Force Regenerate Thumbnails


Force Regenerate Thumbnails 能讓網站管理員刪除現有全部圖片縮圖,並為網站上的圖片強制重新產生新的縮圖。

從 [工具] 管理選單重新產生全部縮圖。進入 [媒體庫] 的清單檢視模式可進行批次重新產生縮圖,在清單檢視中選取要重新產生縮圖的圖片,然後在 [批次操作] 下拉式選單中點擊 [強制重新產生縮圖]。如需為個別圖片重新產生縮圖,請點擊圖片清單縮圖下方的 [強制重新產生縮圖]。



  • 外掛執行重新產生縮圖的過程
  • 網站管理員可以透過核取方塊選取多張指定圖片,然後在 [批次操作] 下拉式選單中選取 [強制重新產生縮圖] 加以執行


  1. 前往網站管理後台,然後在 [外掛] 選單中點擊 [安裝外掛]。
  2. 以「Force Regenerate Thumbnails」為關鍵字進行搜尋。
  3. 點擊 [安裝]。
  4. 點擊 [啟用外掛]。
  5. 請前往 [工具]→[強制產生縮圖] 重新產生縮圖,或在 [媒體庫] 的清單檢視中選取指定圖片重新產生縮圖。


2023 年 3 月 31 日
It is MUCH more aggressive than the other thumbnails' regeneration plugins. I can see a great use case if you want to free up hosting storage, that's why I give 5 stars. Anyway, be careful because there are chance to have missing images on frontend depending on several factors. As dev says in the dashboard, take a backup before proceeding.
2023 年 3 月 22 日 1 則留言
As indicated in the title: actually removes unused thumbnails. This is one of the rarest functions in this field. I recommend this plugin!
2023 年 3 月 2 日 1 則留言
Great! everything works, but the previews in the library remain the same.
2022 年 8 月 31 日
I rarely use plugins that haven't updated for years. But this plugin not only still works perfectly fine, it's even better than many newer products. I've just tried the plugin by Shortpixel, and it simply did not do the job. It is very likely a setting that was wrong. But common, I just wanted to regenerate all thumbnails after changing the thumbnail size. I don't want to read the documentation for that. "Force Regenerate Thumbnails" is still the winner for me. It's a pitty that it hasn't been updated for so long.
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  • changed: improved i18n for page headings and menu entries, props @alexclassroom


  • fixed: invalid trailing comma syntax in PHP 7.2


  • added: PHP 8.0 compatibility
  • added: support generating thumbnails from original (pre-scaled), on by default
  • added: support for PDF thumbnail generation
  • added: ability to skip an image by regenerate_thumbs_skip_image filter
  • changed: escape all output, sanitize all input
  • changed: ensure all strings are i18n
  • changed: remove HTML from i18n strings
  • changed: improve path lookup function
  • fixed: call to set_time_limit() when it is not allowed


  • Add PHP7 compatibility


  • No timeout limit


  • Fix issue when “opendir()” return FALSE (thanks Krody Robert)


  • Add debug information on regenerate
  • Fix issue with update “_wp_attachment_metadata” and “_wp_attached_file” on windows


  • New style for results (thanks @justonarnar)
  • Automatic update “_wp_attachment_metadata” and “_wp_attached_file” (thanks @norecipes)


  • Fix issue with get_option(‘upload_path’) in WordPress 3.5+ (thanks @DavidLingren)


  • Fix error handle

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