Disable Gutenberg Autosave


By activating this plugin autosave feature in the Gutenberg editor will be disabled. Alternatively it also provides options in the editor to select a different autosave interval time than the default 60 seconds.

The block editor will still use local autosave that saves a copy of the edited post to your local storage and allows you to restore it if you happened to navigate away without saving. This plugin prevents the editor from making periodic requests to “*/autosaves” REST endpoint, which disables the “Update” button of the editor, typically at the exact moment you’re trying to click it.



  • Select block editor plugin
  • Choose the autosave interval


2019 年 2 月 14 日
Hace exactamente lo que se le pide, desactivar la función de auto guardado de Gutenberg, que me estaba volviendo absolutamente loco. Gutenberg es un editor fantástico a la que te haces con él, pero esa función de auto guardado es verdaderamente penosa y mal implementada.
2019 年 2 月 7 日
Thank you very much ! You save wordpress and us !
2019 年 2 月 5 日
Go from annoyance to delight in mere moments. This plug-in fixed Gutenberg in 5.0.3. My editor was autosaving every 9 seconds. I’m sure it’s just some plug-in that’s triggering the error but now that I’m using Gutenberg, I’m pretty happy with it. And this plug-in makes it all possible. The reviewer claiming it doesn’t work forgot to activate it. —-EDIT—– After some experimentation, I discovered the offending plug-in. It was not a WP plugin at all, but rather a Google Chrome plugin called Grammarly. Choosing between Grammarly and Gutenberg is not a fun position to be in. Thank you DGA, I’m not in it.
2019 年 1 月 17 日
It’s very annoying when cursor jumping or block format become weird after autosave trigger. This plugin will help you control your bad emotions, I’m confirmed!
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  • Update @wordpress/* packages.
  • Test with WordPress 6.5.
  • Removed src directory.
  • Added GitHub link for source.


  • Update @wordpress/* packages.
  • Test with WordPress 6.0.


  • Fix first autosave using default interval.
  • Mark (WordPress) default autosave interval as 1 min not 10 sec.
  • Add button to trigger autosave.
  • Add editor status section.
  • Fix variable typo.
  • Test with WordPress 5.8.
  • Use @wordpress/scripts for building.


  • Test with WordPress 5.6.
  • Add screenshots.


  • Update interval REST route permissions.


  • Remove .min from main script file name.
  • Remove file_exists check from plugin asset loading.


  • Remove load_plugin_textdomain.
  • Rename compiled script to same as source script.
  • Remove path from wp_set_script_translations.
  • Remove .pot file and languages dir.
  • Use wp.i18n.__ directly.
  • Add textdomain to plugin docblock.


  • Use wp_set_script_translations.
  • Use wp.element.Fragment instead of React.Fragment.


  • Don’t use inline if.


  • Don’t use WordPress 5.0 locale function when not available.


  • Use WordPress 5.0 locale function.


  • Update slug and textdomain.


  • Initial release.