The best WordPress plugin for RSS aggregator, content curation, autoblogging, and importing unlimited RSS Feeds within only a few minutes of setup.

Feedzy – the best autoblogging and RSS feed aggregator plugin

FEEDZY RSS Feeds helps you aggregate unlimited RSS feeds and automatically publish them on your site within only a few minutes.
With Feedzy, you can sit back, let your site autoblog and always fresh with new content, which in return helps improve your SEO, increase audience’s engagement, and probably earn more money.
Feedzy is simple but powerful for your content curation, SEO boost, news aggregator, and content marketing.

What you can do with Feedzy:

  • Automatically import and aggregate unlimited feeds from unlimited RSS Feed sources
  • Bulk import and organize multiple feed sources of similar topics into Categories. See how our user, Barry Seward, loves this feature here
  • Easily display RSS feeds using shortcodes, Gutenberg blocks, or widgets in your third-party page builders like Elementor
  • Import images with your RSS feeds or use your own image/logo for feeds without image. Set a thumbnail size to make sure the feed’s design fit with your site, too.
  • Control number of items you want to display for a feed source. Just want to display 1 article or 20 articles in a block? You’ve got it with one click.
  • Worried if the imported feed articles’ titles are too long and might not look nice on your site? Change them with the Title Character Limit function.
  • Choose your own caching time and how often you want to pull RSS feeds to ensure the best performance for your site.
  • Create a sidebar of your imported feed items.
  • Control which meta fields you want to display, such as author, date and time of the RSS feed.
  • Responsive content across platforms.

You should use Feedzy if:

  • You own a news site; you want a news aggregator to make sure your site always updated with the latest news
  • You own a blog; you need a content curator to autoblog and keep your audience engaged and interested with fresh content
  • You want to improve your SEO rankings. See how the SEO expert, MOZ, talked about 10 reasons “How Fresh Content May Influence Google Rankings”
  • You develop a site for your client and just want to quickly demo a news feed of frequently updated content
  • You build a company website and need an RSS aggregator your news or blog page
  • You run an affiliate business or want to earn extra from RSS affiliate marketing feeds
  • It does not matter which industry or topic your site is about. We have users aggregate feeds from finance, technology, food, home furniture, e-commerce products, to religion, sports, and so on.
  • You want to earn more money, thanks to the benefits above.
  • Note: to learn more about how to use curated content to boost your SEO in a proper and effective way, read more here.

More powerful with premium features

If you love Feedzy RSS Feeds Lite, why not bring your site to the next level with more powerful tools to boost your SEO and keep your audience on your site for longer.

  • Feed to post (our most loved feature): automatically convert RSS feed items to WordPress pages, posts, and custom post type.
  • Keyword filter: you can choose to import and display content if they include or exclude certain keywords.
  • Map the imported feed elements to your post elements: create your own way of how to display your post, such as using the feed’s image or your image as the featured image, importing only the feed’s content or both the content and image into the post content, creating post drafts first to review or publishing right away, and so many more.
  • Full text import (with image): by extracting the entire HTML from each feed item, you can import full text content to post, not just the feed excerpt.
  • Multiple feed templates: choose the best template for each feed, such as standard grid layout, blog layout, online shop layout, or audio playback (soundcloud) playout.
  • WordAI and SpinnerChief integration to avoid duplicated content.
  • Parse and display pricings for online shop and product feeds.
  • Add affiliate links and referral parameters for your affiliate business.
  • Still skeptical? Ask your pre-sales questions here and we will get back shortly, or purchase with peace of mind and try it out yourself. We offer 30-day-no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

We’re here for you, and we take all feedback seriously

  • Knowledge Base: we’ve created a complete documentation library and we’re still constantly updating with new tutorials.
  • Youtube tutorials: don’t like reading? We’ve created some Youtube tutorials to help you get started with Feedzy plugin step by step.
  • Support forum: we offer support to free version user here and try to reply within one business day.
  • Premium support: we offer priority support for Developer license customers and live chat support for Agency license customers.
  • If you have any feedback or feature suggestions, don’t hesitate to tell us. We read all feedback and ideas.

You’re in good hands

Feedzy is one of many great products by ThemeIsle. Join over 30,000 Feedzy users and half of a million ThemeIsle users from all over the world.

See what real users talk about us:

Technical note

FEEDZY RSS Feeds supports any additional library and takes up minimal space in your cache/CSS to ensure high performance. This ensures compatibility with any hosting provider that supports WordPress, but if for any reason it doesn’t work for yours feel free to create a new support topic.

Shortcode Parameters

* feeds
* max
* feed_title
* target
* title
* meta
* summary
* summarylength
* thumb
* default
* refresh
* size
* keywords_title

Plugin is now using the TinyMCE API to improve UI and makes it easy to insert shortcodes!

Basic example

[feedzy-rss feeds="http://themeisle.com/feed"]

Advanced example

[feedzy-rss feeds="http://themeisle.com/feed" max="2" feed_title="yes" target="_blank"  refresh="12_hours" title="50" meta="author, date, time, tz=local" summary="yes" summarylength="300" thumb="yes" size="100" default="http://your-site/default-image.jpg" keywords_title="WordPress"]

Available Hooks

* feedzy_feed_items
* feedzy_item_keyword
* feedzy_item_attributes
* feedzy_thumb_output
* feedzy_title_output
* feedzy_meta_args
* feedzy_meta_output
* feedzy_summary_input
* feedzy_summary_output
* feedzy_global_output
* feedzy_thumb_sizes
* feedzy_feed_blacklist_images
* feedzy_default_image
* feedzy_default_error
* feedzy_item_filter
* feedzy_author_url
* feedzy_item_url_filter
* feedzy_feed_timestamp
* shortcode_atts_feedzy_default

This plugin is maintained and supported by Themeisle, check out some of the other WordPress plugins and free themes we’ve developed.


  • Simple example
  • Inserting a shortcode in the WYSIWYG
  • Widget admin
  • Widget render


這個外掛提供 1 個可供 Gutenberg/區塊編輯器使用的區塊。



  1. Upload and activate the plugin (or install it through the WP admin console)
  2. Insert shortcode ! 😉


Is it responsive friendly?

Yes it is.

My feed is not displayed and the following message appears “Sorry, this feed is currently unavailable or does not exists anymore.”

You have to check first if your feed is valid. Please test it here: https://validator.w3.org/feed/

Where do i find the plugin documentation


How to fix images that are not showing in the feed


How to change cache lifetime for a specific feed


How to change thumbs size and aspect ratio


What hooks and filters are available in Feedzy


How to change the blacklist image name


How to decode item title


How to remove featured image from blog feed


How to keep html in feed items content


How to remove plugin css


How to remove links


How to add a read more link


How to remove time from publication date


How to handle publication date and author content


How to use your own inline css


How to remove the end hellip


How to display items in a random order


How to sort items alphabetically by their title


How to display RSS feed time and date in local time


How to change author url


How remove feed items duplicates by url


How to use feedzy categories


How to add a read more link to Feedzy


How to move Feedzy templates to your theme


How to eliminate duplicate feed items.


How to check whether the RSS feed is valid or not in Feedzy


How to change user agent in Feedzy


How to use proxy settings in Feedzy


How to import posts from feeds in Feedzy


Where can I find the import posts options in Feedzy


How to use WordAI to Rephrase RSS content in Feedzy


Install and use the premium version of Feedzy RSS Feeds


Feedzy RSS Feeds Documentation


What actions and filters are available in Feedzy


How to change thumbs size and aspect ratio Feedzy


How to sort feed items by title


How to sort feed items by date


How to add rel=”nofollow” to feed links


What to do when you get Warning: ./cache is not writeable


How to exclude feeds with certain words in it


How to add canonical tags for imported posts


How to display thumbnail image from the feeds


How to change feed items order


How to use WordAI or SpinnerChief to Rephrase RSS content in Feedzy


How to add affiliate referrals to feed URLs in Feedzy


How price is displayed from the feed


How to find Feed URL for Feedzy RSS Feeds


In Feedzy how do I…


How to import iTunes audio feed


How to link featured image to original post in Slider Revolution


How to display author, date, time (or a combination) from the feed


How to get videos from YouTube with Feedzy



2019 年 8 月 28 日
I have used the plugin for a little over a week on my website and it does what I want it to. I have 2 pages focusing on 2 different topics and both pages have worked without a hitch. I like how I can add my logo to feeds that don't pull up a picture and how I am able to group categories of feeds to make it easier to place. As of now, I recommend Feedzy and am glad I installed it.
2019 年 8 月 25 日
I paid 150 dollars to be treated like crap by the customer support team behind feedzy. I've had nothing but problems with this app since I got it. First it was posting items in reverse order... I had to make a custom plugin to modify the plugin because it really didn't do anything on its own. If you go through to edit any of your "Import posts" the dropboxes for the settings reset so you have to literally reset every setting to make ONE CHANGE you wanted to make. Try doing that 100 times and see how happy you are. If you want to import more than 60 feeds, this plugin is unable to consistently do so. I had to rewrite the professional extension so it would stop EDITING MY FEED URLS (yes, seriously) without asking me for permission. When I contacted customer service 2 separate times I was told it was a hardware issue and to contact my network administrator. I am the network administrator and this is not my first wordpress install. Like I said, I got most of my issues worked out by PROGRAMMING MY OWN VERSION of this plugin. If you can't code (or don't want to; lets be real I paid so I wouldn't have to write a plugin) save yourself a million headaches and find an alternative. Since I bought this garbage I found free plugins that do the job better and more consistently. They refuse to respond to me anymore and frankly, I'm very angry. I will be pursuing this. I don't enjoy being ignored and I deserve a refund or some form of reimbursement for the 2 weeks of hell I just went through because of you. Ignore me if you want. There's always consequences to shady actions. I hope this keeps someone else from making the mistake I did.
2019 年 7 月 29 日
It's a very good and easy to use plug in. I only encoutered this problem: the feeds don't show up in the homepage but they do correctly in the other pages of my website. I tried to check but couldn't solve this issue. Good plugin anyway. UPDATE SOLVED by clearing the cache of the website.
2019 年 7 月 18 日
Works exactly as expected and have had no issues with it. Thank you!
2019 年 7 月 15 日
Feedzy ist eine schnörkellose Lösung, um einen RSS-Feed per Shortcut einzubinden. Es gibt ein paar Optionen, die man per Parameter steuern kann. Darunter sind z. B. die Metadaten, das Beitragsbild, die Ausschnittlänge und die Zahl der angezeigten Beiträge. Das reicht für mich schon aus. Die Optionen für die Anzeige/Layout sind bei mir alle ohne jede Wirkung, deshalb nur 4 Sterne. Die Anzeige lässt sich aber prima per CSS selber steuern, also kein unlösbares Problem.
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任何人均可瀏覽程式碼、查看 SVN 存放庫,或透過 RSS 訂閱開發記錄


3.3.9 – 2019-08-13

  • Fix PHP notice that shows up if meta=no

3.3.8 – 2019-08-12

    • Fix issue with AMP pages not showing image
    • In the short code, separate behavior of meta into author, date and time
    • Add option to remove title entirely
    • Don’t show […] if summary is shorter than required
    • Add option to use default sorting when generating the short code
    • Add ability to show date/time in local timezone

3.3.7 – 2019-06-15

  • Fix: Not working in the block editor
  • Feat: Referral URL can now include the URL of the item as a parameter
  • Fix: Image size on mobile was overflowing the viewport
  • Fix: Shortcode builder icon not visible in classic editor
  • Fix: Widget options not visible in theme customizer

3.3.6 – 2019-05-03

  • Add filter to disable DB caching
  • Fix issue with HTML tags not closed when feed has no items
  • Fix issue with CSS file being loaded everywhere
  • Tested up to WP 5.2

3.3.5 – 2019-02-24

  • Tested with WP 5.1
  • Fix issue with single feeds that have errors

3.3.4 – 2019-02-08

  • Multifeed shows an error and no content if even one feed has an error

3.3.3 – 2019-01-31

  • Customize error message when no items in the feed
  • Outgoing links should have rel=noopener
  • Fixed fatal error in Feedzy_Rss_Feeds_Admin_Abstract::feedzy_retrieve_image

3.3.2 – 2018-12-22

  • Option to handle HTTP images in the shortcode
  • Option to specify nofollow for links in the shortcode
  • Fix Gutenberg block
  • Add video tutorials under Help menu
  • Add support for extracting price from custom feed tags

3.3.1 – 2018-11-05

  • Import Posts enabled for plan 1 users
  • Fixed issue with some idiosyncratic feeds

3.3.0 – 2018-08-21

  • Improve readme plugin description.
  • Improves compatibility with Gutenberg plugin.
  • Improves image detection from feeds.

3.2.12 – 2018-08-16

  • Fixed compatibility with the Gutenberg block
  • Added option to disable the featured image from being added to the website RSS feed
  • Fixed problem with excluding keywords not working
  • Updated the readme file

3.2.11 – 2018-06-26

  • New Gutenberg block for Feedzy RSS Feeds
  • Fixed curl SSL problem with Feeds with HTTPS
  • Fix content type, conflicting with Gutenberg
  • Added compatibility with the pro version for full text import

3.2.10 – 2018-04-02

  • Adds shortcode attribute for feed items order ( title ASC/DESC, date ASC/DESC).
  • Improve documentation and examples.

3.2.9 – 2018-03-07

  • Automatically fix deprecated google news feeds.
  • Improve compatibility with the pro version.

3.2.8 – 2018-02-20

  • Fix issue with medium feeds.
  • Improves extensibility using various hooks.
  • Fix feeds without schema protocol.

3.2.7 – 2018-01-05

  • Fix compatibility with SiteOrigin Page Builder.
  • Adds full content import from feed.
  • Fix issue with img scraped from articles.

3.2.6 – 2017-11-16

  • Adds compatibility with WordPress 4.9

3.2.5 – 2017-11-03

  • Fix for double slash issue in image path.
  • Fix for private ips when proxy is used.
  • Add FAQ in sync with helpscout docs.

3.2.4 – 2017-10-13

  • Fix for assets enqueue, loading them where are needed only.
  • Removes duplicates readme.md files.

3.2.1 – 2017-10-12

  • Adds global settings page.
  • Adds User Agent and Proxy settings.
  • Fix for some edge cases regarding images in the feed.

3.2.0 – 2017-08-17

  • Fix for image URL issue following some strange patterns.
  • Added fallback for broken feed, now if one feed from the list is not working, others will will be used.
  • Added shortcode parameter for feed cache control.

3.1.10 – 2017-08-03

  • Fixed typos in shortcode builder.
  • Fixed image encoding issue.

3.1.9 – 2017-07-21

  • Fixed issue with fetching images containg GET parameters.

3.1.8 – 2017-07-17

  • Fixed image fetching issues.
  • Fixed link opening behaviour
  • Improved description ( Thanks to @chesio )


  • Added new sdk logic.
  • Improved compatibility with the pro version.

3.1.5 – 30/05/2017

  • Fixed issues with sdk notifications.
  • Added more compatibility with pro version.

3.1.4 – 29/05/2017

  • Added new doc on how to use feedzy categories.

3.1.3 – 29/05/2017

  • Added new SDK features.
  • Fixed some edge case issues on image parsing.

3.1.2 – 22/05/2017

  • Fixed author protocol.
  • Added core fetch_feed method.

3.1.1 – 22/05/2017

  • Fixed span alt tag, replaced with title.

3.1.0 – 17/05/2017

  • Added feed categories for grouping urls.
  • Added support for feed to post feature.
  • Fixed regex for jpeg image ( Reported by @piccart )
  • Added filter for author url ( Thanks to @piccart )

3.0.10 – 24/04/2017

  • Fixed wrong image regex.
  • Fixed image compression.

3.0.9 – 21/02/2017

  • Added wrong feed title check.

3.0.8 – 20/02/2017

  • Added $sizes param to feedzy_thumb_output.
  • Added check when title is empty.
  • Fixed image encoding url.

3.0.6 – 27/01/2017

  • Added feedzy_feed_timestamp filter.
  • Fixed issue with edge cases feed urls.
  • Fixed error when using [] on string vars.

3.0.5 – 06/01/2017

  • Fixed issue with google news feed

3.0.4 – 06/01/2017

  • Fixed thumb=’auto’ behaviour

3.0.3 – 06/01/2017

  • Fixed blog feed feature image filter
  • Improved documentation and examples

3.0.2 – 06/01/2017

  • Fixed default class back

3.0.1 – 05/01/2017

  • Fixed html markup error which was breaking user websites

3.0.0 – 10/11/2016

  • Refactored code base from 2.8.1 to OOP style
  • Added support for PRO version
  • Added new hooks feedzy_item_filter, feedzy_item_url_filter

2.8 – 04/14/2016

  • Tested on WP 4.5 with success!
  • themeisle added as plugin author
  • Fix a PHP7 warning in the widget contructor regarding this topic


  • Remove unnecessary and redundant feedzy_wp_widget_box div container in the widget’s body
  • Best compliance with WordPress coding standards
  • Fix a PHP warning on SimplePie error display & log
  • Readme.txt update


  • Better displaying of fetching feeds errors (see error message div error-attr).
  • Write errors in the WP log file
  • New hook: feedzy_default_error to filter error message
  • New hook: shortcode_atts_feedzy_default to filter default shortcode attibutes
  • Add a link to validate feed in the TinyMCE popup modal
  • French translation update
  • Remove unnecessary functions
  • New constant FEEDZY_VERSION
  • readme.txt and hooks documentation update


  • Spanish translation thanks to Angel Calzado
  • PHP issue fix in feedzy_returnImage() “strpos() expects parameter 1 to be string”
  • Remove SSL from feeds URL to prevent fetching errors
  • New hook: feedzy_default_image
  • readme.txt and hooks documentation update


  • Replace jQuery live() function by on() function to prevent JS error (fix the issue with Visual composer)
  • Improve image’s fetching on itunes feeds
  • New feature: default WP smilies are now blacklisted from image fetching
  • New hook: feedzy_feed_blacklist_images
  • Tested on WP 4.3 with success!


  • Fix a conflict with PageBuilder where Feedzy button does not show up in the visual editor
  • Fix a typo in feedzy-rss-feeds-shortcode.php on the thumbnails span
  • Replace WP_Widget by __construct() to initiate the widget because it has been deprecated since version 4.3.0
  • German translation thanks to ralfsteck
  • Tested on WP 4.3 with success!


  • Japanese translation thanks to sama55
  • Image optimisation (feedzy-default.jpg)
  • Improve image’s fetching to avoid catching audio or video files from item description


  • Improve author name fetching
  • Better HTML marckup
  • Fix PHP warning within the widget
  • Fix CSS on IE when displaying images as a fallback
  • CSS stylesheet update
  • New hook: feedzy_item_attributes


  • Improve image fetching (again…)
  • Fix an issue on files encoding (UTF8)
  • Minor PHP improvements on the main shortcode’s function


  • Minor fix on already encoded images names


  • Fix an issue on img url encode
  • Retrive img url in url parameters
  • Fix minor PHP warning
  • New hook: feedzy_add_classes_item


  • New feature: ‘auto’ thumbs option added
  • New hook: feedzy_thumb_sizes
  • Fix issue on max number of feeds to display
  • Fix HTML decode in the feed’s title
  • Minor PHP improvements
  • readme.txt and hooks documentation update


  • New hook: feedzy_feed_items
  • New hook: feedzy_item_keyword
  • Introduce SimplePie native strip_htmltags() method
  • Use PNG icon as SVG fallback on the visual editor button
  • Improve plugin’s files structure
  • readme.txt and hooks documentation update


  • New hook: feedzy_meta_args


  • Minor security improvements
  • Better WordPress coding standard respect
  • Minor fix if does not provide item’s author
  • Translations update


  • Minor PHP improvements
  • Remove logo from plugin meta
  • New hook: feedzy_summary_input
  • $feedURL argument added on every available hooks
  • French translation update
  • readme.txt and hooks documentation update


  • internationalization of feeds dates and times (date_i18n)


  • Widget added
  • Translation update
  • Better plugin file structure
  • Improve image fetching with multiple enclosures
  • Tested on WP 4.1 with success!


  • Fix typo in PHP which cause issue on fetching images


  • Minor Template and CSS changes
  • New hook: feedzy_thumb_output
  • New hook: feedzy_title_output
  • New hook: feedzy_meta_output
  • New hook: feedzy_summary_output
  • New hook: feedzy_global_output
  • readme.txt update


  • Minor CSS fix
  • Add actions: add_action(‘rss_item’, ‘feedzy_include_thumbnail_RSS’); & add_action(‘rss2_item’, ‘feedzy_include_thumbnail_RSS’)


  • Plugin meta translation
  • Remove unnecessary spaces


  • TinyMCE UI translation
  • Better fetching image
  • Space between items is calculated based on thumbs size


  • Plugin meta update


  • New logo
  • Minor CSS fixes


  • New param added to filter item with keywords
  • Default thumb added
  • Fix minor php issue
  • Rename files of the plugin
  • New logo + screenshot (assets)


  • Add “default” parameter to fill image container if no image is fetch or if it is offline
  • Add more control over numeric format in max, size, title & summarylength parameters


  • Shortcode can now be displayed everywhere in the page (CSS is loaded via global var)


  • Error on svn tag


  • Minor CSS fix.
  • Minor PHP changes.
  • Readme.txt updated


  • First release.