Payments for Hubtel


NOTE: This plugin is in no way affiliated with Hubtel. It’s developed by an independent developer.
All issues encountered must be addressed to the developer and not Hubtel.

Contact the developer at:
This plugin helps you integrate Hubtel as a payment gateway for your Woocommerce/WordPress website.
Your customers will be able to pay you with any mobile money wallet and bank card issued in Ghana.

It’s an easy way to accept payment on your website that runs on WordPress/Woocommerce.


This plugin relies on __Excellium for payment submission, verifications and SMS delivery;
__Privacy Policy


  • Hubtel displayed as a payment method on the WooCommerce payment methods page
  • Hubtel WordPress Plugin payment gateway settings page
  • Hubtel on WooCommerce Checkout


  • From your WordPress dashboard, visit Plugins > Add New
  • In the search field, type Payments for Hubtel
  • Install and activate the plugin


What do I need to use the plugin?

You’ll need a Hubtel account.
NOTE: There are two types of users on Hubtel
– Customers or Consumers
– Merchants or Businesses

Depending on the type of user you are, your process of obtaining your client keys will differ.

– Client ID – Obtained from:
– Client Secret – Obtained: from
– Plugin activation key – Click to purchase:

– API Key (password) – Obtained from:
– API ID (username) – Obtained: from:
– Plugin activation key – Click to purchase:

Once you have all these details, go back to the plugin settings page and enter the values.

How do I activate the plugin?

  • After successful payment, you’ll receive an SMS with your activation key.
  • Go back to the Plugin settings to enter your activation key to activate the plugin.
  • You can now select and activate “Hubtel WordPress Plugin” from your Woocommerce settings page.


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