Dynamic Datatables


This plugin allows you to create tables/sheets easily as an Admin, you can colour code the tables, add up rows and columns, and create unlimited tables for free.

This is a plug and play solution for those who want to show visitors simple tables and only want Admins to edit them. Users can search rows and columns for specific data.

The plugin has no additional options but will work dynamically on any page.

Demo of this plugin can be seen here: Click here

As you can see the table shows a list of data, which was added by an Admin, users can sort through this data with ease, this is a basic spreadsheet.

The table is added to the page with a unique key, each key is a new table/spreadsheet, for example if you want to make a table you would use the shortcode below:

[tablestatistics table=”demo”] this would then show a table, and all data added would be saved under demo.

You could then display this shortcode on any page, or you can create another new table, using a different name.

To colour code your table you can add colorcode=”true” to the shortcode, for example [tablestatistics table=”demo” colorcode=”true”]

Colour coding will check if the number is above 0 or less than 0, if it is above 0, then it will be green, if it is below 0 then it will be red.

If you would like to add up the totals of a row, it will add up all the numbers in that row and ignore any text, use {{total}} in a box at the end.

You can also add up totals of columns using {{total.col}}


  • This shows a colour coded table and the Edit Button
  • This shows Edit Data mode, when the Edit button is clicked, allowing you to customise your table in various ways.


Does this work standalone?

Yes, this should work with any WordPress website, it works completely standalone and doesn’t require any additional plugins.

How do I setup the plugin?

Install the plugin, then activate it. Then add a shortcode such as [tablestatistics table=”demo”] to a page, your table will be filled with demo data, if you’re an admin, you
will see Edit Data button on the frontend of the page. You can use that to remove, add and change your table in various ways.




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