Popular Products Block for WooCommerce


Popular Products Block for WooCommerce is a block plugin by which you can showcase most popular WooCommerce product in sidebar, or anywhere in the block editor area.



  • Query: Display product as your query. You can show products by stock filter, category filter etc.
  • Layout: Set different columns in different devices for responsive. Also, custom column and row gap.
  • Element Show/Hide: Show or hide product elements, such as product image, title, rating, price, add to cart button.

How to use

  • First install the WooCommerce Popular Products plugin
  • Add the WooCommerce Popular Products block from the block category called “Widgets” in Gutenberg editor.
  • You can change block settings from the right side settings sidebar.
  • Enjoy!

  • For installation help click on Installation Tab


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  • Settings
  • Default
  • Customize 1
  • Customize 2


這個外掛提供 1 個可供 Gutenberg/區塊編輯器使用的區塊。

  • WooCommerce Popular Products Display WooCommerce Popular Products


From Gutenberg Editor:

  1. Go to the WordPress Block/Gutenberg Editor
  2. Search For WooCommerce Popular Products
  3. Click on the WooCommerce Popular Products to add the block

Download & Upload:

  1. Download the WooCommerce Popular Products plugin (.zip file)
  2. In your admin area, go to the Plugins menu and click on Add New
  3. Click on Upload Plugin and choose the popular-products-block.zip file and click on Install Now
  4. Activate the plugin and Enjoy!


  1. Download and upload the WooCommerce Popular Products plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress


Is WooCommerce Popular Products free?

Yes, WooCommerce Popular Products is a free Gutenberg block plugin.

Does it work with any WordPress theme?

Yes, it will work with any standard WordPress theme.

Can I change block settings?

Yes, you can change block settings from the Gutenberg block editor’s right sidebar.

How many times can I reuse a block?

You can use unlimited times as you want.

Where can I get support?

You can post your questions on the support forum here




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