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Hide Admin Navbar – Disable Admin Bar, Remove Admin Toolbar from Frontend

Hide Admin Navbar – Disable Admin Bar, Remove Admin Toolbar from Frontend


This plugin, when activated, hides the admin navigation bar from the front end.

What is Hide Admin Bar?

  • This plugin is the ultimate solution for WordPress websites to hide admin toolbar from the frontend.

Why disable admin bar?

  • Sometimes you need to disable admin toolbar to feel the user experience on your WordPress-powered websites.

How to remove admin bar?

  • This lightweight and user-friendly plugin empowers you to remove admin toolbar from the frontend of your site.

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Install the Hide Admin Navbar plugin via WordPress Dashboard (from plugin directory or from your computer), or upload the files manually to your server and activate the plugin.

Install via WordPress dashboard

From Plugin Directory

  • Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  • Search for ‘Hide Admin Navbar’
  • Install and Activate the plugin

From Your Computer

  • Download the Hide Admin Navbar plugin
  • Visit ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin’
  • Choose the plugin file in .zip format
  • Click the Install Now button, and Activate after installation

Install via Uploading Files Manually

  • Download the Hide Admin Navbar plugin and unzip the folder
  • Upload the folder to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  • Activate the Hide Admin Navbar plugin from Dashboard


How to hide admin navbar from the front end?

Activate the plugin. That’s it.

How to get back admin navbar in front end?

Deactivate the plugin to get it back.


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Release Date – 9 April 2024

  • Tested with WordPress version 6.5


Release Date – 8 January 2024

  • Tested with WordPress version 6.4.2
  • Reorganized Plugin Structure
  • Optimized Code


Release Date – 7 November 2023

  • Tested with WordPress version 6.4


Release Date – 28 September 2023

  • Tested with WordPress version 6.3.1
  • Optimized the Code


Release Date – 10 August 2023

  • Tested with WordPress version 6.3
  • Optimized the Code


Release Date – 3 April 2023

  • Tested with WordPress version 6.2
  • Added Translation Support
  • Added Admin Notification


Release Date – 22 November 2022

  • Tested with WordPress version 6.1.1


Release Date – 30 July 2021

  • Initial release