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WordPress Resume Manager Plugin to display and manage personal resume or CV at your WordPress webpage

You have a domain and you are confused what to do with it? Why not use it as a resume landing page and point people to should a conversation occur surrounding job prospects.

This plugin creates a resume with personal information, education & experience history, as well as a list of skills with career summary.

It looks great, is fast and easy to manage.

🌟 Plugin Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Fully integrated in WordPress
  • Easy to use
  • Fully Responsive
  • Photo Upload option
  • Option to change resume background color
  • Option to change resume border color
  • Option to change skill label text
  • Option to change education label text
  • Option to change experience label text
  • Shortcoded
  • Display Skills with progressbar

🌟 Resume Included:

  • Personal Profile
  • Career Summary
  • Contact Information
  • Social Network: Twitter & FaceBook
  • Skills
  • Education Information
  • Experience History

➡️ Benefits you’ll get by using this plugin:**

  • Convert your unused domain into a resume landing page
  • Replicated your print resume for the web
  • Sent recruiters to it and get hired!

➡️ Useage of Shortcode:⬅️

To display resume use the below shortcode


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  • Showing Resume after applying shortcode
  • Personal information settings panel
  • Education information settings panel
  • Experience information settings panel
  • Add new experience popup
  • Skills settings panel
  • Styles settings panel


Install HM Resume Manager as a regular WordPress plugin. Here are different ways to install plugin:

Install by search plugin:

  1. In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add New
  2. Search HM Resume Manager
  3. Click to install
  4. Activate the plugin
  5. Setup the proper settings in HM Resume Manager menu

Install by upload plugin:

  1. Download the latest version of HM Resume Manager (.zip file)
  2. In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add New
  3. Select “Upload Plugin”
  4. Click on “Choose File”
  5. Select downloaded and click on “Install Now” button
  6. Activate the plugin


How can I Display Resume?

After activating the plugin, you will see “HM Resume Manager” menu in WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Go to “Personal Info” and add your informations.

Same way insert education, experience and skills.

Now create a page and insert the shortode [hm_resume_manager] through TinyMCE editor and update.


2023 年 7 月 13 日
Normally I don’t leave reviews on plugins. But this one is really pretty decent. Aside from a few minor cosmetic details, this plugin works wonderfully right out of the box. My suggestions to the author(s) are as follows:• Remove the numbers and underlines from the Experience section. This looks really unprofessional. In fact, remove all numbering and underlining throughout the entire thing• Change the formatting of the to and from dates so it shows as 05-2018, for example, and not as 05,2018.• Create a drag and drop so people can re-arrange the sections of the résumé how they want it• For the Twitter and Facebook fields, if these are left blank, the icons should not appear. It looks unprofessional if these fields are not filled in but the icons still show.• Add a section to the GPA area that lets a user select or enter that they’ve received a Certificate or other type of document/degree. Also, remove the “C” from “CGPA”. • Let the user change the colors of the fonts, horizontal lines, and icons for each section and header.• The email address, website, phone number, and social media info should all be linkable. All in all, though, this is well done. Keep up the good work!
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  • Freemius SDK update to 2.5.10


  • Language POT file added
  • Small bug fixed
  • Freemius sdk upgraded


  • Freemius integrated
  • Font Awesome integrated
  • Image icon removed
  • Code optimized and bug fixed
  • Styles fixed
  • Admin sidebar added


  • CSS changed
  • Minor bug fixed


  • Skills settings page added
  • Display Skills with progressbar (New)
  • Bug fixes


  • Admin panel design improved
  • Experience settings page re-structured
  • Styles settings page added
  • Add option to change resume background color
  • Add option to change resume border color
  • Add option to change skill label name
  • Add option to change education label name
  • Add option to change experience label name


  • Facebook link hardcoded issue fixed
  • Some bug fixes
  • Layout improved
  • Responsive issue fixed


  • Some bug fixes
  • Max width adjusted for input field in admin settings


  • Initial release