MotaWord Translation


MotaWord plugin allows you to seamlessly submit your posts for translation to MotaWord from within your WordPress admin panel.

Major benefits of translating your website using MotaWord plugin:

  • Access to high-quality translation of your website content in over 95 languages using professional translators
  • Fast translation turnaround time (a 10 page site can be translated into 15 languages within 24 hours – a blog post can be done within an hour)
  • At least 60% cheaper than any translation agency
  • No subscriptions, no bulk purchases, no minimum charges – you pay only for the # of words you are translating – whenever you need it.
  • Translation Memory allowing you to leverage already translated content (you never have to pay for translating the same sentence twice)
  • 100% quality guarantee on all MotaWord translations
  • API & Plugin support via e-mail

PS. You will need an API key to use the MotaWord plugin. They are completely free. Just visit and register for a developer account. Then create an API application for WordPress. Click “View API Keys” button to see your client ID and secret.


  1. Install the plugin either by using Plugins menu in WordPress admin panel or simply uploading the plugin folder to /wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Settings > MotaWord menu and enter your API client ID and secret key. To learn how to retrieve these keys, see the following section.

How to obtain API client ID and secret key

Easy! Just visit and register for a developer account.
Then create an API application for WordPress. Click “View API Keys” button to see your client ID and secret.


Is the price the same for all languages?

Yes, the per word price is the same for any language.

How long will my translation take?

The translation of a 10 page site usually takes less than 24 hours. Translating into more than one language does not affect this turn-around time as MotaWord will work simultaneously on all languages and deliver at the same time.

Do you require a subscription?

Not at all. MotaWord will provide you with a price & turnaround time for all your translation requests. You just pay for the number of words to be translated – whenever you need it – with no minimums and no subscriptions.

What if I am not happy with the quality?

We are always behind our translations and aim for 100% satisfaction. If you are not happy, we will review the text again and again until you are happy.

Who are MotaWord translators?

We use the same translators that any translation agency uses. Our approach to translation, cloud-based platform and use of algorithms to replace costly manual labor makes us higher-quality, faster and more affordable than any other solution.

Who uses MotaWord?

Many companies from different industries and thousands of individuals use our translation service on a daily basis. We don’t like to drop names but we deal with nearly all major news networks, technology companies, startups and law firms globally. For case studies of some of our clients visit:

How can I get help?

Come talk to us via our 24/7 chat on our website. We are looking forward to assisting you!


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  • Added a minor Gutenberg block check


  • Fixed system folders issue in translation package and skipped unnecessary attributes for translation.


  • Fixed extraneous encoding.


  • Updated encoding handling.


  • Updated Gutenberg block matching strategy.


  • Fixed encoding and block matching issues.


  • Allow sending a post for retranslation (if the post is already translated) to translate the updated sections.


  • Improved API calls and show plugin version


  • Improved support for Gutenberg blocks.
  • Improved support for SEO plugins Yoast, All In One SEO (AIOSEO), SEO Framework.
  • New option to translate post slugs.


  • Some security fixes and tested up to latest WordPress version, 5.4.0 (at the time).


  • vc_raw_html tag provided by Visual Composer is now supported properly.


  • Enable fetching manual translations even when a post is already marked as “completed”.


  • Ability to finalize projects manually, without waiting for callbacks from MotaWord’s API. This allows project completions behind firewalls as the API can’t really call these servers behind a firewall or in a VPN.


  • Public facing callback endpoint now uses generic option retrieval method.


  • Public facing callback endpoint now uses generic option retrieval method.


  • A new option in Settings to switch translation of custom fields on and off. This will let you submit translation projects without your custom fields which can have lots of non-linguistic data in some cases.


  • Improved content handling by switching from JSON-only to JSON and HTML files. This allows better quotes and TM management for complex post contents.
  • Various stability improvements in API access and WordPress cache management.


  • Initial version.