Force Update Translations


這個外掛能下載 WordPress 佈景主題/外掛語言套件。即使語言套件在 上仍未發佈或未經審閱,仍可在網站上手動套用語言套件。

⚠️重要通知⚠️:這個外掛目前僅能下載外掛 Development 專案的譯文,而不是 Stable 專案的譯文。請靜待外掛更新或查看 GitHub 上所列的問題

⚠️重要通知⚠️:目前這個外掛無法產生 JavaScript 所需譯文的 JSON 檔案。請靜待外掛更新,或查看 GitHub 上所列的問題



  1. 啟用想要取得語言套件檔案的佈景主題。
  2. 點擊 WordPress 後台管理選單的 [外觀]→[更新語言套件],或在 [佈景主題] 頁面中進入目前使用的佈景主題的詳細資料頁面,然後點擊 [更新語言套件]。



  1. 前往 WordPress 管理後台的 [外掛] 頁面。
  2. 點擊想要取得語言套件檔案的外掛名稱下方的 [更新語言套件]。


  • [更新語言套件] 連結會顯示於外掛清單中


2020 年 10 月 15 日
Oh, this is an awesome plugin so I fully localize this plugin’s UI and page for zh_TW.
2020 年 9 月 15 日
If you are translating a plug-in or a theme, this plug-in is a must-have. It allows you to pull your translations from into your website to see these translations in context – which is often the only way to tell whether something is well translated or not. In the most recent version of the plug-in, this works not only for plug-in translations but for theme translations as well. Easy to use, works fine.
2019 年 9 月 20 日
I am so glad to find this plugin. We have international users for our plugin that help out by submitting translations. The problem is, there is no way for them to use the translations until it goes through a formal approval process. This is a wonderful solution, we can point our users to this plugin so they can use the translations right away. Thanks so much for making this!
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