Embeded Stories


This plugin enables you to easily add video content in the story format created in manage.gobistories.com to your web page.

The primary functionality of the plugin consists of the shortcode gobi. The shortcode renders a gobi-story in your article, post or page in-place. This story is then autodiscovered automatically on page load. The plugin ensures that all the proper scripts are automatically loaded. If you need a specific version of the Gobi Web Integration installed, this can be tuned in the plugin’s settings.

Example uses

Simple use with single story

[gobi stories="abc123"]

Multiple stories

[gobi stories="abc123,xyz456"]

Enable Shadow DOM

[gobi stories="abc123" disable_shadow_dom="true"]

Custom color

[gobi stories="abc123" color="#ff0077"]

Options for setting default colors will be implemented in an upcoming version.

Available properties

All standard gobi properties are available to use in the gobi shortcode. The properties must be supplied in snake_case instead of the standard camelCase
used by the Gobi Web Integration.

The current list of supported properties are:

  • stories
  • color
  • bubble_size
  • animated_bubble
  • vertical_orientation
  • is_full_height_mobile
  • show_play_icon
  • align
  • auto_segue
  • show_empty_stories
  • open_in_player_page
  • full_screen_player
  • close_modal_on_story_end
  • no_shade
  • disable_shadow_dom
  • auto_start
  • auto_start_with_sound
  • loop
  • roundedCorners
  • shadow
  • width
  • height
  • check_view_port
  • play_button
  • use_media_proxy
  • wrap

Service usage

This plugin will call and use the remote script for the Gobi Web Integration (“GWI”). The purpose of the call is to enable you to easily find and use a compatible version of GWI with your website.
GWI is a required script for your gobi-stories to be displayed properly. While you could inject GWI yourself into the header via some plugin or via extending your websites theme, this is sometimes prone to errors and may not work as intended, and requires a lot more technical know-how.

The script will be loaded from unpkg (https://unpkg.com/). Unpkg is licensed under AGPL (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mjackson/unpkg/master/LICENSE).

The script will be loaded into all pages, and onload GWI’s autodiscover function will be run ensuring all gobi stories are rendered properly.

Usage of GWI and Gobi is subject to Gobi’s privacy policy and terms of use:





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  • Fix issue with gobi-wrap attribute.


  • Add support for gobi-wrap attribute.


  • Fix bug when version is empty.


  • Improve documentation.


  • Fix version parsing, ensure it is properly encoded before sending to unpkg


  • Initial release