Plugins Garbage Collector – 資料庫清理工具


Plugins Garbage Collector 外掛能掃描網站資料庫,並顯示 WordPress 核心程式未使用的資料表,因為某些外掛會自行建立及使用專屬資料表。
透過 Plugins Garbage Collector 外掛的協助,網站管理員可以檢查網站資料庫是否仍有這類無用的殘留資料表。
這個外掛同時也能顯示 WordPress 核心程式使用的資料表是否有附加資料行。
如需進一步瞭解 Plugins Garbage Collector 外掛,請造訪



如果外掛在使用上有任何問題,請前往 ShinePHP 技術支援論壇、在外掛頁面留言或使用網站上的聯絡表單提出。


  • Plugins Garbage Collector 掃描結果



  1. 如果網站已安裝舊版外掛,請先停用外掛。
  2. 將解壓縮 所得的 plugins-garbage-collector 目錄及其檔案上傳至 /wp-content/plugins/ 目錄。
  3. 在 WordPress 管理後台的 [外掛] 頁面啟用 Plugins Garbage Collector。
  4. 前往 [工具]→[Plugins Garbage Collector],然後掃描 WordPress 的網站資料庫,便能找出哪些是已移除外掛遺留未清除的資料表。




2020 年 8 月 4 日
I found database table entries from plugins I removed years ago! I forgot I even installed them to begin with. Cleaned up a lot of junk. Just what I needed.
2020 年 7 月 27 日
First I duplicated a website, then I installed plugins, then uninstalled them again etc. This to see why and which extra tables were added to the WordPress database. After that I uninstalled several plugins and finally tested this plugin. And indeed, this plugin found the remaining tables that I no longer need. That works perfectly for me! That is an indispensable plugin to keep WordPress in perfect condition! 🙂 I couldn't find a better one. 😉
2020 年 7 月 6 日
Hi Love this plugin but foreign-key constraints errors reduce its effectiveness for completing the whole job. If your prepared do the actual deletions yourself in phpMyAdmin (or similar) then this is a superb way of finding and highlighting the unwanted 'garbage tables' slowing down your installation. Please see my suggestion in this plugins forum: here. I, and i believe, many other who've encountered this would give this worthy plugin 5 big fat, in-your-face stars if all deletions on large DBs'/MultiSites were possible without hitch. Please take this as constructive, honest appraisal - nice work
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0.12 [16.08.2020]

  • Update: Server side “Fatal error: Maximum execution time of NN seconds exceeded” should not take place now. PGC scans plugins with large quantity of files by splitting job to smaller parts per 500 files.
  • Update: “foreign key constraint fails” error should not prevent database table deletion. PGC temporally switches off “foreign keys constraints checking”.
  • Fix: Known database tables with DB prefix ‘wp_’ inside name (like wp_pro_quiz_question from LearnDash LMS) were not recognized. Code had used str_replace( $db_prefix, ”, $table_name ) to exclude DB prefix from the table name and broke the name itself.

0.11.1 [23.06.2020]

  • Fix: Checkbox to mark table for deletion was not shown, if table belongs to the known, but unused (uninstalled) plugin.
  • Fix: Plugin state translation is made now exactly before output, to use its value in the code logic safely.

0.11. [19.06.2020]

  • New: “Tools->Plugins Garbage Collector” menu item was renamed to “Tools->Database Cleanup”
  • New: Multisite support was added. It’s safe to use PGC at the single sites of the WordPress multisite network.
  • New: PGC uses the list of known database tables and list of plugins which do not create own database tables.
    This reduces files scanning time as plugins known for PGC are not scanned for database tables usage. PGC checks these lists updates once a day. There is an intent to extend/update known plugins list on the regular base.
  • New: It’s possible to hide (temporally exclude from the listing) any found database table. Earlier this feature was available only for the tables belong to the active plugins. You can use this feature to hide the tables which are known for you, but are not recognized by PGC. Thanks for reporting such cases.
  • Update: Call to deprecated function mysql_get_server_info() was excluded.
  • Update: PGC shows database tables in the original format, without converting them all to lowercase letters.
  • Fix: Last item in the installed plugins list ( item C in the list (A, B, C) ) was never scanned for database tables. Db tables created by such plugin were always shown as belong to unknown plugin.

Read changelog.txt for the full list of changes.