Easy Digital Downloads Google Sheet Connector


This plugin is a bridge between your WordPress based Easy Digital Downloads plugin and Google Sheets.

⚡️ It helps to send orders directly to google sheets in a real time. When a New Download is purchased from your website through Easy Digital Downloads plugin, All the order details Will sent to Google Sheets.

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  • Easy Digital Downloads Google Sheet Connector sends orders entries to Google Sheet in a real-time

🤝 INTEGRATIONS (How to Use this Plugin)

  • Step: 1 – In Google Sheets
    ➜ Log into your Google Sheets.
    ➜ Create a new Sheet and name it or select the existing sheet.
    ➜ Copy Sheet Name, Sheet ID, Tab Name and Tab ID (Refer Screenshots)

  • Step: 2 – In WordPress Admin
    ➜ Navigate to Downloads > Google Sheet > Integration Tab
    ➜ Authenticate with Google using new “Google Access Code” while clicking on “Get Code”
    ➜ Make Sure to ALLOW Google Permissions for Google Drive and Google Sheets and then copy the code and paste in Google Access Code field, and Hit Save & Authenticate.

  • Step: 3 – Connect with Google Sheet
    ➜ Navigate to Downloads > Google Sheet > EDD Data Settings.
    ➜ Select the appropriate Sheet from the “Google Sheet Name” dropdown box.
    ➜ Select EDD Order Status to create Sheet Tabs and add headers to your selected Google Sheet.
    ➜ Lastly test by ordering any product and putting it to a different order states
    ( Processing, Hold etc).

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  • Google Sheet Integration without authentication.
  • Permission page if user is already logged-in to there account.
  • Permission popup-1 after logged-in to your account.
  • Permission popup-2 after logged-in to your account.
  • After successful integration – Displays “Currently Active”.


  1. Upload gsheetconnector-easy-digital-downloads to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, OR Site Admin > Plugins > New > Search > GSheetConnector Easy Digital Downloads > Install.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Use the Admin Panel > Downloads > Google Sheet > Integration screen to connect to Google Sheets by entering the Access Code. You can get the Access Code by clicking the “Get Code” button.


Submitted New Order Entries not showing in my Configured Sheet?

If the Entries never shows in your Sheet then one of these things might be the reason:
Wrong access code or did not allowed permission to Google Drive and Google Sheets(Check debug log under Integration Tab)
Please double-check those items and hopefully getting them right will fix the issue.


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  • 1.6.8 (08-03-2024)
  • Added: For user without Google Drive and Google Sheets permissions authentication shows alert with message.
  • Added: Added System Status and Error Log for improved functionality and user experience.
  • Added: Done UI changes at Integration page.
  • Added: Added System Status tab.
  • Added: Added links for support,docs,upgrade to pro.
  • Fixed: Fixed validate parent plugin exists or not then show alert message display issue.
  • Fixed: Fixed uninstallation of plugin.
  • Fixed: Compatible Free version to Pro version.

  • 1.6.7 (06-03-2024)

  • Changed Plugin Name as per Guidelines for 3rd-Party Extensions.
  • Compatible with Easy Digital Downlods PRO.

  • 1.6.6 (05-07-2023)

  • Vulnerabilities issue resolved.
  • Updated Freemius SDK version to 2.5.10

  • 1.6.5 (16-05-2023)

  • Fixed the issue while updating status order not update in google sheet.

  • 1.6.4 (29-04-2023)

  • Vulnerabilities issue resolved.

  • 1.6.3 (10-12-2022)

  • Resolved Freemius issue.

  • 1.6.2 (09-12-2022)

  • Resolved Freemius issue.

  • 1.6.1 (09-12-2022)

  • Resolved Freemius issue.

  • 1.6 (09-12-2022)

  • Resolved Freemius issue.

  • 1.5 (09-12-2022)

  • Updated Freemius SDK version to 2.5.3

  • 1.4 (15-08-2022)

  • New Google Integration method implemented using web app.
  • Resolved some issue with auth configuration.
  • Changes UI.

  • 1.3 (31-03-2022)

  • Updated Freemius SDK version to 2.4.3

  • 1.2 (04-02-2022)

  • Added Compability with Required PHP 5.4 or higher & WordPress 4.4 or higher versions.

  • 1.1 (13-01-2022)

  • Added : Added freemius integration.

  • 1.0

  • Released Initial version Functionality to send Easy Digital Download Payment Entries to Google Sheets