miTT PWA FREE WP transforms your WordPress Website into a Progressive Web App (PWA) and makes it offline ready using Service Workers.miTT PWA FREE WP is a WordPress plugin that transforms your WordPress website into a Progressive Web App (PWA). A PWA is a web application that can be installed on a mobile device’s home screen like a native app. PWAs are faster, more reliable, and more engaging than traditional websites, and they can even work offline.

miTT PWA FREE WP is a free plugin, but there is also miTT PWA FIRE PUSH available that includes additional features, such as push notifications.

Key Characteristic Features of the miTT PWA Free WP 

miTT PWA Free WP has the following features:

  • Static Cache
  • Cache exceptions
  • Manifest
  • Install Prompt
  • Cache Strategie as Cache First depends on Network Connection
  • App Screenshot

miTT PWA FIRE PUSH for WP (Paid Version)

  • Push Notifications over Firebase
  • App Shortcuts
  • Protocol Handler
  • iOS Banner
  • Custom Installation Button
  • Page and Image Sync
  • PWA Installation Statistic

Installation and Setting up 

Install the plugin and activate it.
Set up the manifest and the service worker.


  • App ID
  • App Name
  • App Short Name
  • Start Url
  • PWA App Icons

The full documentation can be found at miTT PWA documentation


What is the difference between miTT PWA Free WP and miTT PWA Fire Push

There are two different versions of the plugin. The paid version miTT PWA FIRE Push has Push Notifications integrated and additional features as iOS Install Banner, App Screenshots and much more.

How do I install the PWA?

The installation process is as simple as other WordPress plugins. After setting up the manifest, the PWA runs smoothly. If you would like to profit from static cache, it should be set up.




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