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Add Movie Trailers and Games Trailers to your site

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Add Movie Trailers and Games Trailers to your site


If you like to add movie trailers, game trailers or TV trailers to your blog or create your own IMDB site, Cinemabase can help you do that.
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Adding movie trailers to your site is as easy as 1-2-3 :

*  1. Get the tt movie code.
*  2. Select your player.
*  3. Embed the code in your site.

All you need to do it to add a tag with the imdb movie code (the tt code – search for the movie or game trailer on the www.imdb.com site) and the type of player (template) you would like and the movie trailer will be added.

For example for the movie trailer Contagion http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1598778/ add the following tag :
[cinemabase tt1598778 image_list_wide]

Available templates :
*  1. image_list_wide
*  2. video_player
*  3. video_playlist_v

For comments, questions and support use this support email cinemabase1@gmail.com


  1. Click download (on the right) to download the zip package
  2. Unzip the downloaded package and upload the `imdb-video-movie-trailers` folder into the `wp-content/plugins/` directory
  3. Log into your WordPress admin panel
  4. Activate the plugin (named ‘Add Movie Trailers to your site’) through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress (if you are upgrading from an earlier version, make sure to de-activate and re-activate the plugin so that all options are updated)
  5. Go to your post/page and add the movie trailers tags, for example [[cinemabase tt1598778 image_list_wide]]


What about non-WordPress sites/blogs ?

You can also embed movie trailers in other sites/blogs using a HTML code. Follow the instructions here http://cinemabase.org

Do I need to register with Cinemabase ?

Yes. The service is free but you’ll need to register.

Will it work on iPad and iPhone ?

Yes. You don’t need to do anything for that to happen. Cinemabase will detect the browsing device and will adopt the player automatically. All major mobile devices brands are supported like iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackbarry etc.




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