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Podcast Box – Best Podcasting Plugin for WordPress

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Podcast Box – Best Podcasting Plugin for WordPress


Podcast Box is all in one solution that provides you an easy way to show and play your podcast episodes.
You can also make a worldwide podcasts directory website of 5000+ podcasts included from 70+ countries.


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  • Add Unlimited Podcasts – You can add unlimited podcasts.
  • Full-width Player – Podcast Box includes a full-width podcast player that will enrich the site users experience.
  • Popup Player – Podcast episodes can be played in a new popup window.
  • Podcast Import – Import 5000+ podcast from 70+ countries.
  • Manual Episodes Import – You can import the podcast episodes manually at any time.
  • Continues Episodes Import – The podcast episodes will be imported continuously.
  • Player Controllers – The podcast player has multiple control (next-previous, rewind-forward, volume, play-pause) to enrich the listener payer experience.
  • Player Hide/ Show – Podcasts can be played by showing/ hiding the footer full-width player.
  • User IP Based Listing – The podcasts can be listed by based on the user’s ip. By, default users will see their country’s podcasts.
  • Color Customizations – Color customizing options for changing the color player, listings colors.
  • Podcasts Search – Users can search podcasts by filtering country, category, and podcast’s name.
  • Episode Search – Episode search in the podcast page.
  • Individual Podcast & Episode Page – Podcast & episode has individual single page.
  • Episode Download – Episode download button.
  • Shortcode Player – Play podcast anywhere using [podccast_box_player] shortcode.
  • Country List Shortcode[podcast_box_country_list] – Display the list of all available countries.
  • Podcast Player Widget – Podcast player sidebar widget is available.
  • Country List Widget – Country list sidebar widget is available.


  1. After installing the plugin, activate the plugin.

  2. After you have successfully activated the plugin, Podcasts menu will appear in your WordPress dashboard sidebar menu. And also a page named “Podcasts” will be created after activating the plugin.
    The Podcasts page is the podcast listing page, where all the podcasts will be listed.
    On this page, visitors will see their country’s podcasts if the Ip based listing is on.

  3. You can create unlimted podcasts and episodes or can import podcast from the Import Podcasts menu.

  4. You can use the automatically created Podcasts page for your podcast listing page.
    Or, you can use the [podcast_box_listing] shortcode on any page for the podcast listing.
    This shortcode support country and category attribute. Where you can filter podcast list by countries & category.


After installing and activating the plugin successfully, The next step is to add new podcasts.
You can add unlimited new podcasts very easily.
For adding a new podcast you need to click the Add New Podcast submenu under the Podcasts main menu.


To import the podcasts, you need to click the Import Podcasts submenu under the Podcasts main menu in your WordPress sidebar admin menu.


The Plugin provides 5 Shortcodes. Those are:

  1. [podcast_box_listing] – Use this shortcode on any page for listing the podcasts. This shortcode supports country && category attributes where you can pass comma separated country code and categories slug.
    Example: [podcast_box_listing country="us, ru, bd" category="rock,news"]

  2. [podcast_box_player] – Use this shortcode anywhere for displaying the podcast player. This shortcode supports the id attribute where you can play the episodes of the podcast.
    Example: [wp_radio_player id="11"]

  3. [podcast_box_country_list] – Use this short code for displaying all the podcasts countries.


On the Settings page, you can change

  • Podcasts Listing Layout style
  • Popup & Footer Player
  • Color customization & more setting options


After activating the plugin you can create a new podcasts from Add new podcast page or you can import podcasts from the Import Podcasts page under the Podcasts menu.

After installing the plugin a new page will be created titled “Podcasts”.
This page will be used for listing all the podcasts. Users can browse the podcasts on this page.
While playing any podcast, a podcasts player will be fixed at the bottom of the website, on every page.

You can place the podcast player anywhere you want, by using the [podcast_box_player] shortcode.


Podcast Box has no dependency on any other plugin or theme. You can use the Podcast Box plugin with any theme.


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  • Fix: Fixed Freemius SDK vulnerability issue.

1.0.1 (11 July, 2021)

  • Fix: Added WordPress – v8 compatibility.

1.0.0 (26 June,2021)

  • Initial release