Ninja Forms Merge Tag Addon


Ninja Forms Admin Mail Customizer – New Tag “THE_Content”

Ninja is a great plugin to create easily now form and application, but if you want to display some things into the mail, you must write
new tags and more. With Ninja Forms Merge Tag Addon you can add the post content from your single page into your Post Type. Ninja Forms can
read it and give it in your Admin Mail. In the next updates I work for more Ninja Forms Tags.

Notice: In current version of Ninja Forms this Plugin can’t work, because the Ninja Forms Team no support it. Please contact Ninja Forms Team for more Details.

Features of the plugin include:

  • Return your Content to Mails
  • More features and new tags comes in next updates

Documentation & Support

Got a problem or need help with Ninja Forms Merge Tag Addon ? Than you can write me an e-mail: or you can ask your question in the forums section.


  • Go to Ninja Form
  • Choose the Tab "Merge Addon"


  1. Activate the plugin.
  2. Go to Ninja Forms and go to interactions and to your admin mail customizer.
  3. Click the merge icon and choose into the Tag “Merge Addon” your Tag.

For this Addon your need a free installation of Ninja Forms.


Which Features we create for next Updates?

More Merge Tags, a customizer and more features. If you want different features, than write in the plugin forums and
I give my best.

Do you need a Source Code?

Please check out my repository on Github:


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2.8: 26th of Januar 2022

  • Support for WordPress 5.9 and new version of Ninja Forms

2.7: 21th of July 2021

  • Support for WordPress 5.8 and new version of Ninja Forms

2.6: 28th of October 2020

  • Support for WordPress 5.5.1 and new version of Ninja Forms

2.5: 02th of July 2020

  • Support for WordPress 5.4.2 and new version of Ninja Forms

2.4: 21th of September 2019

  • Update for the new version of Ninja Forms
  • Registration | Merge Tags

2.3: 15h of August 2019

  • Content Merge now works fine with new version of Ninja Forms
  • Add WordPress 5.2.2 Support Update
  • Fixed condition installed Ninja Forms Required Message
  • New structured of plugin
  • And fixed bugs and tweaks

2.2: 3h of April 2019

  • Add Security Update
  • Add Better Code Quality
  • Add WordPress 5.1.1 Support Update
  • Ninja Forms Required Message
  • Remove Error Messages if Ninja Forms no support functions

2.1: 21th of May 2018

  • Security Update
  • Add Gutenberg Support for WordPress 5.0

2.0: 21th of May 2018

  • Security Update – Remove undifined function

1.1: 07th of March 2018

  • Installation Problem. Now the plugin load first the ninja forms plugin

1.0: 07th of March 2018

  • Inital Release