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Add Featured Image Custom Link 可以在網站前端為單篇文章/頁面/自訂內容類型的精選圖片自動加入在編輯器中設定的自訂連結。



僅需下載、安裝並啟用 Add Featured Image Custom Link 外掛,便能立即在文章及頁面的編輯器為精選圖片加入自訂連結。


ViitorCloud 相信積極的社群支援,因此我們開發出能讓開發者及使用者變的輕鬆的外掛。記得訂閱我們的電子報。

進階功能 (僅 Pro 版提供)

  1. 可以在網站前端為單篇文章/頁面/WooCommerce 商品/自訂內容類型的精選圖片自動加入在編輯器中設定的自訂連結。
  2. 與 Gutenberg 外掛、區塊編輯器及傳統編輯器相容。
  3. 支援 WooCommerce。請前往 Featured Image Custom Link Pro 購買授權。


  • 傳統編輯器的自訂連結區塊
  • Gutenberg 外掛/區塊編輯器的自訂連結區塊


  1. 外掛壓縮檔解壓縮後,將包含全部檔案的外掛資料夾上傳至 /wp-content/plugins/ 目錄。
  2. 在 WordPress 管理後台的 [外掛] 選單中啟用外掛。
  3. 外掛啟用後,使用者請在 WordPress 的文章/頁面的編輯器中進行設定。


請在編輯器資訊欄的 [精選圖片] 區段下方的 [自訂精選圖片網址] 輸入自訂網址。


2021 年 9 月 27 日
I had issues with my theme and the plugin didn't work - contacted the dev team and they fixed it within few days - I was, of course, happy to purchase PRO version of the plugin. The team is highly professional, polite and friendly - it was a real pleasure to work with them! All the best in your future projects guys!
2021 年 3 月 25 日 1 則留言
This plugin is not working for me. It add second feature image
2021 年 3 月 2 日
Easy installation and works like a dream. I didn't like that image url's open in new window but looks like that feature is available on their pro version. I may purchase because I think opening in same window is important. UPDATE: I purchased the pro. After installation I noticed that the featured images were not working on my category pages, something to do with my design. The creators had emailed me directly to thank me for my purchase and I replied with the problem. They offered to fix so allowed them to log into my Wordpress back end and within hours they sent me a tweaked version of the plugin. All works great now site wide. The pro version is worth it.
2021 年 1 月 18 日 1 則留言
Exactly what I was looking for!
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1.0.0 * First public release.
1.1.0 * Support to custom post types
1.1.0 * Compatible with your latest wordpress version