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Every company needs an ecommerce plugin to sell products on the WordPress website. This plugin sells your products to website visitors. This plugin is very easy to use. In WordPress admin page, click setting and click “Dragon Ecommerce”, you will go to the plugin setting page. Website visitors can order your products online. Database is MySQL. This plugin is a free version. You need to know the basic SQL query to play with a database. The database tool used in this document is MySQL Workbench. It’s free. You can also use other database tools such as phpMyAdmin. See install instructions to know how to install MySQL Workbench and use it.

To create a landing page, add this plugin root folder template-dragonecommerce.php file to your template folder. For example, if you are using theme twentytwenty, then add the template-dragonecommerce.php file to this folder: wordpress\wp-content\themes\twentytwenty\templates. Then you can create a new page (not a new post) using this template.

Documentation file is in the root folder with the name documentation_dragonecommercefree.pdf. Please follow the instructions in the file to install this plugin.

Donate URL link:

​​​For some reasons in this bad economy, herokuapp.com (a salesforce.com company) does not provide FREE website hosting any more. So the demo websites are not working. Once we find a free website host, we will let you know the new demo URL. Sorry about the inconvenience. Meanwhile, you can download the plugin to use for free.

demo website:


admin page:


Log in WordPress admin page using





Then, go to


to set up the admin page.


按一下以存取 documentation_dragonecommercefree.pdf

Documentation website:


Platform and Database:

You can run it on any platform: Windows, Mac, Linux.

Database is MySQL. It’s free.

PHP version: PHP 5 >= 5.5.0

Attention: PHP version and WordPress version may have compatibility issues. For example, WordPress 5.4 may not match PHP 8. Check this website for details:

  1. resize product iamges: imagescale will works for (PHP 5 >= 5.5.0, PHP 7)

  2. PHP has support for the mysqli extension (to used for prepared statement)

  3. Must use HTTPS, not http. If website use HTTP, tell the website admin – can not use the dragon ecommerce plugin.

  4. Since PHP 5.4 there are constants which can be used by json_encode() to format the json reponse how you want. To remove backslashes use: JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES. Like so: json_encode($response, JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES);

  5. Auto backup database weekly is for WordPress 5.4 and above.

There is an advanced version plugin on sale here:


  1. Using this advanced version plugin, you can let customers choose pants color, wait, length and etc. You can also show customers that red pants, waist 34, length 36 is out of stock. And red pants, waist 32, length 34 is still available. You can upload thousands of products in minutes using one excel file. Simple, easy, and fast. Customers can order products. They can also cancel the order.

  2. Using this advanced version plugin, you can set a product on sale with sale price. Then user will buy the product paying the sale price. The on sale start and end date can be set in the WordPress admin page. Just click “Edit” button in the product list and set it. You also need to set “is on sale” to “Yes” for the system to use this on sale price and show it on the ecommerce webpage.

  3. Using this advanced version plugin, you can set a product as tax free. Then user will not need to pay the tax for this product. For example, vegetables and raw meat are tax free.

  4. Using this advanced version plugin, you can enable this feature: when customer orders a product, the stock quantity of this product will be automatically reduced by the customer’s order quantity. When customer cancels this order, the customer’s order quantity will be added back to the stock quantity of this product in the database. To enable this feature, you must set “ENABLE_PRODUCT_QUANTITY_AUTO_DEDUCT” to “1” in the setting table.

  5. Using this advanced version plugin, sometimes, you do not want some users to order on your ecommerce website. You just need to go to the setting table and set ORDER_NEED_ADMIN_APPROVE to 1. Then a user account needs admin’s approval to order products on your website. You can approve the user in WordPress admin plugin setting page, tab Tables 1, 5.2 User list.

  6. Using this advanced version plugin, you charge tax based on your location’s tax policy. For example, in Toronto, the tax rate is 13%. Some tax is destination based. Some tax is origin based. You can ask your accountant for the details.

  7. Using this advanced version plugin, you can upload thousands of products in minutes using one excel file. Simple, easy, and fast.



  1. Unzip the file. Copy the folder into your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.

  2. Log in to your WordPress admin page. Click “Plugins” and click “Activate” to activate the plugin. http://yourwebsite.com/wp-login.php

  3. Hover on left menu’s “Settings” and you will find “Dragon Ecommerce” in the sub-menu. Click it and you will see the admin page for Dragon Ecommerce.

  4. Go to this plugin’s root folder. Copy template-dragonecommerce.php to \wordpress\wp-content\themes\twentytwenty\templates folder.

  5. Please refer to the document documentation_dragonecommercefree.pdf for further details.


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This plugin helps you to sell your products online. Customers pay online. You get the payment from PayPal Braintree.
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