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In WordPress, there isn’t any way to connect with your customer, audience, or prospect using video messaging. You don’t even have screen recording facility either in while taking customer support. This is a big let down for many who are looking for a good video solution for their business. That’s where HelpGent comes – an asynchronous communication plugin that allows you to quickly and easily record your screen, voice, and share those recordings through messaging with anyone in just a few clicks.

HelpGent is a free yet reliable, asynchronous communication tool that offers jaw-dropping qualities like video messaging, voice messaging, text messaging, and screen recording. With this awesome plugin, you can connect with your audience on a more personal level. This is the WordPress plugin where you can take your room to fatten your email list, generate more & more leads, and concrete the level of trust with your customers.

The plugin can boast of the features like an Attractive Builder with Customization, Two Theme Form Support Home Screen, Color Font Size customization ability, Search & Sorting by Text, Videos & Voice, Nice Filtering System By Tag, Search Conversation by name & email, and Quick Name edit.

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HelpGent is a better way to actively connect with your audience working as interactive video messaging. It is especially easy to set up video messages using HelpGent on your website, you upload a video of yourself, and then your recipient can leave comments and ask questions that you can respond to in your next video. This enables you to communicate with anyone, at any time, without needing to be in the same room.

By adding this plugin to your WordPress website, you can have access to the HelpGent inbox for sending/receiving video messaging, text messaging, and audio message exchanging asynchronously. Thus, it eventually bolsters the solidity of your businesses with a strong base of happy and satisfied customers.


There’s nothing quite like being able to record your screen and share it with your customer in order to provide the best possible experience. With this tool, you can do just that! Out of the box, you can have a screen recording & sharing option while connecting with your customer – something that other tools simply don’t offer. This makes it easy and convenient for you to provide an exceptional level of service.

What’s more, the plugin allows your customers to record and share their points with you right from their browsers. And, you can receive and interact with those points in your optimal time. Besides, your customers can do the same exactly the way you interact.


Here is how HelpGent with its features will help you make your content stand out, increase conversion, build audience’s trust, generate more leads, save your time, increase customer retention, and reduce support cost.

Free Features

Kickstart your business with the splash of this plugin nothing like before.

👉 Unlimited Forms: You, as an admin, can create unlimited forms. Meaning, you can have the opportunity to collect the contact information of your customers exactly as many as you want. And, the contact info covers name, email, phone number, etc.

👉 Guest User: Anyone, meaning even anonymous users without registration can initially send messages. This is a great thing to do for attracting the leads to become your paid customers.

👉 Video Upload: You can upload video whenever you need to do that to make everything easy and sort out the problems of your customer.

👉 Video Recording: With this plugin, both you and your customers can share your problems and solutions with ease just by recording a simple video.

👉 Voice Recording: Another amazing feature that you can enjoy absolutely free of cost, is the voice recording facility. You can send the voice to your customers and they finally receive and reply whenever they are free.

👉 Text Messaging: It’s a common phenomenon that a communication tool holds on. But, the difference between HelpGent and other tools is that it allows you to send/receive messages asynchronously.

👉 Customizability: A plugin is customizable which means you can fit your needs exactly the same way you want. And this is absolutely possible with the power of customizability of this plugin.

👉 Frontend Dashboard: With a front-end dashboard feature, this plugin helps both you and your users edit profile, monitor account information, and add shortcodes as many as you can.

👉 Download Media: Interestingly enough, you can download media files like images, videos, and voice files when you need them. All these media are stored in the box. Just feel the necessity of them and use them.

Core HelpGent Features in a Flash

  • Attractive builder with customization.
  • Two theme form support home screen.
  • Color font size customization ability.
  • Search & sorting by text videos and voice.
  • Nice filtering system by tag.
  • Search conversation by name & email.
  • Keep messages unread for future reply.
  • Quick name edit.

Premium Features

👉 Everything in Free: You can get all the free features in premium subscription.

👉 Screen Recording: With the screen recording option, your customers can cover their problems with screen recording and send to you for the solutions. In return, you can do the same with solving the issue sent back to your customers.

👉 Unlimited Video Recording: The default time is 2 minutes but you can enlarge the video recording time to your desire extent.

👉 Unlimited Voice Recording: Like video record length, you can record your voice as long as you can. It will facilitate you with everything you need to capture the documents with recording voice.

👉 Maximum Video Resolution (Default 720p): With HelpGent, you can have the space to enjoy the maximum video resolution. And, it can eventually spot the issues very precisely and thus can give it an accurate solution.

👉 Unlimited Maximum Upload Size: The user can upload files with no size limitation. It doesn’t matter how big the file size will be. In the same way, you can send the solution to the problems with a file that breaks the limit.

👉 Automatically Deletes Attachments: After a certain period of time, the attachments that are on the chat box will be deleted automatically even without any human touch.

👉 Email Footer: A footer is an email element placed at the bottom, which usually contains general information about a company. If you wish, you can customize the name and tag your own brand on it or delete it if necessary.

👉 Collect leads: Collecting leads with HelpGent is much easier. Through the help of contact form, you can have the information of the leads and later on you can persuade them to become your paid customers.

👉 Offload media to Google Drive (Upcoming): When you are going through tons of request files, you can offload those requests to Google Drive. Thus, you can unload your work pressure bringing the things aside.


🔥 Google Drive
🔥 Direcorist – The integration helps you to make your directory website more accessible to your audience which eventually creates more leads and conversions.



  1. Unzip the downloaded zip file and upload the plugin folder into the wp-content/plugins/ directory. Alternatively, upload from Plugins >> Add New >> Upload Plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin from the Plugins page.
  3. Please follow the official installation guide from here to install this plugin:


Where are the videos and audio stored?

All the data is stored on your WordPress server, giving you full control over everything. Media offloading in external clouds like Google Drive will also be available soon.

Can I replace my contact form with HelpGent?

Yes, just replace it with the HelpGent form’s shortcode.

Do the recipients get notified in real-time?

Yes, the recipients as well as the admin get real-time notifications through email upon receiving replies.

Is registration mandatory for visitors to send a message?

Absolutely not! Any visitors/guest can send video, voice, text, and screen recordings without registration.

How does the guest user receive replies and sends follow-up messages?

After sending a message, a guest token is sent to the guest user’s email to access the conversation and send follow-up messages.

Is the conversation data encrypted/secured?

Yes, all the information is stored in your database, not any 3rd party servers like in live chats.

Can I add a custom call to action on Thank You page?

Yes, you have the option to add a custom call to action button.

Can I use HelpGent with any theme?

Yes, HelpGent should work wonders with all the major themes.


2023 年 5 月 5 日
I've picked the plugin lately and I must say I'm thoroughly impressed with its features and capabilities. The ability to communicate via video, voice, and text messaging, along with the added functionality of screen recording, is a game-changer for customer support and online communication. One of the standout features of HelpGent is the ability to record and share screen recordings with clients or team members, which has been incredibly helpful for demonstrating complex issues or providing visual aids for training purposes. The video and voice messaging options have also helped me to add a personal touch to customer support and overall communication. Thanks to Sazzadul Bari and his team wpWax for supporting me along the way!
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以下人員參與了開源軟體〈HelpGent – Your Ultimate Help Agent for Video, Voice, and Text Messaging with Screen Record Facility〉的開發相關工作。



1.1.4 – Apr 28, 2023

  • Remove external updater

1.1.3 – Apr 6, 2023

  • Readme and composer file updated

1.1.1 – Apr 4, 2023

  • Add – Message Edit, Delete, Reply, Forward
  • Add – React routing
  • Add – New action and filter hooks
  • Add – Form author ownership
  • Fix – Icon and range issue in audio message
  • Fix – Form creation issue with email start with S
  • Fix – Conversation sort by read/unread

1.0.3 – Jan 9, 2023

  • Update – Banner and Logo

1.0.2 – Dec 12, 2022

  • Improve – Attachments download URL
  • Improve – Video & Voice recorder (Pausing System, Some UI changes, Back Button)
  • Improve – Messenger sidebar user avatar list
  • Improve – Tag assigning & un-assigning process
  • Fix – Initial settings data not saving

1.0.1 – Nov 30, 2022

  • Improve – Theme compatibility
  • Improve – Messenger app greetings text
  • Improve – Settings panel labeling
  • Fix – Screen Recording – Native Stop Button Does Not Work properly
  • Fix – Messenger App – Local Timezone format
  • Fix – Archived conversation refreshing
  • Fix – Video not starting after granting permission

1.0.0 – Nov 26, 2022

  • Initial launch