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External Service Documentation

API QR Server

API QR Server is an external service that allows you to create QR codes. You can use this service in our WordPress plugin to generate a QR code based on the given data.

Official website

You can learn more about the official website of the API QR Server at

API Version

The version of the API QR Server, which our plugin uses, is 1.0.

Using the API QR Server

To create a QR code using the API QR Server, you need to send a GET request to the following endpoint:
Request Parameters
To create a QR code, you need to pass the following parameters in the GET request:

data – the string that needs to be encoded into the QR code.
size – the size of the QR code.
margin – the margin in pixels from the edges of the QR code.
Example request:

API Response

In response to the GET request, the API QR Server will return a QR code image in PNG format.

Usage Limitations

When using the API QR Server, there are the following limitations:

Free use is available for small projects.
Limitation on the number of requests per day (approximately 50).
Limitation on the size of the QR code.
It is prohibited to use the service to create QR codes with inappropriate content.








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