Emojicom – Quickly collect feedback using emojis


Easily embed your emojicom widgets in your WordPress site.


Supports embedding the widgets in both the floating and inline mode.

How to use

Go to WordPress adminSettingsEmojicom and enter your Campaign Id. That’s all.

Embed on a specific page/post
If you only want your widget to appear on a specific page/post,
simply use the short code: [emojicom campaign="YOUR_CAMPAIGN_ID_HERE"] where you want it to appear.


  • Examples of the widget.
  • Widget displayed inline in a post.
  • Widget appearing as floating.
  • Emojicom website: Configure Campaign.
  • Emojicom website: Campaign Dashboard.


Is it free?

Yes, emojicom is free.

Do I need an account?

Yes, you need to sign up at https://emojicom.io and create your widget.

It doesn’t work…

Sorry to hear that. Please reach out to us so at https://emojicom.io/help.

Other questions or feedback?

Found a bug? Have some feedback? Please contact us here: https://emojicom.io/contact


2020 年 1 月 9 日
Easy to install and setup without having to edit any html.
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