dropdown
  • Route API requests through custom backend
  • Fix Undefined property: stdClass::$languageCode notice/error
  • Fix Undefined index: order/orderby notices/errors
  • Fix Undefined index: hook_suffix notice/error
  • Update locales (Brazilian Portuguese thanks to Valdemir Maran)


  • Disable call-to-action button types that aren’t available for products
  • Clarify how to publish products
  • Fix Undefined index: mbp_form_fields notice/error when creating new auto-post template
  • Allow wildcard variables in product max pricerange field
  • Add new WooCommerce variables for variation products
  • Add setting check to cookie dialog
  • Fix saving cookie settings being triggered twice


  • Fix incorrect location selection within groups
  • Fix support for Google accounts with more than 20 location groups
  • Remove shortcodes from WooCommerce product description


  • Fix undefined index errors on product form when WP_DEBUG was enabled
  • Fix intermittent issue with location(s) not being selected in the “Advanced post settings”
  • Restore disappeared “Toggle Selection” function on Google Accounts


  • Fix auto-post toggle not being turned on by default in block editor
  • Improve API code to be compatible with new version of GMB API


  • Improve product publishing api



  • Improve code for product publishing


  • Fix incorrect token revocation request
  • Fix pre-php 7.3 error composer message
  • Clarify “Refresh token” error message
  • Fix a few locale mistakes
  • Bump minimum PHP version to 7.0
  • Fix for Notice: Trying to access array offset on line 163
  • Add account key to mbp_business_selector_locations filter
  • Fix display of service area businesses in business selector
  • Add placeholder parsing to event/offer title and trim it to 80 characters


  • Show error when evergreen content schedule does not exist in cron
  • Fix edit and duplicate functions in Starter version
  • Add debug data download for products


  • Add graceful error for when the Google authorization is cancelled
  • Fix advanced post settings spacing
  • Update Freemius SDK
  • Clear access token cache when account is deleted
  • Fix a few permission issues



  • Improvements to product publishing code


  • Fix text domain on update notification
  • Prevent api error when trying to create product


  • Fix location list not showing all locations in groups with more than 100 locations
  • Add upgrade & new feature notifications
  • Improve upgrade process


  • Fix controls on dynamically loaded accounts in business selector


  • Fix woocommerce product category sync


  • Update locales (Portuguese thanks to Valdemir Maran)
  • Post editor: Various layout and logic fixes
  • WP 5.9: Fix calendar icon


  • Add product support
  • Fix evergreen not selecting the correct posts
  • Fix evergreen page empty in Starter version
  • Fix evergreen date timezone issue


  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translations (Thanks to @valdemirmaran)
  • Fix error when no post types are selected in the settings
  • Added evergreen content promotional page
  • Fix not showing welcome message on new site within multisite