Digital Signature For Contact Form 7


Contact Form 7 Signature Addon making autographs of people who want to get an E-signature in the system. We build too easy to access and use for users can sign your contact forms.

For Example
If some of the agreements and contracts need to sign digitally then via mouse and touch screen they can do an autograph on the form. that for a reason we build Contact form 7 Signature Field


  • Easy to use
  • Can change the signature pad background color and pen color.
  • Signature field is required or not an option.
  • Customize signature pad width and height options.
  • Can add a custom class and id in signature pad
  • open any form then you can see digital_signature button on top.
  • Draw your signature then you can clear the signature pad
  • Can add signature field name in File attachments then send signature attachment in the email.
  • WPML Support

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  • Multiple Signature Support in One form
  • Attachment In Signature Support


Digital Signature For Contact Form 7 is translated into multiple languages Chinese, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, and many more. Help localize Digital Signature For Contact Form 7 even further by adding your locale Language. Click Here and Contribute Code for Click Here


  • contact form 7 signature field
  • admin option in contact form 7
  • Signature Option
  • Frontend Layout of autographs


Contact form 7 signature Shortcode

[signature signature-100 color:#fffff backcolor:#00000 width:400 height:200]

Contact form 7 signature addon not working?

if the field is not working then you can write on support we will give reply as soon as possible

What Requirements for the plugin to use?

You must be installed contact form 7 plugin


2024 年 5 月 17 日
The plugin works exactly as described. I purchased the pro version so that I could include two signature fields on the form. Tip: if you purchase the Pro version, deactivate the free version before you activate the Pro version. Had an issue with that, but support got right back to me with that solution.
2024 年 5 月 6 日
We liked how the free version worked, so purchased the pro version. There was a bug that we discovered, and we emailed the Silver Plugins team, and they were super responsive. They quickly fixed the issue, and sent me an updated version of the plugin.
2024 年 1 月 9 日
I need to sign Contact Form 7 forms on a physical pad. Does Digital Signature For Contact Form 7 allows you to link a pad so the signature made on the physical pad is read on the plugin’s pad?
2023 年 12 月 27 日
It will be nice if the width could auto-fit the screen.
2023 年 8 月 18 日
It works as advertised but it says “if the field is not working then you can write on support we will give reply as soon as possible”. I see the developer is not active because all the support forum posts are unanswered.
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