Expandable Paywall


The Expandable Paywall plugin offers a robust solution for implementing paywalls on WordPress sites. Its core functionality includes a simple hard paywall using native WordPress authentication. The plugin is uniquely designed to integrate with various circulation fulfillment providers, making it ideal for magazine publishers. Premium add-ons expand its capabilities, supporting multiple paywall types, authentication methods, and advanced reporting features.


  • Admin Screen (Basic Paywall & Auth)
  • Admin Screen (Basic Paywall)


  1. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  2. Browse to Admin->Expandable Paywall
  3. You can find out more on how to install by visiting https://pramadillo.com/documentation/expandable-paywall/


Do you offer installation and customization services?

Yes, if you need help with installation and/or would like additional customization work done for your website, you can fill out a request form at https://emoxie.com/contact

I wish this plugin had XZY feature

While I try to do my best to incorporate new features all the time, I implemented a new Feature Request board located at https://emoxie.com/contact


2021 年 4 月 27 日
Very straightforward paywall plugin that integrates with several circulation fulfillment providers in the publishing market. Most other paywalls have no idea how to integrate and work with the kind of circulation fulfillment companies that magazine publishers use. But this plugin does … I’ve used it with three different circ companies thus far. It works very well and can do the authentication of subscribers through the circulation fulfillment provider’s API. I have used this to launch three different paywalls now generating well over $200,000 in annual subscriber revenue. Highly recommended.
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  • UPDATE – Add stub function back into public class for extendability


  • BUGFIX – Fixed issue with 500 error when trying to create a new user on specific installs


  • HOTFIX – Corrected logic for displaying paywall
  • UPDATE – Added in new helper functions


  • UPDATE – Updated all third party libraries to latest versions
  • UPDATE – Refactored all code to PHP 8.1 standards
  • UPDATE – Added many more functions to core Helper class
  • BUGFIX – Fixed PHP warning on login.php template

=2.0.23 =
* BUGFIX – Fixed issue with protecting categories and sub categories on some installs.

=2.0.22 =
* UPDATE – Added in new helper function to check if we should show paid authentication user role.
* UPDATE – Added function to clear logs

=2.0.21 =
* UPDATE – Paywall Category now allows for any sub category under the main protected category to automatically be protected.
* UPDATE – Added option to disable paywall.

=2.0.20 =
* FEATURE – Added whole new logging section

=2.0.19 =
* UPDATE – Updated addon on handling and vendor paths.


  • UPDATE – Updated all third-party vendor libraries
  • BUG FIX – Fixed issue where protected content could not be seen by some users.


  • UPDATE – Updated all third-party vendor libraries


  • Feature – Added in meta box to posts that will generate a unique bypass link for articles to not show paywall.


  • Feature – Added in new filter for allowing to programmatically bypass paywall


  • UPDATE – Updated logic for when locks appear on articles
  • Feature – Upon logging in the user will now be redirected back to where they were with ?cache_busting=RANDOM


  • BUG FIX – Fixed item with archives not being excluded from protection level.


  • UPDATE – Updated to the latest version of Freemius.
  • BUG FIX – Fixed bug where roles were not being read in certain instances.
  • BUG FIX – Fixed bug where Locks were not showing when enabled.
  • UPDATE – Added more error reporting options to error_log


  • UPDATE – When debug is turned on it will send email to site admin.


  • UPDATE – Updated vendor libraries


  • UPDATE – Added in new shortcode to protect pieces of content on any page/post. [expandable-paywall-protect] Protected Content [/expandable-paywall-protect]


  • UPDATE – Updated all vendor libraries
  • UPDATE – Code Cleanup and Refactoring


  • UPDATE – Added in debug mode
  • UPDATE – Added in new filter to allow set basic role


  • BUG FIX – updated authentication to account for case-sensitivity in
  • UPDATE – removed erroneous error_logging. 🙂


  • BUG FIX – corrected issue with the Lock icon showing up on non-protected pages.


  • FEATURE – Added ability to display a lock icon next to protected posts
  • FEATURE – Added ability to fade out excerpt into paywall.
  • FEATURE – Added ability to output Schema Structured Data.
  • UPDATE – Updated to latest version of Freemius SDK
  • UPDATE – Added a logging function to helper files.
  • UPDATE – Added in more support for multisite installs
  • UPDATE – Added in default styles to fade out the excerpt text


  • FEATURE – Added in logout shortcode
  • UPDATE – Updated Paywall CSS Styles


  • BUG FIX – Corrected improper function calls when initially installing.


  • Reworked a ton of filters and hooks. Updated all latest 3rd party SDKs


  • BUG FIX – Corrected issue which registration would throw a 500 error behind the scenes.


  • BUG FIX – Corrected issues with data sanitization.


  • Initial Version