pd Woo Tracking Order


You can set the custom Woocommerce Order Status and can able to add a Tracking ID of your carrier service provider with a nice front end user interface of tracking system. This would make your customers track their orders status in real time like other leading ecomm sites.

Unlimited Custom Order Tracking Status:

  1. Default woocommerce statuses are added when the plugin installed for the first time.
  2. You can add unlimited custom order status of your own

Features Included:

  • Can add multiple custom order status
  • Can add settings globally like adding multiple carrier names, user interface options etc..
  • For each order the default settings can be edited like carrier name, etc..
  • You can decide whether to show the order tracking in the orders page by globally enabling or disabling in the settings page or even can choose it from inside the orders page.
  • You can decide whether to send custom order tracking emails seperately other than woocommerce default emails.
  • For more documentation, screenshots, demo videos, etc.., please visit proficientdesigners.in


We really appreciate if you find any bugs or missing features please let us know (instead of rating this plugin low) so that we can work on it. Our mail id is contact@proficientdesigners.com



  • pd Tracking Custom Order page
  • Carrier list page
  • Global settings page
  • List of placeholders
  • Woocommerce order page
  • Order thank you page


  1. Upload pd-woo-tracking-order folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Can i add default settings ?

Yes, you can add default settings from Tracking Order settings page.

Can i change default settings from inside each order ?

Yes, there is an option where you can change default settings from each order page.

Can i hide the tracking order status from store front ?

Ofcourse you can hide it by disabling the checkbox available in the settings page globally for all order. Simple!.

Can i send custom tracking order email seperately ?

Yes, you can send email seperately.

Can i compose my own email title, subject, message ?

Yes, you can compose your own email title, contents, etc.


2022 年 8 月 20 日
Good Plugin. Not easy to use at first but powerful. It is still better than the alternative plugins out there
2021 年 10 月 8 日
It's definitely a very useful plugin for business starters, although the setting-up process was a bit complicated. Their support team helped a lot and look forward to your updates in the next version. Thank you for your free plugin.
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  • Compatible with WordPress v5.8.1
  • Compatible for Woocommerce v5.7.1
  • Few bug fixes


  • Now you can choose the custom order status visibility individually for each order
  • Compatible with WordPress v5.6
  • Compatible for Woocommerce v4.9.1


  • Now shop manager can access the features of this plugin
  • Compatible for Woocommerce v4.6.0


  • Compatible for Woocommerce v4.5.2
  • Compatible for WordPress v5.5.1
  • Few bug fixes


  • Major update from the previous version
  • Compatible for Woocommerce v4.4.0
  • Compatible for WordPress v5.5


  • Checked compatibility for Woocommerce v4.0.1
  • Checked compatibility for WordPress v5.4.1


  • Checked compatibility for Woocommerce v4.0.0
  • Few bug fixes.


  • Checked compatibility for Woocommerce v3.9.3
  • Few more settings added.


  • Few improvements made.
  • Few bug fixes.