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Pay Day Loan Application form plugin for WordPress

這個外掛並未在最新的 3 個 WordPress 主要版本上進行測試。開發者可能不再對這個外掛進行維護或提供技術支援,並可能會與更新版本的 WordPress 產生使用上的相容性問題。

Pay Day Loan Application form plugin for WordPress


After installing and activiating the plugin you will be able to easily add full pay day loan application functionality to your site using a simple shortcode in your pages and posts

Future Plans

Currently working on a number of other exciting plugins.


  • See above


  1. Install the plugin
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Create an affiliate account at http://www.sms-affiliate.co.uk/plugin/
  4. Enter your Affiliate ID
  5. Click Save
  6. Add the [payday] shortcode wherever you’d like an application form
  7. Receive 70% commission for all your applications


Do I need an affiliate account ?

Yes, this plugin requires that you register for free at http://www.sms-affiliate.co.uk/plugin/

Why do I have to register ?

So that we can pay you your commissions and be able to track you applications for you.


2017 年 2 月 7 日
No blogger should countenance this sort of thing, even if it happens to be legal in some countries.
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