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The Gutenberg post blocks plugin comes with innovative collections of beautiful ready to use post blocks to display your WordPress posts in unique and attractive ways. This responsive plugin is built with all the customization features needed for post blocks to help you create professional and elegant posts.

With its additional blocks, Post Grid and Filter Ultimate, you can extend Gutenberg’s editing capabilities and get the real page builder experience. You can almost create every possible design for your website post with this versatile WP Ultimate Post Grid and Gutenberg post blocks plugin.

In fact, it is perfect to create News, review articles, travel blogs, personal blogs, food reviews, recipes, magazines, and many more. This WordPress plugin is powerful yet really lightweight and optimized for performance that can add functionalities to your WordPress editor without any bloat.

So, if you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use, and well-customized plugin for creating amazing posts, this is the plugin you have been waiting for.


This Gutenberg post blocks plugin is one of the most comprehensive as well as easy-to-customize plugins to add WP Ultimate Post Grid. it includes all the notable features that you will need to effortlessly create beautiful posts for your site.

It supports post meta, post button, category, pagination alignment, custom taxonomy, and post layout, along with dynamic Post Grid and Filter Ultimate, which are customization ready. You can use this plugin conveniently to create news, review articles, different types of blogs, magazines, etc., with your creativity.

This WordPress plugin is well optimized, so you don’t have to worry about speed and performance issues with your site. In fact, if you are a beginner and do not have any specialization in coding, then this plugin is perfectly suitable for you.

Since no coding skills are required to use it all you have to do is install and activate this plugin. Then a few mouse clicks will be required to customize the settings as your need, and the rest will come to you intuitively.


1. Pre-Designed Templates

2. Global Control
– Post Layout
– Maximum Width Of The Block
– Column Post
– Total Post Count
– Column Gap
– Row Gap
– Rounded Corner Size
– Excerpt Word Count

3. Query
– Set Category List
– Post Query (Random Post Or Most Popular Post)
– Ascending Or Descending Post Order
– Select Thumbnail Sizes
– Enable Or Disable Equal Size
– Set A Read More Text

4. Content Visibility
– Show/Hide Post Thumbnail
– Show/Hide Post Title
– Show/Hide Post Author
– Show/Hide Post Date
– Show/Hide Post Comment
– Show/Hide View Count
– Show/Hide Post Taxonomy
– Show/Hide Post Excerpt
– Show/Hide Post Button
– Show/Hide Reading Time
– Show/Hide Pagination
– Show/Hide Love React

5. Color Settings
– Advanced color options with the color palette from your theme.

6. Pagination Alignment

7. Typography
– Post Title Typography
– Post Meta Typography
– Description Typography
– Post Button Typography
– Category Typography

8. Post group
– Set Category list
– Set A Group Title
– Total Post Show
– Post Title Word Count
– Select A Group Image
– Group Image Size
– Enable/Disable Custom Height
And more………..


The post block provides you with the option of inserting a list or grid of blog posts on any page. This feature is great for displaying excerpts of a post and multiple posts on a single page with a professional and appealing look.

On the other side, with the post group, you can show all the similar posts altogether in one group. Here, you can specify the group by giving a specific title and group image. The best part is, that you can create unlimited groups in multiple categories using this plugin.


  • Astra
  • Divi
  • OceanWP
  • Ultra
  • Spencer
  • Indigo
  • Parallax
  • Neve
  • Pro
  • Veni, and many more


Post Grid System
This block provides stunning options for showcasing your posts on the Gutenberg block mode. It offers taxonomy controls to choose categories. You will also get predefined controls for every part of the post like Excerpt, author, thumbnails, post button, date, comments, etc.

Post Group
Post group is another great feature of this plugin, which enables you to create a post group for similar blocks on your page or post. In fact, if you want, you can create more than one group on your site using this feature. It will allow you to select multiple categories for your group post, a group image, enable or disable custom height, etc.

Advanced Post Query
You can easily create a complex query for your post grid using the query customization options of the Gutenberg Post Blocks plugin. Anyone can create complex questions and post orders for each block without writing a single line of code.

No Coding Required
This plugin doesn’t require you to do a single line of coding. All you need to do is install this plugin, then activate it, and then customize the setting as you require.

Regular Updates
We keep adding new features to our plugin, so you can make the best use of it on your website. You just have to update the plugin to get all the new features. Just one click, and your plugin will be ready to serve you with all the updates.

High-Quality Code
The Gutenberg post block plugin’s code has been uncompromisingly optimized to guarantee you a fantastic user experience as well as website speed and performance. No slow load times and no single security vulnerability.

Premium Support
We are available 24/7 for you. Contact us on our Support Page for any questions or support. To answer your question, we have a dedicated team of WordPress experts who are providing regular support throughout the year to our users.


  • Post Block (Demo Post Grid 1)
  • Post Block (Demo Post Grid 2)
  • Post Block (Demo Post Grid 3)
  • Post Block (Demo Post Grid 4)
  • Post Block (Demo Post Grid 5)
  • Post Group (Demo Post Group 1)
  • Post Block (Demo Post Grid 6)
  • Post Block (Demo Trisect Post Block)
  • Post Block (Demo Trisect Post Block)
  • Post Block (Demo Slider)
  • Post Block (Demo Carousel)


這個外掛提供 4 個可供 Gutenberg/區塊編輯器使用的區塊。

  • Gutenberg Post Grid Predefined Layouts This block offers some stunning grid layouts that will make your content worthwhile.
  • Gutenberg Post Group With the Post group block, you can group your posts category-wise.
  • Post Trisect Displaying your posts as 3 column blocks either in a 1x2 or 1x4 block with responsive height control.
  • Post Slider & Carousel Create responsive Slider and Carousel block in your WordPress site.



To install this plugin, simply login to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu, and click Add New. In the search field, type “Post Block WPQode.” Once you get the plugin, you can install it by clicking “Install Now” and then clicking on the “Activate” button.


  • Download the plugin
  • Navigate to the Add New button from the plugins dashboard
  • Then, go to the Upload area
  • Select the plugin from your computer
  • Click Install Now
  • Activate the plugin from the Plugin dashboard


How Do I Use Gutenberg Post Blocks?

This plugin is really user-friendly, so you don’t have to go through any hassle or complicated processes to use this. Simple, install and activate this plugin and experience a custom fancy blog layout in your WordPress. All you need to do is just stay on the Block editor mode, not the Classic editor.

How Do I Change WordPress From Classic To Block Editor?

If you want to switch to the block editor of your WordPress site from the classic editor, simply do the following-
– Go to any of the posts or pages from your WordPress dashboard.
– Select the particular post or page that you need to edit.
– Now from the main page, navigate to the “Editor” menu in the right-hand column.
– From the editor menu, select the “Switch to block editor” option, and it’s done.

How Do I Block Posts On WordPress?

Once activating the plugin, create a new page. After creating the page, you can name the page, and then you will see an (+) icon, which is the add block button. Simply click on it, and a new menu including all the Gutenberg blocks will appear.

Now, search with “post block” and once get the block, click on it. From here, you can customize the settings from the right sidebar “Block” option. Once done with the customization, just click on “publish”, and it’s done.

How Do I Arrange Blocks In WordPress?

If you want to arrange blocks in WordPress, simply go to any page or post and click on the toggle block inserter button which is the top menu (+) icon. And then, you will get the blocks, and from here, you can arrange them as you wish.

How Do I Add A Post Grid In WordPress?

Just like before, go to the page and select the post block option. Then from the right sidebar, select the “Block” option, and then choose the “Global Control” option. Now, from the drop-down menu, you can select the post layout option and get the preferred grid for you. And, don’t forget to add the columns of your post from the same setting menu.

How Do I Post In A Group Post??

You can add a post group in the same way as adding a post block. Create a new page > click on the block button (+) icon > search with “post group” > lastly click on it. Now, you can see the post group setting option on the right side of your WordPress dashboard.

You can add more than one post to a specific group post. Make sure to give a group title, select the total post to show, provide a group image, specify the image size and enable or disable the custom height. Once done with the changes, publish the post.

How Do I Filter Posts In WordPress?

To filter posts in WordPress, you can use the Gutenberg post blocks plugin. Go to the block section of this plugin exactly as shown earlier. From there choose the Query option and set the category and post order, and publish the post.

How Do I Show Post Taxonomy in WordPress?

Select the Content Visibility menu from the Gutenberg post blocks plugin’s Block section. Then enable the Show post Taxonomy option and publish the post.

How Do I Show Posts In Two Or Three Columns In WordPress?

Go to the block section of the Gutenberg post blocks plugin, and from the global control section menu, you can select the column of the posts and column gaps.

Does It Work With Any Theme?

Yes, the Gutenberg Post Blocks plugin is compatible with almost all the latest and standard WordPress themes which are built on WordPress guidelines.

Why is The Gutenberg Post Blocks Plugin Not Working?

If the Gutenberg post blocks plugin doesn’t work on your website, or you find any sort of issues simply uninstall the plugin, then reinstall and activate it again. Maximum time this technique works to solve any issue. If you find that the plugin is still not working, feel free to contact us. You can submit a ticket specifying the exact issue, the current version of your WordPress plugin, and all other required information.

How Do I Get Support For This Plugin?

Our expert team members are available 24/7 to help you out with any issues regarding this plugin. So, whenever you face any problem while using this plugin, and with any sort of queries you can contact us.


2022 年 11 月 5 日
It is by far my favorite plugin for creating that homepage I've been hunting for since launching last year.
2022 年 5 月 26 日
Not overwhelming, but useful. Need to add more design. It will be useful if have 20-30 layout and designs. DO you have premium version with 20-30 layout ?? I did not find any premium version
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以下人員參與了開源軟體〈FancyPost – Gutenberg Post Grid, Carousel & Slider Blocks〉的開發相關工作。




  • Fix: Conflict with Twenty Twenty – WordPress theme.
  • Fix: Color picker not working.


  • Add: New Layout (Grid 2).
  • Add: Thumbnail size option.
  • Fix: Maximum width of the block not working.
  • Fix: Column Gap not saving the value.


  • Add: New style component.
  • Fix: Pagination overflow.
  • Fix: Post meta broken.
  • Fix: Author link not working.


  • Add: Multi level indexing.
  • Add: Typography options.
  • Fix: Post reading time not working.
  • Fix: Author url not working.
  • Fix: Meta prefix color not changing.


  • Add: Post Group Layout.
  • Add: Group Image.
  • Add: Equal Height.
  • Add: Read More Button Custom Text.
  • Add: New Grid Layout.
  • Add: Post ordering.


  • Add: New Grid Layout.
  • Add: Rounded Column Size.
  • Fix: Conflict with multiple blocks (WordPress 5.9)


  • Add: New Grid Layout (Grid 5 & 6).
  • Add: Custom Typography.
  • Fix: Inline meta (Grid 1)
  • Fix: Button color (Grid 5)


  • Add: New Post Layout (Post Trisect Block)
  • Fix: Pagination Limit.
  • Fix: Pagination Preview-Nex Custom Text.
  • Fix: Pagination current button color not changing.
  • Fix: Bottom not aligned on Grid 2.


  • Fix: Pagination not working on home page.
  • Fix: Feature image gliding.
  • Fix: Top radius not change on grid 5.
  • Fix: Fixed height conflict with grid 5.
  • Fix: Flex conflict on grid 6.


  • Add: New Post Layout (Post Slider & Carousel)


  • Fix: Disable anchors as clickable on editor page.
  • Fix: Multiple block conflict.


  • Add: Custom HTML tag on post title
  • Add: Post Query Offset
  • Fix: Unexpected hex code (Grid 3)
  • Fix: Author image not showing (Grid 2 & 4)
  • Fix: Panel body look when is opened
  • Fix: Pagination broken


  • Add: Custom Category for FancyPost Blocks
  • Fix: Category limitation on query


  • Add: Slide count in slider layout.
  • Fix: Session-End issue.